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									A Gift of Love
Author: Wendy Stone

Danielle had no idea what would happen to her when her cruel stepmother called for her. She didn’t know
she was being sold in marriage to a man she’d never met. And when she did meet him, she couldn’t see
beyond the foreboding mask he wore. Christopher would pay any price to win Danielle as his own, even
respecting her request for separate bedrooms. But can his gentleness win her over, or will she always
see him as the beast?

"My Lord," she said, her words almost whisper soft and breathless with nervous anticipation of his
reaction. "I...I need to ask something of you."
Christopher sat down his fork, wiped his mouth with his napkin, and gave her his full attention. "Whatever
I can do, Danielle, you have but to ask," he said simply and with a gentle smile.
Danielle could hear David's insidious voice in her ear, his words of previous wives and the horror of her
husband's perversions making her even more nervous. And confused. His actions with her, his manner
had been kind and gentle, not that of a horrible beast who planned abominable things that she couldn't
even imagine.
"What is it, my Lady?"
"I... I don't want to share your bed." The words blurted from her mouth quickly and without thought. As
soon as they were spoken, she wished she could call them back. She saw the look in his eyes grow
bitter, and he stared down at his gloved hand with animosity. Did he think his scars were... "No,
Christopher. Oh, God, no, it's not that." She flew from her chair around the small table until she knelt by
his legs, looking up at him. "I just mean, we have only just met and don't know how we will deal with the
other yet. A few days, time for both of us to grow accustomed to the other." Her hand reached out and
touched his face, her fingers gentle on his unscarred cheek. "Can you not give me this, husband?"

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