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					Chabot College                                                                                 Fall 2001

                                  Course Outline for Physical Education 7

                                        AEROBIC SUPER CIRCUIT
Catalog Description:

PHED 7: Aerobic Super Circuit                                                                  2 units
May be repeated 3 times

Developing cardiovascular efficiency, strength, muscular endurance and flexibility through the use of
circuit training. Polar heart rate monitors help students train safely and efficiently in their target heart rate
zone. Physical fitness assessment testing and re-testing assist students in establishing appropriate training
volumes and intensities. one hour lectures (9 weeks), 4 ½ hours of laboratory (18 weeks).

Prerequisite Skills:


Expected Outcomes for the Students:

Upon completion of the course the student should be able to:

        1.    provide a baseline from which to develop an exercise plan;
        2.    make adjustments to existing programs;
        3.    establish appropriate training volumes and intensities;
        4.    establish intermediate and long-term goals;
        5.    help to determine which components of fitness need emphasis;
        6.    identify weak points that may result from disuse or injury;
        7.    identify strong points that might be emphasized with new training procedures;
        8.    provide quantitative feedback on progress in meeting goals;
        9.    provide information on health status that may suggest referral to a physician
       10.    demonstrate safe and effective use of the strength training equipment;
       11.    demonstrate a working knowledge of the aerobic target heart rate training zones;
       12.    demonstrate an understanding of metabolism and its relationship to exercise;
       13.    demonstrate a knowledge and improvement in strength and cardiovascular fitness through the
              use of circuit training;
       14.    perform and explain exercises that enhance flexibility.

Course Content:

        1.    Health screening
        2.    Baseline fitness assessment
        3.    Assessment interpretation
        4.    Personal goal setting
        5.    Re-assessment and evaluation of comparisons
        6.    Care and safe use of exercising equipment
        7.    Care and use of a Polar heart rate monitor
        8.    The three energy systems and their relationship to training
        9.    The relationship of muscular strength to overall health and well-being
       10.    Raising metabolism through strength and cardiovascular training
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Course Outline for Aerobic Super Circuit - PHED 7, Page 2

Methods of Presentation:

     1.   Orientations
     2.   Physical fitness assessments
     3.   Demonstrations
     4.   Individualized instruction

Assignments and Methods of Evaluating Student Progress:

     1.        Typical Assignments
               a. Class discussion and participation
               b. Demonstration
     2.        Methods of Evaluating Student Progress
               a. Participation
               b. Assessment


          Quick Guide to the Internet for Health, Opin, M. and Gotthotler, D., Allen & Bacon, 1999

Special Student Materials:

     1.   Appropriate physical education attire
     2.   Student ID card
     3.   Heart rate monitor strap
     4.   Towel

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