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                          COUNCIL MEETINGS

              Meetings of the Glenorchy City Council are held every 4 weeks on a
              Monday at 6.00 p.m. Meeting dates are advertised in the Mercury
              Public Notice Section and also on Council’s website

              The full agenda for Council meetings is available to the public on the
              Wednesday afternoon prior to the meeting. Items of a confidential
              nature, as described in the Local Government Act 1993, may be
              excluded from the public agenda.

              The Council agenda, including the reporting brief and the officer’s
              recommendations, is available from the Council offices free of

              The officer’s reports and attachments can be viewed at the Council
              offices, Glenorchy Library, Claremont Community Library and
              Council’s website. You can also print copies of these agenda from
              Council’s website.

              2010 Meeting Dates:

               4 January                         19 July
               1 February                        16 August
               1 March                           13 September
               29 March                          11 October
               26 April                          8 November
               24 May                            6 December
               21 June

        374 Main Road, Glenorchy PO Box 103, Glenorchy Tasmania 7010
                      Tel (03) 62166700 Fax (03) 62166400   Fact Sheet G&P-1 Dec09

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