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A guide to environmentally
sound printing options
about this pack
We provide a carefully selected range of recycled papers which we use
and recommend. This guide is intended to showcase these papers and
provide detailed information on them.

That’s why each sheet that makes up this booklet is printed on a
different selection from amongst our favourite recycled papers. Keep in
mind, though, that there are many more varieties, including many
specialty stocks.

Whatever your project, we feel confident that we can offer you an
environmentally friendly printing option that satisfies your budget and
your aesthetic tastes.


About this pack                                                     2
Kingprint & the environment                                         3
Our environment policy                                              4
The digital advantage                                               7
List of papers                                                      8
Spicers Freelife                                                    9
Testimonials                                                       10
Doggett’s Envirocare                                               12
Cyclus Print Matt                                                  13
Glossary of terms                                                  14
Monza Satin Recycled                                               15

kingprint & the enviroment
D ed ic at e d t o s us ta i na b le a n d envi ron ment a ll y f r ien d ly
p r in ti ng p ra c t ic es .
At KingPrint managing a safe, environmentally friendly printing practice is our
foremost concern and we ensure that we maintain a standard of sustainability.
KingPrint has undertaken a commitment to environmental excellence.

We have so far completed the following:
 • Supplying, recommending and using a selection of recycled papers.
 • Using soy-based inks or vegetable oil based inks.
 • Ensuring that consumable items, such as toner cartridges, are recycled.
 • Ensuring that printing and photographic chemicals are chosen with care and
   thought and are disposed of correctly.
 • Minimising our water usage.
 • Avoiding the use of plastic packaging.
 • Re-using off-cuts of paper both for packaging and for proofing of jobs, as well as
   for local schools and kindergartens.
 • Re-using incoming boxes for outgoing packages.

Our efforts to minimise environmental harm are not ending there, though. We are
determined to improve further in the future, and to that end we plan to undertake the
  • Design our new facility to minimise environmental impact as well as water and
    energy usage.
   • Comply with Australian Printing Industry Association's PIEP (Printing Industry
     Environmental Principles), including obtaining Green Stamp and ISO14001
     Environmental Management Systems certification.
  • Offset the carbon emissions of our commercial vehicles by supporting tree-
    planting initiatives.
  • Continue to provide support to projects that aim to lessen the impact our
    operations have on the environment.

our environment policy

It is our policy to:
  • Keep environmental and manufacturer's information on all of our paper stocks
     and make it available on request.
  • To stock papers that originate only from renewable forests (ie not from old-
     growth forests) and that are produced in accredited mills. We will reject papers
     that originate in areas of environmental concern.
  • To stock a good variety of recycled papers.
  • KingPrint has selected a number of "default" papers to use when the client has
     not specified any preference. It is our policy to choose default papers that we feel
     give the best environmental benefit. In most cases these are locally-produced
     partially-recycled papers, with the balance made up of certified plantation-grown


The inks we use in our offset printing division are:
 • Soy or vegetable-oil based and
 • Free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)


It is our policy:

 • To minimise the use of darkroom chemicals (developer, fixer) by using state of the
   art Computer-To-Plate (CTP) digital imaging technology in place of film based
   imagesetting where-ever possible. This process uses a laser instead of a chemical
   reaction to etch the printing plates used in offset printing, thus negating the
   need for chemicals.
 • Where chemicals are used, we will store them safely until they can be collected
   by EPA / City Council organised chemical collection.
 • We are building our new facility with secure storage for chemicals that will
   prevent any accidental spills or damage from escaping into the outside


It is our policy:

 • To design our new facility to provide world-class energy efficiency, minimising
   the need for heating and air-conditioning.
 • To use a renewable energy supplier.
 • To switch off any equipment not currently in use.
 • To use only energy efficient lighting.
 • To consider the Energy Star-Rating when selecting any equipment or appliance.


We recognise that it is especially important to use water wisely in Victoria's current
climate of drought and water shortages. We pledge not to use any printing technique
that requires excessive usage of water. While we don't currently use waterless printing,
we do use methods that use very little water. We also pledge to obey all water
Our new facility will take all of its water requirements from rainwater tanks, captured
from the roof of the facility. We estimate that rainwater will be able to provide all of our
water requirements.


We will implement a complete recycling program. This includes:
 • Paper recycling in the production, administration and design areas.

 • Ink and toner cartridge recycling. We have placed two recycling collection boxes
   for this purpose in our office, which are collected by Close The Loop / Planet Ark. A
   quarterly certificate is sent to us to advise that the cartridges have been recycled
   correctly, according to Planet Ark's Zero-To-Landfill (ZTF) policy.
 • Assisting our customers with recycling by advising of local recycling service
   providers who can assist with any business or event.

