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Nitrogen Cycle Worksheet (DOC)

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									Science 10                                                               Name:
                                             The Nitrogen Cycle

Look the Nitrogen Cycle in your Data Booklet pg. 11, your notes and textbook pages 78-82 to answer
the following questions.

  1.   What form is most of the nitrogen in the atmosphere in?

  2.   Why is N2 not easily used by plants and animals?

  3.   a. What is Nitrogen Fixation?

       b. What types of organisms use nitrogen fixation?

       c. Where does nitrogen fixation occur?

  4.   a. What is Nitrification?

       b. Why is nitrification important to an ecosystem (hint how does it help plants)?

       c. What do fertilizers provide for plants?

       d. What form of nitrogen is returned to the atmosphere by plants?

       e. What are the sources of increased nitrogen levels on agricultural land?

       f. How does the application of fertilizer pose a problem for an ecosystem?
5.   a. What is denitrification and why is it important to the Nitrogen cycle?

     b. What type of organisms cause denitrification?

6.   a. What does Atmospheric Fixation do?

       b. How does acid rain pose a problem for an ecosystem?

       c. How does transportation and industry contribute to acid rain?

7.   What are 5 ways that nitrogen enters the atmosphere in various forms?

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