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									The West Is Calling
Author: Sarah N. Harvey
Author: Leslie Buffam
Other: Dianna Bonder

Age Group: 4-12

Combining evocative haiku, informative text and luminous illustrations, The West Is Calling is a
celebration, for our youngest readers, of one hundred and fifty years of British Columbia's history. Each
detail-rich illustration depicts a particular moment in the province's dynamic saga, from pre-contact Haida
culture, to the natural resources-fueled economic boom in the 1960s and beyond, to Expo 86, to the
opening up of the North and the growing appreciation of First Nations' traditions.

Though it includes a haiku on each page, this title is much more than simply a poetry book. It is a history
lesson, a seek-and-find..., and a paean to British Columbia all rolled into one neatly designed package.

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