We also make it our policy to:

 • Minimise waste by recommending conservative printing quantities.
 • Reuse paper offcuts and incoming boxes in our own packaging for outgoing
  • Re-use incoming shipping pallets for outgoing products.
 • Re-use wasted paper for producing proofs for proof-reading and for other internal
 • Not to use plastic packaging, unless specified by the client, or an unaviodable
   requirement for protection during shipping.
 • Dispose of any potentially hazardous items, such as fluorescent tubes, in the
   manner recommended by the EPA or city council.


It is our intention to obtain Printing Industry Environmental Program (PIEP, or "Green
Stamp") accreditation as soon as possible.
We also intend to obtain ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards
accreditation as soon as possible.

the digital advantage
You may well know that we have made a significant investment in
Digital Printing Technology. We are proud to say we are now the largest
Digital Print company in Regional Victoria.

So what are the advantages of Digital Printing?

  • Affordable Short Run Colour - Do away with obsolete printed

 • Fast Turnaround.

 • Eliminate wastage - Print only what you need.

 • Customise and Personalise your print.

 • ... and the quality is outstanding.

Of course, we're still the experts in conventional - or "offset" - printing,
which uses aluminium plates to print the image - it takes longer, but
can achieve lower cost especially for large volumes.

So just remember, if you want it fast ‘Go Digital’. If you’ve got time and
you want thousands of copies ‘Go Offset’. Either way, we will provide the
same high standards of quality.

list of papers
• CyclusPrint Matt - 100% Recycled - CPI Papers

• Envirocare 100% Recycled - Doggett

• Tudor RP - 100% Recycled uncoated - Spicers Paper

• Freelife Smooth - 80% Recycled - Spicers Paper

• Freelife Vellum - 80% Recycled - Spicers Paper

• Monza Satin Recycled - 55% recycled - Spicers Paper

• Conqueror Recycled FSC Wove - 25% Recycled - Spicers Paper

spicers freelife
 •   80% recycled
 •   Felt, Vellum & Smooth finishes
 •   Elemental Chlorine Free
 •   pH neutral
 •   Economical price
 •   Laser compatible
 •   Smooth finish
 •   ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation
 •   Matching envelopes available in Smooth and Vellum

Sheet size: 650 x 910

Environmental Profile: Freelife contains 80% recycled fibre. Virgin fibre
used to produce Freelife is Elemental Chlorine Free and is sourced from
plantation wood sourced from a combination of Programme For
Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and Canadian Standard
Association (CSA) and Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI). Cartiere
Fedrigoni, manufacturers of Cottage, operate under ISO 14001
Environmental Management System.



Celtink Creative has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with KingPrint for
several years. The KingPrint team have risen to the many challenges we have set them
over this time, undertaking hundreds of diverse projects for us, large and small.

Many of our clients seek environmentally-friendly solutions for both digital and offset
work. KingPrint have been able to offer us options via their growing selection of
recycled papers, and a supportive environmental policy.

We are always happy to choose KingPrint, and value their commitment to quality
products, diligent service and the environment.

L e i gh & E li s e W h e t t er – Ce lt in k Cre at i ve

Divine Mercy Publications is a lay apostolate whose mission is to spread the message
of Divine Mercy in a true and authentic manner throughout the Oceania region. To
this end we produce a range of books, posters, prayer cards and leaflets.

We have been working with KingPrint for over 10 years and they have helped us to
produce a wide range of printed materials. They have worked with dedication and pay
close attention to detail and to our specific needs.

The more environmentally friendly options offered by KingPrint mean that we can be
sure that our printed works give the maximum benefit without causing harm to God’s

J o h n C a n a v a n – D i r e c t o r, D i v i n e M e r c y P u b l i c a t i o n s

doggett’s envirocare 1 0 0 % recyled
100% Environmentally Friendly uncoated paper manufactured entirely
from waste paper. The special grades of waste content used are difficult
to recycle and include carbonless and thermal papers that would
otherwise go to landfill. Envirocare is elemental chlorine free and
manufactured without the addition of optical brighteners but still has
a high-grade whiteness due to special processing of the used paper.

With excellent opacity, print performance and an archival guarantee,
Envirocare is an environmentally responsible product at an affordable

Envirocare 100% Recycled is available in:
70, 80, 90, 110, 115, 135, 150, 250gsm

Manufactured by Lenzing Paper (Austria).

