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									     W O R L D S H O T O K A N K A R AT E - D O F E D E R AT I O N                                         Autumn/ Winter 2008

                                                                                                           Issue 3
              Member of the World Shotokan Karate– Do Federation Australia & Japan

                           Shoto’s Pen
                                     Official News Letter for WSKF Australia

                                    National Seminar In                                               Left; World Chief Instructor
Inside this issue:                  Queensland A Big Hit                                              H. Kasuya Sensei and his
                                                                                                      son Sensei Taro Kasuya, by
                                                                                                      the Springwood lake in Qld.
National Seminar             1                                                                        demonstrating Mawashi
                                                                                                      Geri .
Grading Results              2
                                                                                                       WSKF Guests included
Greenwood/Doubleview         2                                                                         Taro Kasuya 4th Dan Ja-
                                                                                                       pan (Kasuya Sensei’s
Chief Instructor Report      3                                                                         Son), Howard Mutton 6th
                                                                                                       Dan Western Australia,
Springfield Dojo News        3                                                                         Stephen Hol 4th Dan Vic-
                                                                                                       toria, Mark Madden 1st
The Meaning of Kata          4                                                                         Dan Western Australia
                                                                                                       and John Wolf 1st Dan
Portland Dojo News           5
                                                                                                       Victoria.   There was a
                                                                                                       small contingent of other
                                                                                                       styles from outside the
Around The World             6
                                                                                                       WSKF organization in-
                                                                                                       cluding Shotokan, Shito
                              WSKF Australia held its                   being one of five candi-       Ryu, Goju Kai and Tae
                              first combined National                   dates taking Dan examina-      Kwon Do.
                              Seminar in Springfield                    tions of various ranks, all
Coming Events 2008
                              Queensland,      with all                 successfully passed (more      All in all everyone who
•     Sensei Howard Mutton to three states represented.                 details Page 2 in this is-     attended went away with
        visit Victorian Dojo June
                                                                        sue).                          something to enhance
•       (AKF WKF) Common-      Training took place on                   Training on the three days     their karate and     were
        wealth Karate Champs–  Tuesday 4th March, then                  consisted of Kasuya Sen-       thrilled to see someone of
        Scotland May 31st.
                               Wednesday 5th March, a                   sei’s spinning drills, Ki-     Kasuya Sensei’s level in
•       Victorian Open Champs– rest day Thursday and                    hon and Kumite drills with     action.
        Melbourne 5th July.    concluded on the Friday                  emphasis on moving to the
•       Australian National    7th.                                     correct distance for           A big thank you goes to
        Champs- Perth 8th Au-                                           counter-attack-: Migiri        Michael Looke the host
                                    Our World Chief Instruc-            (See and Cut), and some        from Queensland, How-
                                    tor Hitoshi Kasuya Sensei           Kata was covered also.         ard Mutton, and Stephen
                                    conducted the annual                The weather was a pleasant     Hol for their help in plan-
                                    event over three days.              27 degrees in Brisbane,        ning and running this spe-
                                    With a Dan grading held             making it perfect weather      cial event. Next year Perth
                                    after the first night of            for some swimming, beer        W.A. will host the annual
                                    training. Sensei Howard             and noodles for some of        event.
                                    Mutton, Australia’s Chief           the senior visitors to in-
                                    Instructor, undertook his           dulge in when not training.
                                    examination for 6th Dan,
                            Shoto’s Pen                                                                     Issue 3
                            Official News Letter for WSKF Australia
Page 2

