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					Queanbeyan CBD
  Master Plan
 Executive summary
                        Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan

                      CBD Master Plan
                  Question and Answer sheet
1. What is the CBD Master Plan?

The CBD Master Plan provides a strategic framework within which future land use decisions within the CBD can be made.
Other objectives of the Master Plan are to provide detailed design guidance of any future CBD re-development and to
provide a staged plan for public domain improvements.

         •   Provide a long-term vision for the CBD
         •   Provide a more strategic framework within which decisions can be made
         •   Urban design guidance for future re-development
         •   Identified public domain improvements
         •   Works prioritised for implementation

2. What are its key features?

         •   Establishment of an overall vision and desired outcomes for the CBD
         •   Provide a framework within which future growth can be accommodated
         •   It avoids ad-hoc decision making
         •   Provides certainty for all stakeholders

3. How much will it cost and how will it be funded?

Public domain improvements identified in the CBD Master Plan will be implemented over a 25-year time frame. Indicative
costing for Stage 1 (1–7 years) is $2.9 million.
Total estimated costs for Stage 2 (7–14 years) are over $3.8 million and Stage 3 (14–21+ years) approximately $5 million.
The total estimated cost for all three stages is $12.5 million. Council has identified $1.45 million in the 2009/2010 budget to
commence the works.

4. What is the area covered by the CBD Master Plan

The study area basically comprises the commercial centre of Queanbeyan and is bound by Erin and Antill Streets to the
north, Carinya and Collett Streets to the east, Rutledge Street in the south and Lowe Street to the west.

5. What will happen during construction? How will we cope with disruptions?

Council will endeavour to minimise disruptions to businesses, residents and traffic flow and will notify residents/businesses
well in advance of any proposed works.

6. How long will it take?

The public domain improvements will be implemented over a 25-year time frame depending on funds being available.
                      Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan

                           Master Plan Objectives
•      Long term vision for the CBD

•      A more strategic framework within which decisions can be made

•      Urban design guidance for future re-development (short to long term)

•      Works prioritised for implementation

Greater certainty for Council, landowners, community and potential investors

                                      Vision statement
Based on the initial community consultation outcomes from the Master Plan process and also the ‘Queanbeyan
Tomorrow Community Vision 2021’ exercise, a draft vision has been developed for the CBD.

As the heart of the Queanbeyan community, the Central Business District should be a dynamic, attractive and safe
place to live, work, shop, relax and be entertained.

The CBD shall remain the regional focus for a diverse range of commercial, retail and cultural activities whilst also
containing residential living opportunities. Growth in these activities should be pursued and accommodated whilst
maintaining a sense of place.

A distinct identity shall be created via the provision of a high quality public domain with pedestrian friendly places
for people to meet and enjoy taking full advantage of its built heritage, country town character and riverside
location. It shall ensure all new development is contemporary, sustainable and of a high architectural quality.

Tree lined ‘Main Street’ environments and the riverside setting will provide a renewed focus for pedestrian activity,
al-fresco dining opportunities and cultural events during day and night.

Through civic enhancement, quality re-development, a diversity of uses and increased community activity the
CBD will provide the benefits of a city location but retain country town appeal.
                                                                     Queanbeyan CBD Vision
    Desired CBD
                                                                      Desired CBD Outcomes

                                                                                                                                                               Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan
        Land use, activities                  Urban structure and                               Identity and                        Access and
         and management                      the built environment                               character                           circulation

• Create a more vibrant and           • Achieve a more environmentally               • An enhanced image and             • Improved access within the CBD
  liveable CBD                          sustainable CBD                                character
                                                                                                                         • Create a more safe and attractive
• Ensure CBD remains primary          • Re-direct focus toward the river             • Create a new civic precinct and     movement network with
  commercial centre for the region                                                     sequence of public spaces           additional areas of pedestrian
  and focus for cultural activity     • Ensure a high standard of                                                          priority
                                        architectural and urban design               • Accommodate growth whilst
• Implement Master Plan initiatives                                                    maintaining ‘country town’
  via careful place management        • Contain growth within existing                 character
                                        CBD boundaries and manage the
• Master Plan supported                 interface with adjoining residential
  by reinvestment strategy              areas



Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan
Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan
Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan
Queanbeyan CBD Master Plan

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