 • Environmental Accreditations – ISO 14001 EMS, Blue Angel, Nordic
   Swan, EUGROPA, European Flower
 • Recycled – 65% post consumer, 35% pre-consumer
 • Elemental Chlorine Free
 • Acid Free
 • Laser Compatible – 80, 90 & 100gsm. Prior testing is always
 • Envelopes – DL 110 x 220 wallet. Peel-n-seal, boxed in 500.



CPI cyclusprint matt
Exclusive to CPI, CyclusPrint Matt is a sister product to our Cyclus Offset.
CyclusPrint Matt is a 100% recycled, two-sided matt-coated fine paper
ideally suited to both full colour and black and white printing.
CyclusPrint Matt can be used in all applications that are suited to matt-
coated art paper.

CyclusPrint Matt is made entirely from post-consumer waste (making
it a "true" recycled grade), and is produced in a unique ‘closed loop’
production process ensuring that all bi-products are reused and recycled.
As is set out below, CyclusPrint Matt comes with a comprehensive list of
certifications consolidating its status as a fully accredited, 100% recycled,
environmentally friendly paper. The limitations of using recycled paper
no longer exist, quality now meets the environment.

Available in: CyclusPrint Matt 115, 150, 200 & 350 gsm

E N D U S E S : Art books, brochures, magazines and covers, posters,
presentation folders, cards and inserts, annual reports and corporate
communication, educational material, direct mail, stationery and

FIBRE SOURCE: 100% de-inked post consumer waste

C E R T I F I C AT I O N : ISO9002, ISO14001, EMAS, Nordic Swan, NAPM (UK),
Blue Angel (Germany), EU Flower, DIN6738 (archival to >100 years), ISEGA
14139U (suitable for use with foodstuffs) and EN 71-3 (safe for use with



Blue Angel                 A German certification for environmentally friendly products and services.
Ce rt if icat ion          The process of evaluating practices against an agreed standard by an accredited
                           independent third party.
C SA                       Canadian Standards Association.
C TP                       Computer-To-Plate, an imagesetting technique whereby a digital image is directly
                           etched onto a printing plate using a laser.
D I N 67 3 8               A paper standard tests the effects of aging on paper. Required for archival documents
                           that need to last more than 100 years.
ECF                        Elemental Chlorine Free; referring to any paper bleaching/whitening process that does
                           not use Chlorine or any Chloride element.
E PA                       Environmental Protection Authority.
E u r o p e a n F l o w e r An environmental certification issued by the European Union (EU).
F SC                       Forestry Stewardship Council. A a non-profit organization established to promote
                           environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management
                           of the world's forests.
I PP C                     International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC), an international treaty organization
                           that works to prevent the international spread of plant diseases.
ISO1 4001                  An International Standards Organisation (ISO) standard for Environmental
                           Management Systems.
N o rd i c Sw a n          The Swan is the official Nordic ecolabel, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers,
                           covering Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Sweden and Finland.
P CF                       Processed Chlorine Free; referring to any paper bleaching product that is free from
                           Chlorine compounds.
P EF C                     Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes also known as Pan-
                           European Forest Certification
PIEP                       Print Industry Environmental Program (Australia).
P o s t - Co n s u m e r   Waste paper harvested for recycling from end-user waste, after the consumer has used
                           and disposed of it.
P re - C o n s u m e r     Waste paper harvested for recycling during the production process in printing and
Pulp                       A cellulose fibre that has been separated from a plant into a form suitable for the
                           manufacture of paper.
SFI                        Sustainable Forestry Initiative.
TC F                       Totally Chlorine Free: Paper made from woodpulps bleached without the use of chlorine
Vi r gi n Fi br e          Wood fibre that has never been used in the manufacture of paper or board.
VOC                        Volatile Organic Compounds.
ZTF                        Zero-To-Landfill: a recycling policy that states that none of a specified item will be sent
                           to landfill, and that all of it will be recycled.

spicers monza satin recycled
 • High quality A2+
 • FSC mixed source certified
 • 55% recycled, 30% pre consumer, 25% post-consumer & FSC
   certified pulp
 • Matching text & cover
 • Available in Ream wrapped and Pallet flagged
 • ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation
 • Reels available for sheeting

E N V I R O N M E N TA L P R O F I L E :

Monza has a high 55% recycled fibre content, including 30% pre-
consumer and 25% post-consumer waste and FSC certified pulp. Monza
Recycled is sourced from sustainable plantation wood and is Elemental
Chlorine Free (ECF). .

Monza is manufactured by one of the world's leading paper producers,
Cartiere Burgo. Burgo operates under the coveted ISO 14001
Environmental Certification and (IPPC) Integrated Pollution Prevention



1 Production Drive, Alfredton 3350
PO Box 11, Ballarat 3353
tel 03 5338 9600 fax 03 5338 9601

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