 Grading Results                                            Greenwood & Doubleview Dojo News
                                                            Comings & Goings           WSKF members in
Dan Grading Portland (Vic)                                  WSKF – Greenwood           2008:
in Queensland The first Grading for                         welcomes the following
                           the Portland Dojo was            students to the dojo in    Tainton Gareth (from
                           held on a chilly Mon-            2007. We know you          South Africa – Orange
March 2008 saw Ka-                                          will enjoy your training   belt)
suya Sensei in Bris-       day the 28th April,
                                                            and look forward to        Podmore Benjamin
bane for our national      the temperature was              welcoming you all as       Podmore Sophie
training seminar.          around the 10 degree             WSKF members in            Cottrill Sean
During the week sensei     mark with eleven can-            2008:
conducted Dan (black       didates and their fami-                                     Farewell and best wishes
belt) examinations and     lies battling the cool           Sean Barrett (Sho Dan -    to Naru and Yumiko Ya-
congratulations go to      conditions.                      England)                   mashita who returned
the following people for                                    Janice Du Preez (Sho       home to Japan in Decem-
their successful promo-    With Jayden Smith
                                                            Dan, South Africa JKA)     ber 2007. Naru & Yu-
tions:                     moving up to Brown 2             Luke Du Preez (Red 1,      miko trained at Green-
                           stripe, Kimberley Carr           South Africa JKA)          wood and Doubleview
Howard Mutton 6th Dan      Red 3 Stripe. Marcus             Anna-Marie MacHabee        dojos during her time in
Glen Damro 5th Dan         Price showed good                Kathryn MacHabee           Perth. It was a pleasure
Michael Looke 3rd Dan      techniques to obtain 4th         Andrew MacHabee            to exchange karate
Julie Sparks 2nd Dan       Kyu Purple, Fraser                                          knowledge with a fellow
John Marshall 2nd Dan      Reefman Purple 1                 Farewell and best          Shotokan karate-ka from
                           Stripe and James Dun-            wishes to Ashton Jen-      the northern side of the
Springfield (QLD)          can Blue 1 Stripe. In            kins who has returned to world.
                                                            live in South Africa and
                           the seniors Jawwad
                                                            rejoins his original dojo.
Also congratulations       Hussain and Jacob
                                                            It has been a pleasure to
to the following stu-      Gates 5th Kyu Blue.              teach you and to watch
dents for passing their    Young Aaron Shepherd             you progress in your ka-
grading.                   and Josh Archer-Rose             rate. Keep up the good
                           Orange 1 Stripe and the          work.
Aldous 6th Kyu, Dylan
                           two new additions                Congratulations
6th Kyu, Alexander 4th
                           Blake Burdack and                Congratulations to
Kyu, Nedjo 4th Kyu,
                           Campbell Reefman                 Craig Brown in his suc-
Bosko 4th Kyu, Tristan
                                                            cess in joining the po-
4th Kyu, Samtui 4th Kyu    showed their skills to
and Yama 1st Kyu.          obtain Yellow 1 Stripe.          lice force.                “To perceive victory
                                                            WSKF Doubleview
That’s it from Sunny       Remember your training                                      when it is known to
                           is a reflection of your          Comings & Goings
                           grading, so train hard in        WSKF – Doubleview
                                                                                       all is not really skilful.
                           class and you will get a         welcomes the following     Everyone calls
                           good result.                     students to the dojo in
                                                            2007. We know you          victory in battle
                                                            will enjoy your training
                                                            and look forward to
                                                                                       good, but it is not
                                                            welcoming you all as       really good”
                                                                                       Sun Tzu
Shoto’s Pen                                                             Issue 3
Official News Letter for WSKF Australia
                                                                                      Page 3

Chief Instructor’s                        Springfield (Qld) Dojo
Report                         Sunny Queensland is      we would all like to        less Car Park meetings
                               starting to turn cool,   thank Sensei Taro for       as well as phone dis-
                            especially in the morn-     choosing Queensland as      cussions, the senior
OUR NEWEST                  ings and evenings. But      his preferred place to      Black Belt members
DOJO                        attendances for classes     come and train as well      decided upon “The Sta-
                            have been exceptional!      as stay in Australia. It    tion Dojo”, why? Well
The newest dojo in          Talking about cool          has been invaluable to      this is a mystery and
                            things, three of the Sta-   have such a great Ka-       can only be experi-
Australia officially
                            tion Dojo (more about the   rate-ka like him at the     enced! All we can say
opened on February name later) members en-              Dojo, all students will     about the reason behind
11th.                       tered the second round of   miss him as they all en-    the name is this “Here
The Maylands club is lo- the NAS tournaments and        joyed his pre warm up       comes the train”!
cated approximately 5 km came home with a second        games before training.      In closing we would
north of Perth’s CBD and place for Kata in over         Sensei Taro will be re-     like to give a special
is run by Sensei’s Mark     35’s (Sensei Michael        turning to Japan on the     encouragement to
Madden and Howard           Looke), third place for     12th of May, but will re-   Yama for his efforts at
Mutton.                     Men’s Open Black Belt       turn to Australia in late   the second round NAS
                            (Sensei Taro Kasuya) and    June (hopefully in time     tournament, it was his
Training on Monday and      a second place for Inter-   for the NAS third round)    first ever contest and
Tuesday nights, the club    mediate Kata division       for about another 4         he walked away with a
caters only for adults and (Minoru Yamasaki). Sen-      weeks.                      second place in the In-
is quickly gaining an en-   sei Michael came fourth     Now regarding the new       termediate Kata divi-
thusiastic following of lo- also in the Men’s Open      Dojo name “The Station      sion, he also bet people
cal people. The club also   Black division and has      Dojo”, it was decided       less than half his age!
welcomes our friends        made a point in telling     that the Dojo needed to     Well done Yama and
from Japan, Koji and Shi- Sensei Taro “that if you      have a name to represent    congratulations from
nobu Yamamoto who           weren’t here”! Plenty of    the type of beliefs, phi-   all the members of the
have been training at       work to be done for the     losophy and training at-    Station Dojo, now get
Maylands since the open- NAS third round.               titude that is up held at   ready for the third
ing day. Koji and Shinobu Speaking of Sensei Taro,      our Dojo. After count-      round.
are from Sensei Kensuke
Seto’s Seto Juku Dojo in
Tokyo. Seto Sensei is the
technical director of the
Japan Karate Association
for Tokyo, and a member
of the JKA Shihan-kai.

