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This book aims to provide you with some information that will help you
and your child/ren to settle happily into our school. It is for this reason
that you may wish to keep this book in a safe place for future reference.

Address:       352 Jilliby Road
               Jilliby NSW 2259
Telephone:     (02) 43 55 1240
Fax:           (02) 43 55 1401
Email:         jilliby~p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
Website        http://www.jilliby.ps.education.nsw.gov.au/

                  MISSION STATEMENT
Jilliby Public School is a school that students, teachers, parents and the
               community are proud to claim as their own.

      In a safe, friendly and supportive environment, students are
                              encouraged to:
     enjoy learning;
     play enthusiastically;
     believe in their own self worth; and
     demonstrate concern for the environment.

Care, cooperation and a passion for always doing our best makes Jilliby
          Public School a place where good things happen.

                        Discipline Code
  At Jilliby Public School our behaviour is guided by what is right and

We will:
               Respect other people and their property,
                           Learn all we can,
                    Earn our school a good name,
                         Be honest and helpful,
                      Look after our school, and
                 Be in the right place at the right time
 Jilliby Public School is a school that students, teachers, parents and the
                community are proud to claim as their own.
Set in beautiful, tree-studded grounds in the Dooralong Valley, Jilliby Public School provides
high quality education for the children of this rural area and for those children whose parents
seek an education in the quiet, caring family atmosphere that our school provides.

The school is supported by a strong P&C Association who work collaboratively with the school
to develop school plans and programs and to provide additional equipment and facilities.
Parents are encouraged to participate in many school activities – reading, sport, music and
computers – and students and staff value their contributions highly.

In a safe, friendly and supportive environment, students are encouraged to:

       enjoy learning
Students are taught across all Key Learning Areas and are encouraged to become lifelong
learners who display curiosity and enthusiasm for the world around them. Through the
provision of quality resources students are given the opportunity to participate in a range of
learning experiences to cater for, enrich and challenge individual needs and abilities. Teachers
provide interesting and varied curriculum that meet syllabus guidelines and immerse children in
learning opportunities within a supportive and stimulating environment.

       play enthusiastically
Students are involved in a regular and varied physical education program at school which is
aimed at developing both an understanding of the importance of regular exercise and a good
level of physical fitness. A wide variety of sporting opportunities are offered including knockout
competitions, sporting carnivals and expert coaching from external agencies. At all times
emphasis is placed on participation, doing their best, enjoyment and good sportsmanship.

School facilities include a large grassed area, fixed equipment and an asphalt multipurpose

       believe in their own self worth
In the secure family atmosphere of our school, students readily accept responsibility and
develop self reliance. Self esteem among our students is high and discipline problems are few.
Students in all grades are given many leadership opportunities to develop their confidence and
life skills including input in school decision making through membership as Student
Representative Councillors and Ministers of Parliament. Students at our school are recognised
for their achievements and our assemblies highlight the successes and triumphs of our students.

       show concern for the environment
Students are educated about the need for developing a sustainable environment for the future
in the hopes that they will become environmentally aware citizens. Classes are involved in the
development, care and maintenance of our natural school environment and gardens. Our
school is a tidy school and the students and staff take a lot of pride in its appearance.

Care, cooperation and a passion for always doing our best makes Jilliby
          Public School a place where good things happen.

                              2010 SCHOOL CALENDAR

                                  NSW school term dates

                        Commence                                    Conclude
           Term 1        27.1.10                                      1.4.10
           Term 2        19.4.10                                      2.7.10
           Term 3        19.7.10                                     24.9.10
           Term 4       11.10.10                                    17.12.10

Wednesday 27th January                   Staff return
Thursday 28th January                    Year 1-Year 6 students return
Monday 1st February                       New kindergartens commence

Children who turn 5 years of age before August 1st may enrol in school from the beginning of
that year. You should enquire about enrolling your child at school several months beforehand
so that classes can be organised.

Please feel welcome to visit the school before enrolment and talk to the staff. The school
administration staff will give you a form to fill out and ask you to show proof of your child’s
age with a birth certificate, passport or permanent residence certificate. You will also be asked
to produce a certificate of immunisation.

The starting day and time for Kindergarten students varies from school to school. Please ask
during the orientation process.

For the first few weeks of kindergarten please label morning tea and lunch so that the teacher
knows which one to encourage your child to eat at the appropriate time.

Pre-school children intending to enrol at Jilliby Public School are invited to attend orientation
sessions held over a five week period during Term 4. At this time the children will be involved
in various activities to give them some idea about what they can expect when starting school.
There is also one session devoted to parents to give them some idea of what to expect.

If your child is absent from school you are required by law to send a note to school explaining
their absence. We appreciate you contacting the school if your child will be absent for any
extended period of time or if they are infected with anything contagious. If your child is late for
school or is at school for part of the day only, this is known as a partial absence and a note
must also be sent. A copy of a note is in the Kindergarten folder or available on the website. All
students must be signed in/out at the front office if arriving late or departing early from school.

