DE Engineers seed cleaners rated highly

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					DE Engineers seed cleaners rated highly

BELLEVUE silo and seed
cleaner manufacturer DE
Engineers has won high praise
from owners in a recent
Kondinin Group survey which
revealed the owners surveyed
would buy the same or similar
seed cleaner again.
   According to the survey,
owners praised the units for
their simplicity, cleaning
capacity, ease-of-use and
   All units surveyed had been
used for an average of 158
hours and cleaned 2772 tonnes
of product.
   They were manufactured
during 2003 or later. DE             ❐ DE Engineers is well known for its silos, field bins and seed cleaners, which have rated very highly in a
Engineers produces a range of        recent Kondinin Group survey.
seed cleaners, with either two,
three or four cleaning barrels       scoring 91pc and 86pc                quality of the unit (81pc) and           “There were some negative
with cleaning capacities of 20-      respectively.                        the cleaning evenness (83pc).         concerns such as insufficient
60t/hr.                                 The performance of the               Owners praised the screens         walkways, small drive chains
   Some models include storage       Honda engine gained an 89pc          rating them 86pc while ease of        and no operators manual, but
bins and fan-assisted cleaning.      rating, with a WA owner of a         set-up and ease of adjustment         DE Engineers have taken those
Most owners used the machines        four-barrel unit saying the          both rated well at 83pc.              negatives on board and
for cleaning wheat at an average     18kW (13hp) motor was very              The cleaning capacity of the       subsequent models have been
of 23.5t/hr.                         fuel efficient and did the job       unit impressed owners (87pc),         improved accordingly,” Mr
   The chassis frame and pull        easily.                              with six saying it was one of the     Prater said.
strength rated 95 per cent with         Owners praised the ease of        unit’s best features.                    “We appreciate customer
frame-cracking resistance rated      starting the engine (93pc) while        The auger capacity rated very      feedback and are very aware of
at 93pc. Most owners were            most owners were impressed           highly (90pc) and most owners         ensuring our machines work in
pleased with the ease of hitching    with the fuel economy (87pc).        were pleased with the ability to      a practical, on-farm scenario.
(82pc) and the ease of transport        Most owners were satisfied        fold the auger (81pc), despite           “Some of the machines used
(88pc).                              with the ease of servicing           four owners stating it was heavy      in the survey were six to seven-
   Owners rated the tyres and        scoring it 76pc, although two        and difficult to move.                years-old and design has
rims at 87pc although a SA           owners reported difficulties            Owners praised the drive           certainly changed in that time.
owner of a two-barrel unit said      greasing some components.            gearbox rating its performance           “Our sales of cleaners, silos
larger tyres would make the unit        Owners praised the driveline      at 87pc and the auger durability      and field bins are at
easier to push around.               simplicity, rating it 84pc with      at 82pc.                              unprecedented levels which
   The axle strength and axle        two owners describing it as             DE Engineers principal Kevin       reflect not only the design of
bearings were rated at 92pc          strong, well made and simple.        Prater said the company was           our products, but also the
while the bin strength and              Owners were generally             very pleased with the survey          positive grain industry at the
capacity were praised by owners      pleased with the cleaning            results.                              moment.”

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