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									                                                                BESTBROOK MOUNTAIN RESORT
                                                                        9790 CUNNINGHAM HWY
                                                                   MARYVALE         QLD        4370
                                                                                Phone: 07 4666 1282
                                                                               Fax: 07 4666 1291

Are you looking for somewhere new to take your students in 2010?

Take this opportunity to experience the Australian bush under the supervision of our experienced
team at Bestbrook Mountain Resort. Nestled between the rolling hills of the Great Dividing Range and
straddling Gap Creek, we are just a few minutes away from the World Heritage listed Main Range National
Park. Bestbrook offers you great country hospitality.

Located a short 90minute drive from Brisbane or 120minutes from the Gold Coast, Bestbrook offers you
the perfect opportunity to take a break from the city and enjoy relaxed country living.

Bestbrook is an Australian, family owned and operated property, where everyone joins in. The Team at
Bestbrook endeavours to create an experience you will remember long after you have returned home.
Bestbrook has a variety of Accommodation styles on offer from self contained cottages to our village bunk
house. Our village bunkhouse is perfect for student groups when children are a younger age and need to
be kept together - all have electric heaters for those chilly nights. There is also the camping option for
groups that are more independent and want to develop there bush survival skills.

Bestbrook offers you the authentic Australian Farm stay with comfort being of prime concern and
enjoyment being of major importance. We endeavour to make our activities of interest to all ages and
welcome any feedback so that we can maintain our standard of service to guests.

We offer the ideal opportunity for students and teachers alike, to learn about, take care of and
ride a horse. Horse riding builds confidence thus building self esteem, improves balance and co-
ordination. Your students will gain knowledge of horses in a safe and supervised environment
whilst learning new skills and making new friends they will enjoy the Australian bush like never

We look forward to making your acquaintance in 2010

Ray & Elise Vincent
Activities can include:
♣ Introduction to horses, safety & basic horse riding lessons, trail rides, horsemanship, horse
  care & grooming, orienteering on horse back, scavenger hunt, mini gymkhana (all horse activities
  are based on size, age and ability of groups)
♣ Team building games – bush walking, bush craft, orienteering.
♣ Farm Activities – cow milking, milk separating, butter making and animal feeding.
♣ Billy Tea & Damper
♣ Sheep Shearing
♣ Horse Shoeing

Programs can be adjusted to suit your requirements.

Programs are organized around arrival and departure times, age of students and numbers

         No. attending            Supervised activities                   Meals
                              Includes horse riding + more      (morning or afternoon tea &
        10-20 students                   $65.00                          $15.00

        20-30 students                   $60.00                          $15.00

        30 plus students                 $55.00                          $15.00

For Bunk House Accommodation [Mid Week]
Accommodation is provided in the Village Bunk House.
Country style home cooked meals are offered and will cater for all special dietary requirements.

    No. of    Accommodation &       Accommodation &
    nights     A meals Package      B meals Package

   One (1)         $60.00                $80.00              Negotiable on Application

   Two (2)         $115.00              $155.00              Negotiable on Application

                   $170.00              $230.00              Negotiable on Application

   Four (4)        $225.00              $305.00              Negotiable on Application
All rates are per student or teacher. BYO linen
Available Activities

                        Programs can include any of the following

Orienteering                                  Orienteering on horse back

Scavenger Hunt                                Scavenger Hunt on horse back

Bestbrook Quiz                                Mini gymkhana

Bestbrook Survival                            Games on horse back

Guided Bush Walking                           Introduction to Horses/Lesson

Billy boiling Races                           1 hour of horse riding

Billy Tea & Damper                            2 hours of horse riding

Boomerang Throwing                            3 hours of horse riding

Whip Cracking                                 4 hours of horse riding

Cross Cut Sawing                              Over night camp out

Shearing Demonstration

Horse shoeing demonstration

Cow Milking

Milk separating &butter Making

Train Rides

Bush Golf


All Supervised Programs are designed to suit each group’s individual needs and prices are
negotiable depending on numbers.
Educational School Camps Meal Packages
    Morning or                 Package A                           Package B
                      Sweet biscuits / cordial           Sweet biscuits / cordial
   Afternoon Tea
                      Cake / cordial                     Cake / cordial

