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									                              MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET


Name:       Aquachlor Metal Stain Remover
Other Names:       Citric Acid
Manufacturers’ Code & Pack Size:       A96003          2 kg
Recommended Use: Metal stain remover for swimming pools.
Supplier’s Details: Waterco Limited, 390 Marion Street, Bankstown. NSW 2200
Ph: (02) 9795.5500
Emergency Phone Number: Business hours only 1800 226 556

                                    2. HAZARD IDENTIFICATION
Hazardous Classification: Classified as a hazardous substance according to the criteria of the
Occupational National Health and Safety Commission.
Risk Phrases:        R53        May cause long term adverse effects in the aquatic environment.
                     R36/38     Irritating to eyes and skin.
Safety Phrases:      S61        Avoid release to the environment. Refer to special instructions/
                                safety date sheet.
                     S24/25     Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
                     S36/37/39 Wear suitable protective clothing, gloves and eye/face


Chemical Entity †                                   Synonyms                            CAS Number            Amount
Citric acid, monohydrate          Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxilicacid                   5949-29-1            100%
† Where they are present in this product, and other ingredients of this material are not hazardous, as defined by either
inclusion in the List of Designated Hazardous Substance or classified in accordance with the Approved Criteria for
Defining a Hazardous Substance, and published by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission/AGPS,

                                        4. FIRST AID MEASURES
First Aid: Take a copy of this MSDS to medical advisers if signs or symptoms of overexposure
occur and medical attention is required.
Swallowed: DO NOT induce vomiting. Wash out mouth with water and give plenty of water to
drink. If symptoms develop seek medical attention.
Skin: Remove all contaminated clothing. Wash gently and thoroughly with water and non-
abrasive soap for 15 minutes. Ensure contaminated clothing is washed before re-use or discard.
If contact is more than of minor nature, seek medical attention.
Eye: If contact with the eye(s) occurs, wash with copious amounts of water for approximately
15 minutes holding eyelid(s) open. Take care not to rinse contaminated water into the not-
affected eye. If symptoms persist seek medical attention.
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Inhaled: Remove the source of contamination or move the victim to fresh air. Ensure airways
are clear and have qualified person give oxygen through a face mask if breathing is difficult. If
symptoms develop seek medical attention.
First Aid Facilities: Safety showers, eye wash fountains and normal wash room facilities.
Advice to Doctor: Treat symptomatically.

                             5. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES
Hazchem Code: None allocated.
Extinguishers: Use dry agent, foam or water mist.
Fire Fighting Precautions: Fire-fighters should wear full protective clothing and self-contained
breathing apparatus (SCBA) operated in positive pressure mode.
Combustion Products: Under fire conditions this product may emit toxic and /or irritating
fumes including carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
Other Precautions: Combustible solid. This product will burn if exposed to fire.

                       6. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES
Remove all sources of heat. Increase ventilation. Wear sufficient respiratory protection and full
protective clothing to minimise skin and eye exposure. Sweep up material avoiding dust
generation or dampen spilled material with water to avoid airborne dust. Seal all wastes in
vapour tight labelled plastic containers for eventual disposal. If large quantities of this material
enter the waterways contact the Environmental Protection Authority, or your local Waste
Management Authority.

                              7. HANDLING AND STORAGE
Storage: Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area, out of direct sunlight. Store away from heat
and ignition sources. Store in suitable, labelled containers. Protect from damage. Use suitable,
approved storage cabinets, tanks, rooms and buildings. Avoid any dust build-up by frequent
cleaning and suitable construction of storage area. Keep storage separate from populated work
areas. Inspect periodically for deficiencies such as damage or leaks. Have appropriate fire
extinguishers available in and near the storage area.
Incompatibilities: Store away from incompatible materials such as materials that support
combustion (oxidising materials).