School contributions are not compulsory and payment is a matter of choice for parents. The
school uses this money to enhance a variety of school programs. The fee is payable at the
beginning of each term. The current fee is $10.00 per term for the first child, $8.00 for the
second child and $6.00 for every child after that. From time to time parents are expected to
pay the cost of their child attending excursions, camps etc. At the beginning of each year, a text
book levy is payable to cover the costs of supplying the children with text books. If you are
having difficulty finding money for fees and/or excursions, please discuss this in private with the

Principal:                                      Mrs Sondra Broadhurst
Assistant Principal (Relieving)                 Mrs Amanda Robb &
                                                Mrs Rebecca Pitts
Classroom Teachers:                             Mr Rickie Eggleton
                                                Mrs Lisa Moffett (part time)
                                                Mr Shane Randall
Teacher/Librarian (part time)                   Mrs Sue Thompson
Support Teacher Learning Assistance (part time) Mrs Suzanne Doust
School Administration Manager:                  Mrs Kerrie Cambourakis
School Administration Officer                   Mrs Ailsa Ransom
School Learning Support Officer:                Mrs Jan Tye
General Assistant:                              Mr Mike Campbell
School Counsellor:                              Mr Tim Bowden
Cleaning Staff:                                 Mrs Marilyn Alderson
The principal and teaching staff is happy to meet with parents at any time necessary. To avoid
unnecessary disappointment and to ensure a teacher is available, please ring 43 551240 to
arrange an appointment.

A balanced program of educational experiences is provided to all students in the six Key
Learning Areas (KLAs). These areas are:
       Science and Technology
       Human Society and its Environment
       Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
       Creative Arts
The curriculum documents issued by the Board of Education and implemented by the
Department of Education form the basis of planned explicit learning experiences. These
experiences correspond to the stage of development of each student and are based upon the
principles of quality teaching to develop each student to his or her potential.


Before 8:30am             No supervision at all. Children should not be at school before
                          8:30am. Those who must be at school at this time must not play or
                          wander around but should sit quietly in the small weather shed until
                          a teacher arrives on duty.

8:35am – 9:00am           A teacher is outside on playground duty.

9:00am – 11:00am          Morning session

11:00am – 11:30am         RECESS. A teacher is outside on playground duty. Children are
                          allowed at least 10 minutes to eat their morning tea before being
                          allowed to play.

11:30am – 1:00pm          Middle session

1:00pm – 1:15pm           LUNCH EATING TIME. A teacher is on duty to supervise students
                          eating their lunch for the first 15 minutes before the children are
                          allowed to play.

1:15pm – 1:45pm           LUNCH PLAY TIME. Two teachers are on duty to supervise

1:45pm – 3:00pm           Afternoon session

3:00pm                    HOME. A teacher will supervise children getting on the bus. Then,
                          for a reasonable time, supervise those waiting to be collected by
                          their parents.

      Children must wait in the small weather shed until their parents are ready to leave the
      They are to leave the school grounds as soon as practical.
      Students are to walk to the car park accompanied by an adult.

The wearing of a school uniform is supported by students, parents and staff at Jilliby Public
School. Standards of dress and the wearing of the school uniform form part of our school
discipline code. A current uniform price list/order form is available on our website.

                                    GIRLS                               BOYS
     Summer         Checked tunic with sleeves and white Grey shorts, maroon polo
     uniform        collar, white socks, black closed in  shirt, grey socks, black closed
     Terms 1 & 4    shoes.                                in shoes.
     Winter         Maroon bootleg pants, maroon polo Grey long pants, maroon polo
     uniform        shirt.                                shirt, grey socks, black closed
     Terms 2 & 3    OPTIONAL: Checked tunic (as for in shoes.
                    summer), white socks, black closed in
                    shoes. This option available Weeks 1-
                    2 Term 2 and Weeks 9-10 Term 3.
     Sports         Gold polo shirt, maroon skort, white Gold polo shirt, maroon
     uniform        socks and joggers. Maroon/Black shorts, white socks and
     (Fridays)      bike pants may be worn underneath joggers. Maroon tracksuit
                    the skirt.                            pants in winter.
     Hats           Broad brimmed maroon school hats with Jilliby Public School logo
                    must be worn. Our school follows a ‘No hat, play in the shade’

A watch, stud earrings and signet rings may be worn, but NO other jewellery is allowed

The P&C have a uniform shop where you may purchase most of the school uniform. The
uniform shop hours are 8:45am – 9:15am Friday mornings and 2:30pm – 3:15pm Friday
afternoons. The uniform shop is located in the canteen area. Order forms can also be picked
up from the office and are also available on the school website.

