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									How to Survive a Move
Hundreds of Heads

Author: Hundreds of Heads
Author: Jamie Allen
Author: Kazz Regelman

If you are one of the forty million Americans who will move this year, you know the task can seem
overwhelming. Now, there's help. How to Survive a Move by Hundreds of Happy People Who Did (and
some things to avoid, from a few who haven’t unpacked yet), offers hundreds of helpful and entertaining
stories on moving from the real "pros" — everyday people who have moved and survived to tell their
stories. "Moving is one of the most challenging things you can do: Take your daily life and everything
that’s familiar, throw it all in the blender known as a moving truck, and see what comes out when you get
to the other side. Yet it’s precisely what 1 in every 7 Americans do every year," write the book’s editors,
Jamie Allen and Kazz Regelman. "We wanted to create a book that offered the best tips on everything
from moving your pets to making friends with your new neighbors."

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