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   Centre Pivot Irrigation – Managing Wheel Tracks
Introduction                                                             •       Compaction of the wheel tracks, or the
Deep wheel ruts can develop in centre pivot                                      addition of polyacrylamides (track sacks);
irrigation if wheel tracks are not well managed.                         •       Fill the wheel track with crushed rock or
Significant damage can occur to the centre pivot as                              other organic material; and
well as tillage and harvesting equipment from deep                       •       Raise wheel tracks to prevent ponding.
wheel tracks.
                                                                  Mechanical Alterations
Factors Influencing Wheel Track Depth                             A number of mechanical modifications can be
   •   Soil type (Heavier soils, higher water holding             done to reduce the depth of wheel tracks:
       capacity and slower drainage).                                • Increase the tire-soil contact area by
   •   Number of revolutions.                                            installing larger diameter/width tyres (the
   •   Weight supported by each tower (Longer                            extra load on the drive mechanism should
       spans, more weight).                                              be considered);
   •   Amount of wheel contact area with the soil                    • Install directional sprinklers either side of
       surface.                                                          the tower to eliminate tower-water
                                                                         interception and keep the wheel track dry;
                                                                     • Install “boom backs” on the sprinklers near
                                                                         the tower;

Wheel track depth should not exceed 100 mm.

Wheel Track Management
                                                                             •      Attach track-closing disks to each tower;
There are a number of the management techniques
that can be implemented to reduce the impact of                              •      Alter sprinkler height to decrease tower-
wheel tracks. They include:                                                         water interception;
    • Limit irrigations when the field is wet,                               •      Use double length LEPA Hose; and
        avoiding unnecessary pivot revolutions;                              •      Designing the system with shorter spans.
    • Allow soil surface to dry between irrigation
        events (This however is not always feasible);             Considerations must be given to the water
                                                                  application efficiency and uniformity when
    • Keep tire inflation pressures at the
                                                                  alterations are made to the system.    Best
        manufacturer’s recommended level;
                                                                  management practices are required to manage
    • Consider working in circles;                                wheel tracks.
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