                      Seasonal fruit / cordial           Seasonal fruit / cordial

                      Cheese and biscuits / cordial      Cheese and biscuits / cordial

                      Iced buns / cordial                Iced buns / cordial

     Breakfast                 Package A                           Package B
                      Cereal & Juice                     Daily Buffet Breakfast includes

                      +                                  Continental Breakfast + Bacon &

                      Baked beans & crossaints           Scrambled Eggs, Sausages,

                      Spaghetti & scrambled eggs         Spaghetti or Baked Beans, Hash

                      Spaghetti & Hash browns            browns + juice


      Lunches                  Package A                           Package B
                      Sausage sizzle                     Sausage sizzle

                      Fish/nuggets & chips               Chicken wraps

                      Hamburgers                         Hamburgers

                      Mince tacos                        Mince tacos

                      Salad rolls/ham or chicken         Salad rolls/ham or chicken

                      Hot dogs with cheese               Hot dogs with cheese

   Evening meals             Package A                           Package B
                   Roast Beef & vegetables            Roast Buffet 2 meats, veges +salad

                   Roast Chicken & vegetables         Cold Chicken, Ham & salad Buffet

                   Corn meat and 3 vegies             BBQ Buffet & salad

                   Campfire stew, rice & damper       Corn meat and 4-5 vegies

                   Rissoles and vegies                Italian buffet

      Dessert                    Package A                             Package B
                      Ice Cream and topping              Ice Cream and topping

                      Waffles and Ice cream              Waffles and Ice cream

                      Butterscotch pudding               Butterscotch pudding

                      Fruit salad & ice cream            Fruit salad & ice cream

                      Pavlova & fruit salad              Pavlova & fruit salad
Our village is a group of 5 buildings (sleeps up-to 76 persons)

One is a recreation room / lounge room with TV, DVD & VCR plus toilet facilities. There is also tea
and coffee facilities and a fridge, however there are no cooking facilities inside. There is an out
door galley for self catering purposes with access to BBQ’s and seating you will need to BYO all
cutlery, crockery and BBQ tools.

The other 4 buildings are divided into bedrooms. Each building has its own bathroom at the end
with 2 showers and 2 toilets. Bedding in the bunkhouse is 2 sets of bunks per room so you can
have 2 – 4 people depending on ages and size.

There is a wood fire place in the recreation room and electric heaters in all the bedrooms.

                                     Room Configuration

Room          A Block                 B Block                C Block             D Block
               Girls                   Girls                      Boys             Boys

  1     Double Bed (2 pax)        2 bunks (4pax)           Linen Room        2 bunks (4pax)

  2         Linen Room            2 bunks (4 pax)        2 bunks (4 pax)     2 bunks (4 pax)

  3       2 bunks (4 pax)         2 bunks (4 pax)        2 bunks (4 pax)     2 bunks (4 pax)

  4       2 bunks (4 pax)         2 bunks (4 pax)        2 singles (2 pax)   2 bunks (4 pax)

  5       2 bunks (4 pax)         2 bunks (4 pax)        2 bunks (4 pax)     2 bunks (4 pax)

  6       2 bunks (4 pax)         2 single (2 pax)       2 single (2 pax)    2 singles (2 pax)


•    Hat sunscreen, collared shirt for riding, Mess kit -Plastic Cup, Plate, Bowl, Knife, Fork & spoon.


•    Lace up shoes or boots ( old school shoes are great for riding)
•    Spare shoes, gum boots, thongs or sandals.
•    jeans for riding
•    long pants (Tracksuits or similar)
•    Warm jumper or jacket
•    Raincoat
•    Swimmers.
•    Adequate Clothing

Camping Gear, Accessories Etc:-

1.   Sleeping bag
2.   Pillow & pillow case
3.   Mess Kit- Plastic Cup, Plate, Bowl, Knife, Fork & spoon.
4.   Bath towel, beach towel
5.   Torch
6.   Soap, Tooth paste, tooth brush, shampoo & sunscreen.
7.   Water bottle and small back pack.
8.   Insect repellent.
9.   Pocket Money.

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