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Canberra Glassworks Café Operator – Expression Of Interest

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									Canberra Glassworks Café Operator – Expression Of Interest

Background to the Project
The establishment of the Canberra Glassworks is a landmark project for the ACT
community that will have local, national and international significance. The project
builds on the success of glass artists from the Canberra Region, and will be the only
centre of its kind in Australia. When it opens at the end of May in 2007, the facility
will be a hub of activity supported by a small team of operational staff, and will be
managed by a not-for-profit incorporated organization, Canberra Glassworks Ltd.
The Board of Directors is made of community leaders from the areas of public utilities
and telecommunications, banking, law, building development, and the arts.

The Canberra Glassworks will provide access/hire to facilities and state-of-the-art
equipment for artists in a safe and well-maintained environment. The Canberra
Glassworks has been constructed by the ACT Government in the former Kingston
Powerhouse, Canberra’s oldest public building and its leading example of industrial
heritage. The Canberra Glassworks will be a showcase for the application of
environmentally sustainable design principles, including a commitment to recycling.

The Canberra Glassworks will provide a number of opportunities for the visitor to
interact with glass making and understand the history of the building. The central
attraction will be observing the drama of hot glass blowing in the centre’s Hot Shop,
seen from a raised walkway and seating. Members of the public will be able to
participate in guided tours of the facility that will explain the glass making process
and provide opportunities to meet the artists. Those interested in learning how to
make glass will be able to participate in workshops. Visitors will be able to view local
and visiting exhibitions of glass art, and buy high quality work from the retail outlet at
a range of prices. The centre’s café will provide visitors and artists within the centre
with a place to have a bite to eat and high quality coffee.

The Location
Canberra Glassworks is located on Wentworth Avenue, Kingston in the highly visible
former Powerhouse building. Itself a significant destination for artists, members of
the Canberra community and tourists, Canberra Glassworks is surrounded by a
range of (current and proposed) residential, commercial and cultural developments.
Directly behind Canberra Glassworks, the new Waterfront Apartments complex is
due to open in June 2007. A number of businesses operate nearby Canberra
Glassworks, the most prominent of which, the Old Bus Depot Markets, attracts an
average of 8,000 people each week (primarily on Sundays), and the Land
Development Agency and other business have offices within waking distance of the
Canberra Glassworks.

There is ample parking space behind the Canberra Glassworks building as well as on
Wentworth Avenue, and the on-going development plans for the Kingston precinct
put the Glassworks Café in the enviable position of assured growth of the local
The Glassworks Café
Canberra Glassworks is seeking an operator to run the Glasswork Café within the
centre from 25 May 2007. The successful applicant will demonstrate the ability to
provide consistently high quality food and coffee to Canberra Glassworks patrons;
have a strong desire to grow a successful business alongside a new cultural facility;
and have an interest in or understanding of the arts. The Glassworks Café will cater
for a wide range of users, staff and visitors to the Canberra Glassworks, including
patrons of the various artistic and public programs within the centre.

There is a provision for future expansion of seating within the Glassworks Café, to be
undertaken either by the Café operator or the Canberra Glassworks, as the
surrounding precinct develops.

In the beginning, the successful operator will be open at a minimum from 9.00 am
until 3.00 pm Wednesday to Sunday, and will serve breakfast, lunch and all-day
coffee/tea and cakes/snacks.

The food available within the Glassworks Café must reflect the ethos of the centre: it
must provide patrons with a quality experience that matches their visit to Canberra
Glassworks. The food and drinks within the Café will be prepared with care and
attention to detail, provided at affordable prices, and able to be served quickly. This
means beautiful, simple food and coffee made from high-quality ingredients; this
does not mean fussy or overpriced food.

As an example, Canberra Glassworks is looking for the following menu items:

       Croissants, scones, muffins and other similar items
       Bircher muesli; fruit compote
       Fruit and sourdough toast with toppings
       Breakfast pastries or quiche

       Grilled and pre-prepared cold sandwiches/rolls/focaccia with quality
       Salads and fruit salad
       Savoury pastries

       All day:
       Great coffee and a range of teas
       Juices and mineral waters
       Cakes, biscuits and tarts

Catering Opportunities
There will be a range of catering opportunities at the Canberra Glassworks that could
be made available to the Glassworks Café, in particular in catering for external
organizations who hire the venue for social/corporate events. Canberra Glassworks
will host some artists’ receptions and exhibition openings throughout the year, but it
is envisaged that these will be catered by Canberra Glassworks staff (limited food
would be served).

Fitout and Facilities
The Glassworks Café is available with brand new fit-out, and at a minimum the
licensee will only need to supply operational and serving equipment. The compact
nature of the cafe/servery will require the operator to offer a clever menu that reflects
the capabilities of the on-site facilities, perhaps enhanced by externally
prepared/purchased food.

A detailed plan of the centre depicting the front foyer and public areas along with
details of the Café is attached. The Café is separately locked from the foyer, and is
heated and cooled.