The P&C have a selection of pre-loved uniform items for purchase at a nominal price.

Occasionally students misplace items at school. Lost property is kept in the weather shed in a
red box. By ensuring your child’s name is on his or her possessions, the amount of lost property
should be minimal.

Bus Travel: Any K-2 students who require transportation to school and any 3-6 students who
live more than 2 kilometres (radial distance) from the school are entitled to free travel to and
from school. There is a bus that is for the Jilliby Public School students only and may be used by
the students in the area on the bus services. Coastal Liner Coaches, George and Julie Caruana
(proprietors) can assist with information regarding this service on 4392 3050.

Private Vehicle Conveyance Subsidy: is available for eligible school students, who are residents
of NSW, where there is no public transport available for all or part of the journey. The PVC
Subsidy is paid on a daily basis for the single distance journey between home and the transport
pick up point/school. Application forms are available upon request from the school office.

The bus runs from Wyong High School along Anzac Avenue then turns right into Hue Hue
Road. It then continues along this road until turning left into Parkridge Drive. It then travels
down to the intersection with Crestwood and turns right. When it reaches Sandra Street it turns
right again. At the end of Sandra Street the bus turns right into Hue Hue Road again and then
continues back down to Jilliby Road, where it turns right and proceeds to Jilliby Public School.
The bus leaves Jilliby Public School and travels down Jilliby Road and turns left onto Hue Hue
Road. The bus goes as far as Parkridge Drive and turns left then right at Crestwood Drive, right
at Sandra Street and then right onto Hue Hue Road again. It then travels all the way to Alison
Road and turns left. The bus terminates at Wyong High School. For those students who live in
Dickson, Bloomfield and Cottesloe Roads, you must change buses at Wyong High and get on
another Dooralong Valley bus.

If you do not live in the bus servicing area and meet the requirements, you may claim
conveyancing money for transporting your child/ren to school. Please ask for the relevant form
at the office.
If you are driving your child/ren to school, please try to be parked in the bottom car park by
3:00pm. This is a matter of safety for both the school students and their younger brothers and
sisters. Students are not permitted in the car park area without their parents.

A school newsletter is sent home each Tuesday with the eldest child in the family, notifying you
of current happenings in our school. Community contributions, advertisements and classifieds
are welcome. Please make sure you check your child’s bag regularly. At the beginning of each
term we send home a term planner giving advance notice of activities to be held during the
term. This planner is accurate at the time of printing, but it is your responsibility to check with
the weekly newsletter for any alterations made. The term planner is also available on the

Our students participate in 3 major sports carnivals each year – athletics, swimming and cross
country with older students having the opportunity to progress further into zone, district and
state carnivals. The students also participate in sport every Friday unless otherwise notified.
Sports uniform is worn all day each Friday together with the school hat. K-2 sport involves the
development of skills to assist in the growth of fine and gross motor skills. 3-6 sport involves
applying developed skills by participating in games and sports. At all times, the focus is on
being a good sport; not on winning. Once a year we have outside agencies come to our school
to provide students opportunities to be involved in activities that they would not normally be
exposed to and to use resources that we cannot provide. There is a cost associated with these
activities. Students are also involved in 3 Fitness sessions each week. In the event that your child
is unwell or injured and unable to participate, please send a note explaining the situation.

Hungry students have difficulty concentrating on their work. Please discuss with your child
what he or she may like for lunch and recess so that they are enthusiastic about eating their
food. What students eat at school can affect their general performance. Please provide your
child with a healthy, balanced meal. Our school canteen is open on Mondays and Fridays.
The purpose of the ‘Sunsmart’ policy is to ensure that all students attending our school are
protected from skin damage caused by exposure to the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. As
part of our policy, students are encouraged to wear broad brimmed hats that protect the face,
neck and ears whenever they are outside, eg sport, outdoor excursions and activities. The P&C
have broad brimmed hats, printed with the school logo, available for purchase from the
Uniform Shop here at school. Students who don’t have their hats with them will play under the
COLA – ‘No hat, play in the shade’. Parents are encouraged to provide sunscreen for their

The school counsellor visits the school fortnightly. If you have any concerns about your child
and would like the school counsellor to meet with them, discuss it with your child’s teacher and
they will be able to make a referral.

Each fortnight on a Friday afternoon between 2:20pm and 3:00pm we have a whole school
assembly unless otherwise notified. At these assemblies students are presented with merit
certificates for both effort and/or achievement in various areas. Each fortnight there will be a
short performance of some kind, such as musical items, display of work completed or poem
recitations. The students really appreciate parents attending and it is a great opportunity to
share in your child’s schooling and/or achievements. In addition to our fortnightly assemblies,
we also host a variety of special assemblies and concerts throughout the year, such as Education
Week, ANZAC Day and Presentation Day.

