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    Cattle Council’s Operations,
    Taskforces and Associated Committees

                                  Cattle Council is a prescribed peak council
                                  under the Australian Meat and Livestock
                                  Industry Act 1997.

                                          attle Council evaluates the performance of and
                                          planning of the strategic goals to be pursued by
                                          levy funded bodies, Meat and Livestock Australia,
                                  Animal Health Australia and the National Residue Survey.

                                  Cattle Council is funded by voluntary membership
                                  subscriptions paid by State Farmer Organisations and by
                                  the Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC) for the industry
                                  activities it performs on behalf of all Australian beef cattle

                                  Cattle Council’s key role is providing practical policy
                                  advice at the farm and industry level to the Federal
                                  Government on issues affecting producers’ profitability.

                                  Cattle Council’s specialist Taskforces provide detailed
                                  advice on the key affairs affecting industry, such as animal
                                  health and welfare, environment and climate change,
                                  research, development and extension, industry systems
                                  and food safety, marketing and trade and biosecurity.

                                  Cattle Council represents all Australian beef cattle
                                  producers and subsequently is involved in all aspects of
                                  the beef industry at a national level.

                                  Cattle Council’s respected position also allows it to
                                  proactively seek out industry opportunities of national
                                  value to the beef industry which are then advocated to
                                  stakeholders and activated through the industry’s red
                                  meat service provider, Meat and Livestock Australia.

                                  The Cattle Council has been a full member of the National
                                  Farmers’ Federation (NFF) since both organisations were
                                  formed in 1979. Through membership of the NFF, Cattle
                                  Council has input to cross-sectoral rural issues such as the
                                  environment, taxation, telecommunications and industrial

                                                                                                    CATTLE COUNCIL OF AUSTRALIA

CATTLE COUNCIL                                     CATTLE COUNCIL ANIMAL                                CATTLE COUNCIL
GOVERNANCE TASKFORCE                               HEALTH, WELFARE &                                    ENVIRONMENTAL TASKFORCE
This taskforce manages Corporate Governance        BIOSECURITY TASKFORCE                                Cattle Council Committee relating to
issues relating to the running of Cattle Council   This taskforce manages animal heath, animal          environment, climate and water issues relating
of Australia.                                      welfare and biosecurity issues relating to the       to the Australian beef cattle industry.
                                                   Australian beef cattle industry.
Chair                                                                                                   Chair
Paul Saward                                        Chair                                                Howard Smith
                                                   Ross Peatling
CCA Representatives                                                                                     CCA Representatives
Greg Brown                                         CCA Representatives                                  Michael Campbell
Tim D’Arcy                                         Peter Hall                                           Justin MacDonnell
                                                   Alex Stubbs                                          Hamish Munro
Associated External Committees
                                                   Sam Gunn                                             Terry Toohey
NFF Policy Council
                                                   Bob Barwell                                          Michael McCormack
Red Meat Advisory Council Board
                                                   John Timmins
Meat & Livestock Australia’s Industry
Strategic Planning                                 Michael Campbell
                                                                                                        CATTLE COUNCIL RESEARCH,
Meat & Livestock Australia Selection               Associated External Committees                       DEVELOPMENT & EXTENSION
Committee                                          National Bovine Johne’s Disease Committee            TASKFORCE
                                                   Bovine Johne’s Disease MAP reference                 Cattle Council Committee relating to the
                                                   group                                                research, development and extension issues
                                                   Bovine Johne’s Disease Tech Advisory Group           relating to the Australian beef cattle industry.
TASKFORCE                                          National Animal Health Consultative
                                                   Committee (AHA)
Cattle Council Committee relating to systems                                                            Leonard Vallance
such as Meat Standards Australia, National         National Farmers Federation Quarantine
Livestock Identification System and Livestock      and Animal Health Task Force                         CCA Representatives
Production Assurance as well as food safety        North Australia Quarantine Stakeholder               Grant Maudsley
issues within NRS, SafeMeat and AUSMEAT            Consultative Committee                               Stuart Kenny
among other issues in these general areas          Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy              Richard Chamen
relating to the Australian beef cattle industry.   (TSE) Freedom Assurance Program National
                                                                                                        Stuart Herriot
                                                   Advisory Committee
Chair                                                                                                   John Timmins
                                                   Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy
Peter Hall                                         Freedom Assurance Program National                   Chris Nixon
CCA Representatives                                Technical Committee                                  Tim D’Arcy
Stuart Kenny                                       Animal Welfare Standards Reference Group             Associated External Committees
                                                   – Transport/ Cattle
Grant Maudsley                                                                                          MLA Live Export R&D Advisory Committee
                                                   Australia Animal Welfare Strategy Livestock
Alex Stubbs                                                                                             MLA R&D Taskforce
                                                   Production Group
Terry Toohey
                                                   Cattle Disease Contingency Fund Board
Bob Barwell
                                                   Foot and Mouth Disease National                      CATTLE COUNCIL MARKETING
Stewart Heriot                                     Government and Livestock Industry Policy             & TRADE TASKFORCE
Leonard Vallence                                   Forum                                                Cattle Council Committee relating to
Paul Saward                                        Livestock Export Animal Welfare Group,               marketing, trade and market access issues
                                                   Chairs Group                                         relating to the Australian beef cattle industry.
Associated External Committees
                                                   Emergency Animal Disease National
Agricultural Business Research                                                                          Chair
                                                   Management Group
Institute Board
                                                   Livestock Export Animal Welfare Group,               Richard Chamen
AUS-MEAT Committee (Australian Meat
                                                   Operations Group                                     CCA Representatives
Industry Language & Standards Committee)
                                                   National Arbovirus Monitoring Program                Howard Smith
CCA/NRS/ALFA Beef Industry Advisory
                                                   Co-ordination Group
Committee (BIAC)                                                                                        Justin MacDonnell
                                                   National Animal Health Information System
Livestock Production Assurance Advisory                                                                 Hamish Munro
Committee (LPAAC)                                                                                       Sam Gunn
                                                   Screw-worm fly working group
SAFEMEAT Partnership                                                                                    Michael McCormack
                                                   AUSVETPLAN Technical Reference Group
SAFEMEAT Executive
                                                   AAWS Feral Animal Group                              Associated External Committees
SAFEMEAT Working Group
                                                   Biosecurity Planning Reference Group,                MLA Beef Marketing Taskforce
National Livestock Identification Cattle
                                                   Extensive Industries                                 Livestock Export standards Advisory
Advisory Group
                                                   Emergency Animal Disease Reference Group             Committee (LESAC)
International Livestock Resource &
Information Centre Ltd                             World Society for the Protection of Animals          Japan US Steering Committee
                                                   Long Distance Transport Taskforce                    Live Export Industry Consultative
                                                                                                        NFF Trade Sub Committee


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