The Maylands club oper-
ates in a small church hall
and caters predominantly
for adults at this stage.

Right; Sensei Michael Looke
3rd Dan with Sensei Taro                                                 Above; Sensei Michael Looke
Kasuya 4th Dan after their                                               and Minoru Yamasaki with his
Competition.                                                             trophy.
                            Shoto’s Pen                                                                       Issue 3
                            Official News Letter for WSKF Australia
Page 4

                            The Meaning of Kata.
 The meaning of Mei-        uke) blocks. However,                                        This is the embusen
 kyo; bright and mirror     some Shotokan schools                                        (performance line) of Mei-
 therefore Bright Mirror.   have three different sets                                    kyo I.e. The directions you
 It is said that Meikyo     of blocks. The first set                                     go while performing the
                                                                                         kata. 33 movements taking
 was originally derived     are down blocks, the                                         around 60 seconds to per-
 from Rohai a kata per-     second set are inside                                        form. The pattern is of the
 formed in Okinawa that     blocks, and the third                                        letter I.
 has four particular ver-   and final set are upper
 sions. One version is      level rising blocks. It
 Matsumura Rohai, the       is best that you consult                                    “To study the old is
 other three are the Ro-    your Instructor or Sen-
 hai of Itosu one of        sei before you perform           Start                      to understand the
 Gichin Funakoshi’s sen-    this kata. Having an un-                                    new”
 sei’s. The three Itosu     derstanding of the
 Rohai are Rohai, Rohai     Heian katas are also an                                     Gichin Funakoshi
 Nidan, and Rohai San-      essential prerequisite as
 dan. Supposedly the        many techniques from
 Shotokan kata Meikyo       the Heians are found in
 is taken from one of the   Meikyo.                          Below; Gichin Funakoshi
 three Rohai kata created   The most outstanding             performing Jodan Morote
 by Itosu.                  movement of Meikyo is            Uke movement 27 in Meikyo,
                            the Sankaku Tobi                 note this technique is exactly
 Meikyo was Nakayama (triangle jump) at the                  the same as movement 4
 Masatoshi's favourite      end of the kata. If cor-         Heian Nidan.
 kata, Nakayama is re-      rectly executed this
 ported to have said that technique will enable
 Meikyo is very similar the karateka to change
 to a folk dance per-       the outcome from being
 formed to convince the in a disadvantaged posi-
 goddess Amaterasu to       tion to an advantageous
 come out of the cave       one in one single move.
 she hides in. Japanese     Also note there is only
 Shinto legend has it that one Kiai during the
 Amaterasu cried and her Sankaku Tobi, and one
 tears fell into the Sea of other kata has one Kiai
 Japan, forming the is-     and that is the kata-
 lands of Japan. She is     Wankan.
 the goddess of the sun. From the looks of the
                            embusen (performance
  Meikyo has three sets     line) an I pattern, this
 of blocking and step-      kata looks easy, in fact
 ping punch combina-        it is challenging even
 tions. The first two sets for the high ranking
 contain (gedan barai)      karateka.
 down blocks. The third
 set contains inside (uchi
Shoto’s Pen                                                              Issue 3
Official News Letter for WSKF Australia                                                              Page 5