Public male, female and disabled toilets provide amenity to both Canberra
Glassworks and Café patrons through the ground floor foyer. The licensee will also
be able to have access to a dry-store area located on the ground floor within the

Equipment supplied by Canberra Glassworks includes:
• Goldstein Gas Range: 4 burners with 2/1 GN oven with stainless steel burner,
  pilot and thermocouple
• Expobar Megacrem 2 group volumetric Espresso Machine
• Woodson Contact Toaster: 6-8 sandwich capacity, stainless steel
• Bonn Microwave Oven with grill. Power levels - 5 Microwave cycles, 3 microwave
  and grill combined, 1 grill
• Koldtech Refrigerated Cabinet: under-counter, 1500 l x 700 d (glass doors,
  remote motor)
• Refrigerated Glass Food Display Unit
• Skope Commercial Fridge: 1280w x 750 d x 1995 h (glass doors, adjust. shelves)
• Goldstein Dishwasher: under-counter, top and bottom wash arms
• 40 white injection-moulded polypropylene stacking chairs and 11 tables on bases
  suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Licensees Responsibilities
The licensee will be responsible for:
• All Café liquor, health and other licenses and permits
• All Café utilities and consumables (electricity included in rental)
• All Café cleaning (incl filters and traps) and waste/recycling disposal
• Contribution to the cost of major regular cleaning of shared areas including toilets,
   and toilet supplies. Cleaning and waste/recycling disposal may be by contracts
   shared with the Glassworks.

A Bank Guarantee equivalent to three months rental will be required from the
successful operator, to be held against satisfactory compliance with License
Agreement over the full term of the Agreement.
While recognizing the critical importance of the Café operator’s vision for the services
offered, Canberra Glassworks will retain the final right of approval over menus/prices.
Any proposed changes to operating hours must receive prior approval from Canberra
Glassworks. Canberra Glassworks retains naming rights to the Café.

Operational Style
The Glassworks Café will operate within the Canberra Glassworks cultural facility,
and part of the Café’s seating area is in the Canberra Glassworks foyer. This means
that the successful Café operator will be required to work closely with the centre’s
management, and to accommodate the (reasonable) needs of the centre’s activities.
In particular, this means that Canberra Glassworks will need to approve any
proposed changes that would effect the hours of operation, fit-out and equipment,
décor and signage, and that an agreement would need to be reached on matters
such as music (styles and volume levels).

In return, Canberra Glassworks recognizes the Glassworks Café’s needs, and will
actively assist the smooth operation of both enterprises. Our goal would be to
resolve all matters of common interest by negotiation towards an agreed outcome.

Financial Arrangements
Canberra Glassworks is seeking proposals from prospective Licensees as to the
rental of the Canberra Glassworks Café. Canberra Glassworks expects that the
proposal will reflect the likely turnover of business, and the fact that major fit-out work
and a fully equipped/furnished business is provided. While Canberra Glassworks
may consider a proposal for a base rent against a percentage of turnover, we would
prefer to reach agreement on a total monthly fee, and are particularly interested in a
formula that allows for growth, perhaps by an annual percentage increase. The
rental is inclusive of all electricity, and currently reflects a five-day trading for the
Café. We would expect recognition via a rental component of any proposals to
expand beyond this (eg moving to seven day a week daytime trading).

A License for two years, plus an option to renew, is envisaged.

Selection Process
Contact with Canberra Glassworks for further information or to arrange site
inspection should be made through the Director, Ann Jakle on 6260-7005.

Proposals will be considered by a working group of the Canberra Glassworks Board.
After an initial assessment, shortlisted tenderers will be contacted for further
discussion, with a decision made as soon as possible.

While rental offered by prospective licensees will be of prime concern, Canberra
Glassworks will give considerable weight to track record and the services offered. In
particular we are seeking an operator that offers a style of food and service that is
appropriate to Canberra Glassworks, and a vision and approach that will contribute to
our mutual growth and development.

Proposals must arrive at Canberra Glassworks by 5PM Monday 23 April 2007.
Please include:
   • Resume, including previous catering experience of all partners
   • Description of style/type of café, including whether liquor license is proposed
   • Proposed hours of operation
   • Sample Menus, including prices, for café, bar and catering operations
   • Business Plan, detailing your aims and methods (2 years)
   • Marketing Plan for opening and establishment phases (2 years)
   • Proposed rental to Canberra Glassworks Limited
   • At least two referees able to be contacted by phone

Please deliver your proposal to:
Ann Jakle
Canberra Glassworks
C/- The Chapel
off Mundaring Drive
Kingston ACT 2604


Please note that lodgement of a proposal does not commit either party to proceed with negotiation
towards an agreement.
Canberra Glassworks Limited

Board of Directors
Chair                       John Mackay AM

Deputy Chair                David Williams
                            ANU Foundation

Treasurer                   Lynette Murray
                            St. George Bank

Members                     Cathy Winters
                            Dept. of Employment and Workplace Relations

                            Klaus Moje
                            Glass Artist

                            Nectar Efkarpidis
                            Molonglo Group

Company Secretary           John Stanwell

Director                    Ann Jakle

Creative Director           Kirstie Rea

Technical Manager           Tom Rowney

Technical Officer           Aaron Robinson

with additional staff, and regular volunteers, currently being recruited.
                                                                                              FUTURE BIN ENCLOSURE
                                                           BULKHEAD OVER
                                                                           G.10 CAFE
                              F41         (N) SELF SERVE
                                          DRINKS FRIDGE
                                                                                                             EXISTING SOLID 90 BLK (IN
                                                                    SHELVING OVER                            ACCORDANCE WITH
                             LOCATION OF                                                                     AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS FOR
                             ELECTRICAL METER                                                                FOOD PREMISES) ON TOP OF
                             SLAB HEATING HEADS                                                              INTEGRAL COVED CONCRETE
                       01    CAFE PLAN
                      2001   SCALE 1:50

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