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Diverse Romantic Absurd Melodramatic Amusing A Taste of Scotch


Diverse Romantic Absurd Melodramatic Amusing A Taste of Scotch ...

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									     Art Lights a Fire Within

     The Performing Arts recognise the whole student. They foster a sense of self, community, culture and spirituality in a safe but experimental
     environment. They allow young men and women to learn equally and enjoy a rich creative life. Scotch College students are encouraged through their
     pursuit of music, drama or dance to discover new ways of seeing and interpreting their world.

     The Performing Arts have a proud history at Scotch College. Long before Torrens Park House was home to students, the Barr Smith family encouraged
     the theatrical leanings of their two daughters and built one of South Australia’s few heritage theatres in the 1880s. Today, the fully restored Barr Smith
     Theatre plays host to a multitude of performances by more than 500 students throughout the year.

     Scotch College delivers performing arts in two distinct formats – via the curriculum for all students and via The Academy at Scotch for internal and
     external students who are elite performers.

     Diverse                                              Blight, Victoria Stewart, Will Stiles (and a little   On the Road in 2003
                                                          help from our Year 11 dead body, James
     R omantic                                                                                                  Forty-Five students from Years 7 to 12 took part
                                                          Dalyrmple) were suitably melodramatic in their
     Absurd                                               delivery of 1920’s murder mystery style               in a most rewarding Music Tour and Exchange
     Melodramatic                                         characters.                                           to Queensland in the July holidays.
     Amusing                                                                                                    Accompanied by Marion Statton, Belinda
                                                          The Year 9 and 11 production crew are to be           Sorensen, Richard Blinco and Mark Cameron-
     This year the Year 12 Drama students were            congratulated on their team effort which
                                                                                                                Smith they spent a week engaged in
     involved in three very diverse plays - The Real      produced a smooth season. Daniel Charlton’s
                                                                                                                workshops, rehearsals and a total of eight
     Inspector Hound by Tom Stoppard, After               work as Backstage Manager should be
     Magritte by Tom Stoppard and Speaking in             especially noted. Many staff members, parents
     Tongues by Andrew Bovill. All 17 students            and students were generous with their time            St Peter’s Lutheran College, Indooroopilly was
     worked cooperatively and impressed me with           and effort. I would like to personally thank          the first host school. With an enrolment of 1800
     their enthusiasm and professional approach.          Stephen Kelly for his help and support and Ken        students from Reception to Year 12, a big
     The performances were highly successful and          Surridge for his effortless contribution to the       boarding facility, and a music program that is
     attracted pleasing audience numbers.                 final set design. Overall, the entire experience      over twenty years old, they have large numbers
                                                          was a positive one for all concerned.                 of students involved in their Choral, Orchestral
     The set was indicative of the surreal and
                                                                                                                and Band program. The Scotch group had the
     absurd elements of the play. Gentle clouds           Nicola Triglau
                                                                                                                pleasure of workshopping with St Peter’s staff
     appeared to float on a skewed walls and              Director and Drama Teacher
                                                                                                                and students and then shared in combined
     Katherine Waterman’s stunning costumes
                                                                                                                performances, gave our own concert and
     contrasted them beautifully. A stand out was         A Taste of Scotch                                     performed at their assemblies.
     Alex Veale’s hand crafted red dress. She
     wooed and dazzled the audience and her lover         A Taste of Scotch 2003 was another exciting
                                                                                                                After this very full two days in Brisbane the
     Birdboot, played by Guy Bussenchutt.                 showcase of excellence in music and the Elder
                                                                                                                group journeyed to Coomera where they
                                                          Hall on a Sunday proved a highly successful
                                                                                                                performed at Dream World and were hosted by
     After Magritte starring Jess Martin, Benn            choice of venue and time. With a special
                                                                                                                the very new Coomera Anglican College. This
     Welford, Vic Stewart, Torie Brown and Will           emphasis on items that integrated students
                                                                                                                included combined rehearsals, a shared
     Stiles was completely absurd. Highly                 across our three schools and combined Vocal,
                                                                                                                Concert and another short concert at their
     intellectual and full of complex messages, the       Strings, Bands and Caledonian music, it was
                                                                                                                assembly. Our students performed well,
     performers showed great comic timing. The            arguably our finest concert to date.
                                                                                                                showing a great variety of ensembles and
     second play was the first act of Speaking in
                                                                                                                styles from our Chamber Orchestra to the
     Tongues, starring Carly Bowyer, Ned Swifte,          Best Foot Forward                                     Guitar Band to the Girls Rock Band and the
     Samantha Johnson and Andrew McKenzie.
                                                          Our SACE Dance Moderation Concert                     Tour Band and Choir were sensational.
     This play was polyphonic in nature and also
                                                          featured Colourful Classical, Modern, Jazz and
     demanded impeccable timing. The cast tackled                                                               The feedback received from host parents was
                                                          Tap items choreographed by Terry Simpson,
     sophisticated issues with a maturity and                                                                   glowing and the Scotch group celebrated the
                                                          Demitra Villios, Rachel Symons. Our SACE
     insight.                                                                                                   success of their hard work with a day of fun at
                                                          Dance teacher, Jayson Smart produced
                                                                                                                Dream World and a shared dinner at the Hard
     Finally, audiences were treated to an energetic      outstanding works for the Stage One and Two
                                                                                                                Rock Café at Surfer’s Paradise.
     and witty performance in The Real Inspector          Dance students and coordinated the entire
     Hound. Guy Bussenchutt, Matthew Vesely,              evening. Once again our film team directed by         Marion Statton
     Alex Veale, Natasha Wade, Kirsty Jacobs, Nick        Richard Blinco captured the evening on film.          Head of Performing Arts Faculty

20    scotch reports
            Letters from staff and parents
            at Coomera College
            Dear Marion,

            Thank YOU!!!!! Your group has inspired our students
            immensely with comments like: - “Oh my God Miss.
            Those guitarists put us to shame. When can we
            practice?” - “Those vocalists were so good that they
            made my head spin.” - “Those kids were so nice Miss.
            Will our billets in New Zealand be just as nice?”

            It has given us an extra push for our commitment to
            get us to New Zealand. If the trip becomes no longer
            viable, then we’ll be looking for a tour within Australia.
            We may look at Adelaide and come to visit you.

            Staff, students and parents alike raved about the
            musical abilities of your students. Thanks again for
            your inspirational work.


            Dear Mr. Fisher,

            As a parent of children attending Coomera Anglican
            College, Gold Coast. I thought it appropriate to email
            you as we have just been a billet family for two
            evenings. We had the company of two fine
            ambassadors from your College, Chika Togami and
            Emma Clonan. Both young ladies were well mannered,
            polite, friendly and outgoing. Our own children, in
            Years 9 & 12 enjoyed the girls company, despite the
            5.45am start!

            We would not hesitate to participate in the billet
            program again.

            Yours faithfully,
            Dianne & Shane Cody.

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        Spread shows images from The Academy at Scotch
        production ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, Drama posters, Taste
        of Scotch and Wee Nip of Scotch, and Best Foot Forward.
        1         Music Tour: just about to head to Dreamworld
        2         Music Tour: bright sunshine for the performance at

                                               scotch reports            21

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