                                   Portland (Vic.) Dojo News
                                                           proved difficult but    session with Sempai
                                                           challenging all the     Marcel and after break-
                                                           same, very differ-      fast some advanced kata
                                                           ent from the dojo       and to top it off, a turn
                                                           floor.                  on the giant swing.
                                                           Into the pool we
                                                           went for another        We’ll be back at the
                                                           team building activ-    Grampians Retreat next
                                                           ity and kata, not for   year as it has everything
                                                           the warm blooded        we need to run a great
                                                           types the tempera-      Gasshuku and besides
                                                           ture of the pool was    the food was excellent,
                                                           meant to be 17 de-      and the hosts Dennis and
                                                           grees, I never saw      Maree are great people
The Portland dojo held then into our Gi’s with        any ice bergs but I think    to work with. So stay
it’s 3 annual Gasshuku some Bunkai on Kanku           I would of turned into       tuned for the next one in
at the Grampians Re-        Dai from Sempai           one if not for a piping      the first weekend of May
treat Dunkeld on May        Meindert and Marcel.      hot shower afterwards.       2009.
2nd to 4th with fine        Next came some inter-     After dinner Sempai
weather for the whole       esting take downs from    Heinz took us through
event.                      Sempai John, using        and interesting session
                            movements from our        on codes of awareness.
20 people attended the      kata and the use of go    We once again went out-
event, with a mixture of with the flow principle.     side in the dark for a
Dan grades and kyu          The following day         team activity involving
grades training together. started with some needed multiple attackers and a
Seven karateka from the stretching from Sempai        victim armed only with
Hamilton club attended      Marcel followed by        a torch. To end the night
the gasshuku, for most of breakfast. Three hours      another DVD was
them this was their first   of Ne Waza (ground        played.
and from what they got      work) was next on the     Sunday started with an-
out of it will not be their cards, at the end we had other needed stretching
last.                       a little competition in 3
This Gasshuku is also a     teams to see who
training camp for instruc- owned the floor.
tors as well as students    Sempai Mark gave a
alike.                      motivational talk
When every one was set- after lunch before
tled in a DVD was           we ventured out
viewed and some history doors to do kata in
of Shotokan was taken in, the bush, which

Above; Gasshuku Group after big
swing ride.
Right; Gasshuku Group in front of
Mt. Abrupt at the Grampians Re-
                                       The following items can be purchased:

WORLD SHOTOKAN                            ● WSKF Badges           ● WSKF Key Rings
KARATE-DO FEDERATION                         $20.00                        $3.00
                                       Prices for reference books, protective gear, higher quality uniforms etc. can be ob-
Page 6                                 tained on request, please don’t hesitate to ask about any products, see your Dojo In-
                                       structor. Other products can also be purchased on the website.
9 Segtnan Court
Bolwarra VIC 3305

Phone: 03 5529 2480
Mobile: 0425 701 028

                                                                                              Above; Tatsuya Naka 6th
                                                                                              Dan JKA (aka Taikan) with
                                                                                              Mawashi Geri, Clip from
 Around The World, Shotokan News                                                              the Movie Kuro Obi.
WSKF INTERNA-                 exact date yet but it's       characters, the first is a
TIONAL SEMINAR &              anticipated to be either      real JKA instructor at
WORLD CHAMPION-               in August or October.         the head-quarters in To-
SHIPS 2009                    When further details          kyo Japan, Tatsuya
When Kasuya sensei            come to hand, we'll           Naka 6th Dan Shotokan,
was in Australia in           make sure you have it!        second Akihito Yagi 5th
March, he announced           In the previous issue it      Dan International
that the next world           mentioned London as           Meibukan Goju and
championships & semi-         the host, the change has      Yuji Suzuki 1st Dan
nar will be next year and     been a decision of sen-       Kyokushin Karate. This           WSKA Yahoo User
it will be back in Tokyo,     ior members of the            is a must see DVD for            Group
Japan. To those of us         World Shotokan. Stay          all karateka, but at this
who have participated in      tuned to the official an-     stage no details of it’s
                                                                                             The address is: http://
this event in the             nouncement of the loca-       release in Australia as
past, this announcement       tion in the future issues     yet, although there are a
                                                                                             group/wska/ and we en-
was met with glee. In         of Shoto’s Pen.               few copies of it in the
                                                                                             courage all members (as
2007, there were 15                                         Japanese language run-
                                                                                             this is a members only
members of the Austra-        In other news from Ja-        ning around Oz. Check
                                                                                             site) to go there and regis-
lian team in Japan and        pan a DVD ‘Kuro               out the official JKA
everyone had a great          Obi’ (Black Belt) has         website for more details
time both in training and     just been released in         at:
with all the extra cur-       March this year and in        english/news/
ricular activities. 2009      cinemas in Japan last         movie_kuroobi.html
will be the same so start     year. A story set in
packing your bags,            1932, the prime of Ka-
booking your holidays         rate-Do and Gichin Fu-
and get ready for a great     nakoshi as we know it.
trip. We don't know the       There are three main

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