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					                                                                    CARDIO TENNIS SITE APPLICATION & TECHNICAL
                                                                    UNDERSTANDING QUESTIONNAIRE

                                                                 • By now you should have reviewed your Cardio Tennis DVD and written down your “Personal
                                                                   CODE” that you saw at the end of the DVD.
               Dublin City University                            • You need to fill out an application of Basic information about your site.
                    Glasnevin                                    • Answer a series of General and Technical Questions about your programme and site. In some
                     Dublin 9                                      questions, it is a matter of answering the question with a yes or no. We will want to know that a
                                                                   facility offers these characteristics as a Cardio Tennis Site. Also, you will see questions that are
                                                                   important to be knowledgeable on Cardio Tennis, Fitness and Health.
              01 8844010 / 01 8844013
                                                                 • Be ready for a follow up call on Cardio Tennis. We will call you to verify information and to make
                                                                   sure the people answering the phone are knowledgeable about Cardio Tennis.
Please provide the “Personal CODE” given at the end of the Cardio Tennis DVD:

Applicant Name:

Professional Certification:         Level 1                  Level 2                   Level 3

Club Name:                                                                  Business Name (if applicable)

Facility Address:                                                           Mailing Address:

Town                                 County                                 Town                                County

Phone                                                                       Fax

Email Address                                                               Web Address

Type of Facility (select all that apply):      Indoor Courts              Outdoor Courts        Indoor & Outdoor Courts
                                    Private – Members Only                Private accepts non-members        Commercial Club                         Public Park
Program Name:                                                                          Program Start Date:                              /            /
Is Program Seasonal or Year Round?                                                     If seasonal, when will this end?                 /            /

My site will play music during Cardio Tennis:                                                      Yes         No          Not Sure
I will have loaner heart rate monitors available for my students to wear:                          Yes         No          Not Sure
My site has shower facilities for players:                                                         Yes         No          Not Sure
1.  My facility and/or I carry and will continue to carry Liability Insurance:                                                          Yes     No
2.  We have a phone number for players or consumers to contact for information on Cardio Tennis:                                        Yes     No
3.  Someone will answer the phone generally during regular business hours:                                                                           Yes     No
4.  Our Cardio Tennis program will generally follow this basic format:                                                                  Yes     No
         5-10 minutes warm up drills           30-50 minutes Cardio Tennis Drills      5-10 minutes cool down drills
5. I plan to have other people at my facility view the Cardio Tennis DVD:                                                               Yes     No
6. We will use key components of the Cardio Tennis site kit which includes banners, counter cards, posters, etc:                        Yes     No
7. We have strongly considered using heart rate monitors as loaners during Cardio Tennis:                                               Yes     No
8. We have strongly considered playing music during Cardio Tennis:                                                                      Yes     No
9. We have people at the club who will be able to answer questions about Cardio Tennis:                                                 Yes     No
10. The coaches who will be delivering Cardio Tennis have most of the following characteristics                                         Yes     No
           - good, motivating personality                                                          - name recognition of participants
           - good sense of humour                                                                  - keeps players moving & challenged the whole time
           - feeds balls accurately with ability to adjust feeds to players ability level          - has viewed the Cardio Tennis DVD
           - skilled at double and triple rhythm feeding while keeping eyes on students            - verbal support to participants
           - creates group energy to cheer each other on                                           - consistently uses constructive positive comments
           - has GOOD JUDGEMENT of a players ability and current level of fitness
11. Which of the following statements are correct for Play Based drills?
           Play based drills introduce “live ball” action in the drill and are fun for existing players
           Play based drills introduce competition to the workout
           Play based drills are closer to playing “real tennis”
           For best results, the ability level for each player on a court should be similar
           The pro should keep all players involved, and this means that first-ball feeds for more experienced players should be
          different than for less experienced participants
          All of the above

12. Which of the following statements are correct for Drill Based approaches?
           With a Drill based approach, it is easier to have players of all abilities on the court drilling at the same time
           Some players, especially those who are used to the non-competitive fitness routines (i.e., treadmill, spinning, yoga) just
           want to drill and get a workout and not compete which they get with a drill based approach
           The coach should vary the drills frequently to assure that players do not get bored
           In a Drill Based approach, the pro should be a good feeder and motivator
           All of the above

TECHNICAL QUESTIONS – Please refer to the DVD or website for help. Check the correct answer.
13. How can you estimate a person’s maximum heart rate?
      Max HR = 220 minus a person’s age      Max HR = A person’s age times 3               Max HR = A persons age times 4 minus 50

14. What is a person’s target Cardio Tennis training zone?
     55 – 90% of a person’s maximum heart rate          65 – 85% of a person’s maximum heart rate

15. If a person is sedentary, not in shape, or recovering from major surgery, their aerobic range should be:
             Same as a normal person
             At the lower end of the normal target range of 55 – 75% of the persons maximum heart rate
             At the upper end of the normal target range or 70 – 90% of the persons maximum heart rate

16. What is a good amount of time a person desiring a good workout should stay in their aerobic zone?
           20 – 60 minutes of continuous or intermittent exercise           10 – 30 minutes of intermittent or continuous exercise

17. How many times per week should a person engage in aerobic training like Cardio Tennis?
          2 times per week               3 – 5 times per week

18. If a participant is above their heart rate target zone range, you should?
             Reduce the difficulty of the feeds to that person
             Encourage players to use a heart rate monitor to more accurately know their actual heart rate
             Have the player consult with a physician if they are constantly above their zone
             Encourage players before the drill to slow themselves down if they feel they are overextending themselves
             All of the above

19. If a player is below their heart rate target zone, you should?
             Increase the difficulty and frequency of the feeds to that person
             Encourage players to use heart rate monitors to more accurately know their actual heart rate
             Encourage that player to keep moving when they are not hitting balls

20. To ensure the safety of any Cardio Tennis program, you should…
           Have players get a medical screening before participating, especially men over 45 and women over 55
           Establish a medical plan in case of a medical emergency
           Consider all the elements and take added precautions in extreme heat or cold
           All of the above

21. One of the best ways to gauge exercise intensity is to…
            Go by how much you sweat
            Count the number of times you hit the ball during training sessions
            Use a hear rate monitor to measure your heart rate while you exercise

22. What is the unique benefit of Cardio Tennis versus other aerobic drills?
           Your heart rate is constant
           The player benefits from multiple “high expenditure…recovery” cycles similar to interval training
           The workout in Cardio Tennis is very similar workout to most others

23. How is Cardio Tennis different than regular tennis?
           Cardio Tennis is designed with special drills to have players to get into their aerobic zone more often
             A player will typically burn more calories in Cardio Tennis than in playing traditional singles and doubles
             Players of all ability can play at the same time
             All of the above

24. Why is a dynamic warm-up important to tennis?
           It elevates the body temperature so muscles can function more efficiently
           It primes the cardiovascular system so it can deliver oxygen more efficiently
           It improves strength, flexibility and coordination
           All of the above
25. What is the primary purpose of Cardio Tennis?
           A fun fitness group activity                   Skill development

26. To make sure a person’s heart rate is in their zone, you should?
          Leave it up to the individual to check their own heart rate
          Have the people stop and check their heart rates every ten minutes during the drill

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                                                  Upon completion of this application please mail to;

                                                                 Proinsias Gallagher
                                                                    Tennis Ireland
                                                                 Dublin City University
                                                                       Dublin 9