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					             BECOME AN AGENT FOR CHANGE

             ESI™ is a mapping tool that ensures behaviour changes stick!
Change is ‘the process of becoming different’. As business owners, employees and individuals,
it is important to understand that change is not only inevitable; it is also a must to survive. In
today’s world, a world overcome with economic down-turn. One vital step to effectively
managing your change is to discover your point of difference.

How do you know what ‘your point of difference’ is or how do you discover it?

For an organisation their point of difference is their people! For a sole trader, your point of
difference is yourself! People are the reason you return to purchase the product or receive the

‘Morgan runs a small business downstairs from my office. It’s a coffee shop that is a little out of
the way for most businesses in the area, yet in the short time he has been there I have
witnessed huge business growth. He opens at 7am serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea
and closes right on 4pm. From a take-away shop to an alfresco dinning café in about 18 months
is pretty good. His tables are always full and when you order a take away coffee there are
usually 10-12 orders ahead of you, which he gets through very quickly. His point of difference –
Morgan and his staff! Morgan has never forgotten my name from the first day we met (and it
took me 10 months to remember his!!). He also remembers your coffee order. Morgan and his
staff just want to please you and treat you as if you are the most important person that is doing
business with them today!’

Morgan constantly works from the state of delight and caring and would appear to have no
inhibiting states that get in the way of the wonderful customer service he offers.

Are your business outcomes limited by staff behaviour?
People are what you invest in to increase your bottom line and therefore it doesn’t matter if you
are the most or least expensive product or service provider, it’s your people who will increase
your business bottom line.

When harmonious working relationships exist you have a harmonious workplace and your
business runs smoothly, right? When there is disharmony or conflict, people and business
dollars are affected, ultimately your organisation, its reputation and the bottom line!

Managing behaviour change in individuals to increase your bottom line?
The most problematic business shortfall is people performance. ESI™ has been developed
here in Australia to identify the inhibiting ‘parts’ of people or teams that sabotage performance
as well as identifying positive, productive ‘parts’ that promote success. To change behaviour
you must first understand behaviour. That’s where the unique ESI™ Mapping Tool is used to
easily identify both inhibiting and supporting factors of behaviour / performance. Once identified,
strategies be put into place for the next steps to be taken in this process of change. ESI™ turns
dysfunction into function!

This new, innovative and powerful tool ESI™ is empowering while positively promoting change
in people behaviours from negative to positive. This in turn promotes workplace harmony and,
most of all, increases your bottom line!

Jan Sky – Executive Officer – ESI                    Phone: 1300 787 694
                                                Mobile: 0409 869 664

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