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									An Unlikely Suitor
The Steepwood Scandal

Author: Nicola Cornick

At twenty-three and a bluestocking to boot, Miss Lavender Brabant feels her chances of marriage have
passed her by. But the problem isn't that she's never met a man to make her pulse race. It's that she's an
admiral's daughter-and the man of her dreams is a shopkeeper's son.Barnabas Hammond has the looks
and confidence to mingle with all circles of society. And to Lavender's amazement he is both well-read
and a superlative swordsman. Could it be that this unlikely suitor is more suitable than he at first
Author Bio
Nicola Cornick
For the first 18 years of her life Nicola lived in Yorkshire, within a stone's throw of the moors that had
inspired the Brontë sisters to write Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights. One of her grandfathers was a 
poet, and her family contained teachers and avid readers who filled the house with books. With such a
background it was impossible for Nicola not to become a bookworm.Nicola went to school in a historic
building that had originally been the dower house of a stately home. It was the sort of school that taught
girls how to find a rich husband and how to get in and out of a Rolls-Royce gracefully.Unfortunately Nicola
did not pay enough attention to the bit about the rich husband and has therefore never had the chance to
practice the bit with the Rolls- Royce. She was too busy reading. It was also at school that Nicola
developed her love of history, English literature, and French, due to some truly inspirational
teachers.Meanwhile, Nicola spent her evenings reading piles of romances and historical novels and
watching costume dramas with her grandmother. Her grandparents were very influential to her and also
taught her canasta, ballroom dancing, and how to grow rhubarb, all of which she is determined to
incorporate in a historical romance one day.At 18 Nicola went south to study history at London University
and during her holidays did a variety of jobs, from sticking price tags on shoes in a factory to serving
refreshments on a steam railway. When she left college she had to settle for something far less
interesting in order to earn a living and worked as an administrator in a number of different universities.
She moved to Somerset and lived for seven years in a cottage haunted by the ghost of a cavalier.Nicola
met her future husband while she was at university, although it took her four years to realize that he was
special and more than just a friend. Her husband, being so much more perceptive, had worked this out
much sooner but eventually an understanding was reach

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