Anzac Day Speech by lindayy


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									Anzac Day Speech

You will prepare an ANZAC day speech to be delivered in class. The speech will be around 5 minutes
long. You will present the speech to the class and the best speech and speaker will be invited to
address the school ANZAC day assembly.


The speech should display:

   •   Knowledge of the Australia’s involvement in World War One

   •   Links between this war and the first ANZAC day, to later and present day conflicts

   •   Use of appropriate emotive, persuasive and interesting tropes to generate interest

   •   Some linking of the ANZAC legacy to desirable community traits shown today

   •   Thought as to the audience (either school or wider community) expectations of the speech

       and sufficient downplaying of historical complexities

You will also be assessed on the way you deliver your speech

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