Prophets, Profits, and Peace by P-YaleUPress


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									Prophets, Profits, and Peace
Author: Timothy L. Fort

This groundbreaking book investigates the religious issues that businesses confront as they expand their
global activity and proposes that corporations can become instruments of peace. Timothy Fort discusses
the newly emerging idea of "peace through commerce," and he argues powerfully that today's businesses
have the capacity to foster both peace and religious harmony. Fort asks and answers important
questions: How might businesses integrate spirituality into corporate affairs? How can spirituality
contribute to the production of high-quality goods and services? What can be done to promote a spiritual
connection between employees and their work? Can this be done without provoking religious animosities?
What business practices might encourage an atmosphere in which constructive dialogue among spiritual
traditions could proceed? The author concludes that by implementing the peaceful practices advocated
by religions at their best, businesses can both nurture religious harmony and strengthen their

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