NEW CLIENT AGREEMENT (501c3) by issacharceo


									501(C)(3) SERVICE AGREEMENT
This AGREEMENT made on behalf of THE ISSACHAR GROUP, LLC. and CLIENT is as follows: 1.

Services To Be Performed.
services for Client: o

The Issachar Group, LLC agrees to perform the following

Complete the prescribed guidelines set forth in the application process for 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt status. Prepare Client’s Articles of Incorporation; or Articles of Amendment, whichever is applicable.



Submit application for EIN/Federal Taxpayer ID Number, if applicable


Financial Statements, which includes current and three (3) prior years financial statements (Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet) or two (2) years Projected Budget, whichever is applicable. All services are until receipt of acknowledgement from IRS.

2. 3.

Time For Performance. Payment.

The Preparation Fee is $550.00 (This does not include any state/federal fees associated

with this service.) Payment schedule as follows:

Preparation Fee $ 550 State Filing Fee $____ Federal Filing Fee $ 750


Submission of Documents.
documents within a timely manner.

The Client is responsible for submitting the required


Assign a Contact Person. The Client is responsible for assigning a contact person responsible for submitting all the required information needed to complete the application process.
All documents and/or conversations associated with services performed are confidential. We nor any part of this contract guarantees approval for tax-exempt status by IRS, however, if not approved we will refund the preparation fee in full.



FAITH, INTEGRITY, and EXCELLENCE in all that we do.

If you are in agreement of the foregoing and want to employ our services, simply sign this agreement and return it to us along with the initial deposit of $_______. Accepted and Agreed to:

Client’s Signature


FAITH, INTEGRITY, and EXCELLENCE in all that we do.

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