Exposure Standards: No ingredients in this product have exposure standards, as outlined in the
standard Exposure Standards for Atmospheric Contaminants in the Occupational Environment
third edition, published by the National Occupational Health and Safety Commission/AGPS,
Engineering Controls: Use with good general ventilation. If dusts are produced local exhaust
ventilation should be used.
Personal Protective Equipment: All personal protective equipment should be selected, used,
maintained and decontaminated in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and applicable
Clothing: Suitable work-wear should be worn to protect personal clothing, eg cotton overalls
buttoned at neck and wrist.
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Skin Protection: Where skin contact is likely to be prolonged or repeated impervious PCV or
rubber gloves are recommended.
Eye Protection: Safety glasses with side shields or goggles should be worn as described in
Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1337 - Eye Protectors for Industrial Applications.
Respiratory Protection: Where sufficient ventilation is not available, avoid breathing dust by
wearing as Australian Standards AS 1716 approved P1 or P2 particulate filter respirator.
Reference should be made to Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1715 - Selection, use
and maintenance of Respiratory Protective Devices; and AS/NZS 1716 - Respiratory Protective
Devices, in order to make any necessary changes for individual circumstances
Personal Hygiene: Ensure a high level of personal hygiene is maintained when using this
product. Always wash hands before eating, drinking, smoking or using the toilet.


Appearance/Odour:                         Colourless, translucent crystal, or white crystalline
                                          powder; exists in anhydrous form or monohydrate;
pH:                                       2.2 (0.1 N solution).
Vapour Pressure:                          Not available
Boiling Point/Range:                      Decomposes before boiling.
Freezing/Melting Point:                   153ºC
Solubility in Water:                      Soluble
Specific Gravity/Density:                 1.665 @ 18 ºC (water = 1).
Flash Point:                              Not available
Lower Flammability Limit:                 Not available
Upper Flammability Limit:                 Not available
Ignition Temperature:                     1010 ºC

                          10. STABILITY AND REACTIVITY
Chemical Stability:                       Stable under normal conditions.
Incompatible Material:                    Strong oxidising agents.

                        11. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION

Toxicological Information:        Oral LD50 (rat) = 3000 mg/kg
Routes of Exposure: Primary route of exposure is inhalation, and skin and eye contact.
Acute Effects:
Swallowed: Ingestion of this product may irritate the gastric tract causing nausea and vomiting.
Skin: Irritating to skin resulting in redness and itching.
Eye: Irritating to eyes. On eye contact this product will cause tearing, stinging, blurred vision
and redness.
Inhaled: Inhalation of dusts may irritate the respiratory system.
Chronic Effects: Prolonged or repeated skin contact may cause defatting leading to dermatitis.

                           12. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION
Biological Properties: This chemical forms a moderately acidic aqueous solution, and this
property may cause adverse environmental effects. It has a high biological oxygen demand, and
Waterco Limited               Aquachlor Metal Stain Remover                            Page 4 of 4

it may cause significant oxygen depletion in aquatic systems. If neutralized, it has low potential
to affect aquatic organisms, secondary waste treatment microorganisms and the germination and
growth of some plants. This product is expected to be readily biodegradable and is not likely to
bioconcentrate. When diluted with a large amount of water, this chemical released directly or
indirectly into the environment is not expected to have a significant impact.
Environment Protection: Prevent this material from entering waterways, drains and sewers.

                           13. DISPOSAL CONSIDERATIONS
Disposal Methods and Containers: Dispose of according to relevant local, state and federal
government regulations.

                            14. TRANSPORT INFORMATION

UN Number:                                None allocated
UN Proper Shipping Name:                  None allocated
Dangerous Goods Class:                    None allocated
Packing Group:                            None allocated
Hazchem Code:                             None allocated

                           15. REGULATORY INFORMATION
Poisons Schedule:                         Not scheduled

                                16. OTHER INFORMATION

Worker Training: As a minimum all workers using this product should be shown a copy of this
MSDS before first use.
Date of Preparation of this MSDS: January, 2007

This material safety data sheet (MSDS):
     1. Is produced by Waterco Ltd for use in Australia, and is based on information supplied to
         Waterco Ltd by our suppliers.
     2. Summarises our best knowledge of the health and safety hazard information of the
         product and how to safely handle and use the product in the workplace,
     3. Has been formatted to MSDS format accepted by the National Occupational Health and
         Safety Commission for use in Australia.
     4. Has been produced following the principles and recommendation outline in the National
         Code of Practice for the Preparation of Material Safety Data Sheet published by the
         National Occupational Health and Safety Commission/AGPS, Canberra, 2003.
Each user must review this MSDS in the context of how the product will be handled and used in
the workplace. If clarification or further information is needed to ensure that an appropriated risk
assessment can be made, the user should contact Waterco Ltd.
If this MSDS is a copy, or more than five years old, contact Waterco Ltd for a new one.

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