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					Globalisation and Law Libraries
- trends and challenges

Meeting - 20th October 2006
Organisation of South African Law Libraries

     Jules Winterton
     Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
     International Association of Law Libraries

Legal systems
Information consumers
Legal information needs
Information and management
Intellectual property rights
Legal publishing
International networking
Internationalisation / Globalisation

   Globalisation
   Contradictory trends

   The global economy
   Anti-global warriors

   Fast food     Fast food nation. Eric Schlosser, 2001
   Slow food
                  Slow living. Parkins & Craig, 2006
    Legal systems

   National law, transnational law, cross-border movement
   International / supranational legal regimes
   Non-state creation of legal norms
   Convergence of civil and common law

 Globalisation and legal research. Muchlinski (2003) 37 Intl L. 221

 Master’s degrees:
    International mobility, globalisation and law (Kent)
    Globalisation and international Law (Dublin City)
    Globalisation and Law (Maastricht)
    Globalisation, Justice and Law (Ottawa)
Information consumers

•   Diversity of nationality, background and destination
•   Language
•   Information literacy
•   Research skills
• Diversity of modes of study – distance learning
• Virtual learning environments

• Librarian & delivery of teaching and training
Legal Information Needs

   Quantity, rate of change
   Wider geographical coverage
   Wider range of legal topics
   Socio-legal approach, interdisciplinary research
     Separate law library?

   Remote delivery
   Access management
   Personal customisation
   Integration into workflow
Information and Management

• Broader definitions of information
  •   Repositories of published information
  •   Unpublished institutional information
  •   Management of intellectual output
  •   Knowledge Management

• Management of computing services

• Institutional management
  • Joint Funding Councils’ Libraries Review Group. Report. [Follett
    Report] 1993
Intellectual property rights
• International regime
   • Colin Darch, Digital divide or unequal exchange
   •   32 International Journal of Legal Information 488 (2004)

• Geneva Declaration on the Future of WIPO

• From public to private law – licensing

• Global policy issues affecting libraries
   • IFLA and the new section of Law Libraries
   •    Oakley. International Public Policy and Libraries. AALL
     Spectrum 8(3), Dec 2003, 1-4
   • Librarian & lobbying
Legal Publishing

 Globalisation of commercial legal publishing

• “Xerox made everyone a publisher” McLuhan
• New models of communication
  • Vertical integration: Create  Publish  Archive

• Free to Internet publishers
  •   Institutional repositories
  •   State and IGO
  •   Guides
  •   Metadata projects

 Hein-Online
 Law Library Microform Consortium
  Both based on technology developed at universities

 University of Michigan and Google
  “For users, Google’s library programme will make it possible to
  search across library collections including out of print books and titles
  that were not previously available anywhere but on a library shelf. “
International Networking

• Virtual networking and law lists
• Librarianship is the best way to travel
• International conferences
   • International Calendar
• Staff placements and exchanges
   • Clearinghouse for Internships & International Personnel
• IALS Fellowship in Law Librarianship
   • Visiting Fellowship in Law Librarianship at the Institute of
     Advanced Legal Studies -

• Law Librarian – manager, teacher, publisher, lobbyist, … librarian

• American Association of Law Libraries. Special Committee on the
  Future of Law Libraries in the Digital Age. Beyond the boundaries:
  Report …. Chicago: AALL, 2002

• “The virtual law library offers many opportunities and challenges
  and we will each see our world changing to take advantage of
  these. Librarians can cement their roles in the virtual library by
  ensuring that the clients never forget that the human component is
  integral to any library, virtual or physical.”
   David Whelan, Virtual law librarian: adding value in a virtual world (2001)
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