Our school has a well stocked library. Students are encouraged to borrow books and take them
home. Parents are asked to provide a cloth bag to protect the books on their journey to and
from school. The P&C have library bags with the school logo printed on them. Students are
encouraged to develop not only a love for books and literature, but a feeling of responsibility
for the care of the books and their library. Each class has a timetabled library session once a

Our home reading program relies heavily on cooperation between school, students and
parents. The programme is proving successful and runs formally with students from
Kindergarten to Year 3. Each school night your child will be requested to read a book,
newspaper article, magazine etc. Parents are asked to listen to their child read for
approximately 10 minutes. We look forward to continued good results from this scheme as well
as developing a thirst for reading from each student. Jilliby Public School students are avid
Students are able to make deposits to the Commonwealth Bank through the school. A parent
volunteer handles the banking and the school receives a commission for each transaction. Each
year the school is visited by a representative of the bank, who informs Kindergarten students of
the system and distributes application forms. Banking is conducted every Friday morning.

A formal written report will be sent home at the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2, assessing
your child’s progress academically and socially. There will also be an opportunity during the
year to attend a parent teacher interview to discuss your child’s progress. Further interviews (by
appointment) can be given at any time if you are concerned about some aspect of your child’s

The P&C Association meets the first Monday of each month at 7:00pm in the administration
block and everyone is welcome to attend. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents
and to meet with the school principal to hear the latest news about the school. Meetings are
advertised in the school newsletter. The P&C organise many functions throughout the year. We
hope that you and your family will come along and join in.

2009 P&C Executive
President:         Dan Gaydon                        Treasurer:          Cathy Noble
Vice President:    Kim Smith                         Fundraising:        Collette Schweikert
Minutes Secretary: Tammy Pennycad                                        Jacqui Prest

Jilliby Public School’s canteen opened in 1996 and was built by the P&C Association with
volunteer labour – it is a credit to the community. The canteen is open on Mondays and
Fridays for recess and lunch. A menu and detailed information sheet is available from the office.
The canteen is organised by the Canteen Coordinator assisted by the canteen committee and
run by volunteers each week. Our canteen is a healthy canteen and we have been successful in
attaining Diamond accreditation through the NSW Canteen Association. The menu can also be
printed off the website.

The school conducts planned excursions as part of its curriculum. These may occur at the school
or an outside venue. Parents receive written details of excursions before they occur. A consent
form is necessary to attend and no child will be allowed to proceed on an excursion unless a
consent form is held by the school. If at any time you are finding it difficult to pay for
excursions, make an appointment to talk to the principal.

Good health is vital to school progress. At certain times there are outbreaks of common
childhood diseases. To prevent the spread of infection exclusion is necessary. The number of
days the child is to be absent for these diseases is stated below. Please contact the school if your
child is suffering from any of these diseases. This information may help us to diagnose other
students who may have contracted the disease.

       German Measles - 7 days from the appearance of a rash
       Measles – 5 days from the appearance of a rash
       Chicken Pox – 7 days after the spots appear or until all sores are cleared
       Mumps – 10 days from onset of swelling
       Impetigo (school sores) – exclude from school if on exposed areas (face, arms, legs)
       Ringworm – exclude until all evidence of disease has disappeared
       Conjunctivitis – exclude until all evidence of discharge from the eyes has disappeared
       Head lice – (Nits) are a continual problem for schools. If your child is found to have head lice
       you will be contacted by the school in regards to treatment. The P & C run the “Nitbusters
       Programme” each term and we encourage your child’s involvement.
       Meningococcal Disease – time from exposure to illness, 2 to 10 days.

If your child is to take medicine, the medication must be handed in at the school office. A form
is available at school or off our website which should be filled out giving details of the amount
to be taken and the time it is to be taken. Any changes should be sent to the school in writing.
Students may carry asthma puffers in their pocket if necessary. Please make every effort to
administer medicine at home.


                         SCHOOL SONG
                 (sung to the tune of ‘Click Go the Shears’)

       In eighteen eighty nine, over a hundred years ago,
      The old school of Jilliby that we have come to know,
     Opened doors to scholars, the pioneers’ girls and boys,
And pens and inks and greasy slates were soon our brand new toys.

             We are the pupils of Jilliby Public School,
     We learn to read and write and to live the Golden Rule,
        To care for each other in the land in which we live,
  We’re proud to say our school’s the best and tell you as we sing.

         The emblem of our school is the Bunya Bunya Pine,
    Our colours maroon and gold are outstanding all the time,
          We always learn to play in a happy atmosphere,
And strive to reach our highest goals all through our schooling years.
             We are the pupils of Jilliby Public School,
     We learn to read and write and to live the Golden Rule,
        To care for each other in the land in which we live,
  We’re proud to say our school’s the best and tell you as we sing.

                                                               Words by Carolyn McNamee


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