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              Echo newspaper index
What is Echo newspaper index                                           Search
An index to the Australian, Herald-Sun and The Age                     Searching can only be made one year at a time and up to
newspapers which will provide bibliographic details only, of           three words can be used in the search box. You can vary the
the contents of newspaper articles. Full text of the article will      way the search engine works by checking the various control
need to be found in a newspaper collection or an on-line               buttons.
newspaper database. Echo also publishes regular ‘Media                 In making your search choices the following control buttons
Issue Outlines’.                                                       are available:
                                                                       All words - means all the words typed in the search box
Getting started                                                        must appear together in the news item(this is the default
Click on the On-line Databases icon on the Library reference           setting)
and general use computers. Click on Echo Newspaper Index               Any case - means upper or lower case does not matter (this
from the quick link list or scroll down the page until the             is a default setting)
description appears. To access the On-line Database page               Any words - means if any of the words appear in an news
from any computer connected to the Internet use:                       item but not necessarily together                         Match case – means you can make your search case
Off-campus access is available to students and staff by                sensitive. This can help when searching for acronyms. Eg.
requesting a remote login. Use the Request form from the               AIDS, TAC
On-line Database page.
Once in the Echo database use the menu on the right of the             Keep searches simple. Avoid using plurals. For instance, if
homepage to access the Echo service you wish to use.                   you’re looking for articles on police shootings, use the words
                                                                       police shooting. You should minimise words and use the
Media issue outlines                                                   “root” form. Eg. Polic will find police and policing

Echo publishes regular issue outlines. These are analyses of           Clicking your browsers BACK button will retrieve searches
newspaper treatment of events, controversies etc. The                  you have done.
outlines set out the arguments for and against (as put
forward by journalists and commentators) and provide                   Printing
background information on the particular issue.                        Click on the Print icon in the toolbar to print. There may
The issue outlines also contain links to vetted, relevant sites        however be a number of pages attached to the list, so to
on the World Wide Web. Click one of the selection options              determine the number of pages choose Print Preview from
to look through full-year lists or use the outlines search             the File menu. Use the drop down arrow attached to
engine. NOTE that yearly compilations run from September               ‘As laid out on screen’ and change to ‘All frames individually’.
1 to October 31 the following year.                                    This will display the number of pages. Print from here. When
                                                                       the print option box appears select All or enter a range of
Newspaper index                                                        pages.
Newspaper index is a search engine that allows the user to
search for articles on a particular topic or subject. There are        Saving
three files to choose from. They are:                                  Search results can be saved to disk or cd by choosing Save
                                                                       As from the File Menu. You can also highlight or select text
ARTS file: An index of book, film, visual and performing arts          to copy then paste into a program such as Notepad or Word.
reviews from the Saturday Age and The Australian.                      There it can be edited, added to and printed.

VCE file: A special file for Victorian English students - runs
from September 1 2004 - updated weekly until June 2005.                Chisholm Library Electronic Reference Service
                                                                       The library will provide research advice and answers to brief
FULL-YEAR files: These index the Herald-Sun, The Age                   questions via email.
and The Australian in years commencing 1994, January to
December.                                                              Please visit and click on
                                                                       'Ask the Library – On-line Reference Enquiries’.
Click on the file of your choice to start searching.

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