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					                                       Curriculum Vitae

Name                   : Muhammad Jaffar Khan
Date of Birth          : 1st November 1964
Academic Achievements : S.S.C. From Baluchistan Board Quetta Pakistan.
                         H.S.C. Pre Engineering from Sindh Board Karachi Pakistan.
                         B.Sc. (Math, Physics, & Statistics) From Karachi University.
                         B.Com From Karachi University.
Technical Achievements: Diploma Information Technology from Skill Development Council,
                         Trade Testing Board Karachi.
                         Certificate of Advance Training in Electronics
                         Petroman Training Institute, Sindh Board of Technical Education Karachi.
                         Radio Electronics Servicing Course from Sindh Board of Technical Education
                         Karachi Pakistan.
                         Computer Software Short Course from Unique Computer Institute Karachi

   Work in prestigious
   Organizations       :
                       1. Petroman Training Institute Karachi Pakistan, From 1987 to 1990 as Junior
                       2. Al Essa Industries Riyadh, K.S.A., 9 Months as Quality control Supervisor.
                       3. Simat International for Biomedical Services Jeddah/Riyadh K.S.A.Agent of
                          Roche Diagnostics. from 1992 to 1998 as Biomedical Engineer.
                       4. United Medical Group Riyadh K.S.A. from 1998 to 1999 as biomedical
                       5. Hi-tech Instruments Karachi Pakistan. From January 2000 to June 2008 as
                          Managing Director/Partner.
                       6. Salah uddin Ahmed Est. Jeddah K.S.A. From July 2008 till date as
                          Biomedical Service Manager.

   Other Particulars    : Can Speak and write Arabic, Urdu & English.
                        : Valid Saudi Driving License.
                        : Complete Under standing of most of the Kingdom roads      Towns & Cities.
                        : Transferable Iqama.

   Address              : Appt. # 35, 5th floor, Al Mairabi Building (Riyadh bank building),
                          Amir Majid (Sabaeen) Street.
                         Aziziah District Jeddah.
                         Tel. No. 009662 6195723
                          Mobile No.0562013301
                         E Mail address.
                                   Local & Foreign Trainings

1. Roche Cobas Mira plus, Mira 89, Mira S, and Mira classic, Chemistry Analyzer, Nicosia Cyprus.
2. Roche Cobas Micros 18 OT, Micros 60, Blood Cell Counter, Nicosia Cyprus.
3. Roche Core I & II, Immuno Chemistry Analyzer.
4. Roche Amplicor PCR system.
5. Roche Immuno Assy. System.
6. Roche Cobas Fara II Chemistry Analyzer.
7. Beckman Astra 4 & Astra 8 Chemistry Analyzer.
8. Beckman Gamma Counter.
9. Beckman Model 42 Spectrophotometer.
10. Beckman Centrifuges.
11. Bohringer Manheim Model 4010 & Model 5010 Spectrophotometer.
12. Merck Micro lab 100, Micro lab 200, Micro lab 300 Semi automated Chemistry analyzer.
13. Merck Selectra Chemistry Analyzer,
14. Merck Medonics Blood Cell Counters.
15. Coulter M840, Coulter JT, & Coulter Particle Counter.
16. Chronologe Aggrigomter Chronolog U.S.A.
17. Thermo Safety Cabinet
18. Thermo Incubators & Ovens.
19. Thermo High Temperature Furnace.
20. Thermo Ultra Low Temperature Freezer.
21. Forma Scientific Ultra Low Temperature Freezer.
22. Forma Scientific Platelet Incubator.
23. Forma Scientific CO2 Incubator.
24. Jouan Centrifuges.
25. Jouan Incubators & Ovens.
26. Jouan CO2 Incubators.
27. Hareaus Centrifuges.
28. Jewette Blood Bank & ultra low Freezers.
29. Sorvell Ultra High speed Centrifuges.
30. Eppendorf high speed & refrigerated Centrifuges.
31. Perkin Elmer 4800 & 9600 thermocyclers.
32. Perkin Elmer InSito Thermocyclers.
33. Medica Easylyte ISE system.
34. Medap Medical Gases. Dubai, U.A.E.
35. Haereus Suction Apparatus. Dubai, U.A.E.
36. MMM Sterilizers.
37. Hanna lux Surgical lights. Dubai, U.A.E.

                         Self Manufactured/Fabricated Equipments

   1. Blood Bank refrigerators,               2. Hot & cool Incubators.
   3. Platelet Incubators.                    4. Humidity Cabinet.
   5. Platelet Agitators.                     6. Safety Cabinet.
   7. Platelet Rotators.                      8. Donor Site Digital Blood Bag shaker.
   9. Blood Bag Sealer.                       10. Morgue Refrigerators.
   11. Biological Refrigerators.              12. Cold Storages.
                        Installation of Roche PCR System
 1.   Dr. Erfan Bagedo Hospital Jeddah.
 2.   King Khalid National Guard Hospital Jeddah.
 3.   Advanced laboratory Jeddah.
 4.   Saudi German Hospital Jeddah.
 5.   King Faisal Specialist Hospital Riyadh.
 6.   Ibne Sina Laboratory Riyadh.
 7.   Advanced laboratory Riyadh.
 8.   King Fahad Hospital Riyadh.

                 Maintenance Contract of Beckman Astra4 &Astra8
                              (Chemistry Analyzer)

 1. King Fahad Hospital Jeddah.                     15. Maternity & Children Hospital Jeddah.
 2. Al Thager Hospital Jeddah.                      16. Regional Laboratory Jeddah.
 3. King Abdul Aziz Hospital Makkah.                17. King Faisal Hospital Makkah.
 4. Ajiad Gen Hospital Makkah.                      18. Noor Specialist Hospital Makkah.
 5. Arafat Gen. Hospital Makkah.                    19. Jable Rehma Gen. Hospital Makkah.
 6. Mina Al Mahbat Gen. Hospital Makkah.            20. King Faisal Hospital Taif.
 7. Prince Mansoor Military Hospital Taif.          21. Chest Hospital Taif.
 8. King Fahad Hospital Al Baha. Taif.              22. Rabigh Gen. Hospital Rabigh.
 9. Adham Gen. Hospital Adham.                      23. Asir Gen. Hospital Abha.
 10. King Fahad Gen. Hospital Abu Arish Jizan.      24. Qunfidah Gen. Hospital Qunfidah.
 11. Maternity & Children Hospital Madinah.         25. King Fahad Hospital Madinah.
 12. Hanakiya Gen. Hospital Hanakiya.               26. Al ullah Gen. Hospital Madine Suleh.
 13. Al Kharj Military Hospital Al Kharj.           27. King Abdul Aziz Hospital Riyadh.
 14. King Fahad Teaching Hospital Khober.

Installation/Maintenance of Roche Cobas Mira Cobas Micros & Cobas Fara
                           (Chemistry Analyzer)

 1.   King Khalid Royal Clinic, Riyadh
 2.   Military Hospital Riyadh.
 3.   King Fahad Medical City Riyadh.
 4.   Ibne Sina Laboratory Riyadh.
 5.   Advanced Laboratory Riyadh.
 6.   King Faisal Specialist Hospital Riyadh.
 7.   Salama palace Clinic Jeddah.
 8.   Lever Arabia Jeddah.
 Installation of Complete Hospital Equipments MOH G30, 12 Hospital Project

Installation includes complete Laboratory Equipments, installation of operation theater equipments,
Sterilizers, Kitchen and Laundry.

   1.   Anak Gen. Hospital.
   2.   Darb Gen. Hospital.
   3.   Hafer ul Batin Gen. Hospital.
   4.   Al Hasa Gen. Hospital.
   5.   Al Wajh Gen. Hospital.
   6.   Safwa Gen. Hospital.
   7.   Muzahmiah Gen. Hospital.
   8.   Bani Malik Taif.

                   Installation of Chronolog Agregometer in Pakistan

   1.   H.E.J. Research Institute, Karachi University Karachi.
   2.   Punjwani Research Institute Karachi University Karachi.
   3.   Agha Khan University Hospital. Karachi.
   4.   National Institute of cardiovascular diseases Karachi.

                                 Specialized Projects in K.S.A.

   1. Complete equipments Tendering/Purchasing for 500 Bed ( King Abdul Aziz Specialist Hospital) Taif
      Project costing S.R. 57 Million with U.M.G. / Bin Ladin as Product Specialist/Advisor.

   2. Supervise renovation of Prince Mansoor Military Hospital Taif, Including Installation of two
      complete Operation theaters, Installation of Sterilizers & Installation of Medical Gases.

   3. Complete Construction/Installation of Roche P.C.R Microbiology Laboratory at King Khalid
      National Guard Hospital Jeddah.

                                             Other Skills

   1.   Variety of Electronics Circuits designing.
   2.   Component level repair of printed circuit boards.
   3.   Hands on knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Access.
   4.   Hardware interfacing of Personal Computer with C, C++ and Visual C.
   5.   Can conduct Lectures on variety of topics relating Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering and
        Information Technology.

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