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					           Military Medicine & Research in S.A.
         Innovations & Opportunities - Symposium

                                   Attention: Investors, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Physicians,
                                   Economic Developers, and Business Leaders
     December 2, 2009              The San Antonio life sciences community would like to invite you to join us
     7:30am - 3:30pm               for this dynamic and interactive military medicine & research symposium
                                   which will highlight some of the most innovative military medicine R&D
                                   in San Antonio.

                                   Case studies which showcase collaborations between the military and
                                   civilian sectors will be presented with the objective to accelerate military
                                   grants and contracts to San Antonio institutions and private sector

                                   The symposium will bring together military representatives, industry
                                   entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, and the life sciences
                                   community at-large.

                                   Event Fee: $50.00 per person (includes breakfast and lunch)

                                   To register log onto or paste this link into your browser:

                                   For sponsorship information please contact: York Duncan, at
                                   210-674-4177 or send email to

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                                   Military Medicine & Research in S.A.
7:30 AM—Registration, Breakfast Tacos and Networking
7:55 AM —Opening Remarks and Welcome - Program Chair: Ze’ev Shaked, Ph.D., CEO, Evestra, Inc.
8:00 AM —Plenary Presentations –Unmet Medical Needs in Military Medicine Research
          8:00 AM —Air Force: Deborah Niemeyer, Ph.D., [USAF, Ret.], Chief	Scientist,	Wilford	Hall	Medical	Center
          8:30 AM—Army: Lorne Blackbourne, M.D., Colonel, Medical Corps; Commander, U.S.	Army	Institute	of	Surgical	Research
9:00 AM—Company/Research Institution Presentations—Co-Chairs: Mary Pat Moyer, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Science Officer, INCELL
	         	        Corporation,	LLC;	President,	SALSA; Ann Stevens, President, BioMed SA
9:00 AM—Recent advances in the diagnosis of trauma (Andriy Batchinsky, M.D., CMI/US Army)
9:15 AM—Advances in wound healing (Kien Nguyen, Ph.D., Vice President, Global Research, Kinetic	Concepts,	Inc.)
9:30 AM—Advances in treating burns (Steve Wolf, M.D., US Army, Vice Chair for Research & Professor of Surgery, UT School of Medicine at
                   San Antonio, Department of Surgery, Division of Trauma)
9:45 AM—Recent advances in tissue engineering (Mauli Agrawal, Dean, UTSA College of Engineering, Director, Institute	for	Bioengineering		
	         	        and	Translational	Research	at	UTSA)
10:00 AM—The EZ-IO intraosseous system (Mr. Ruben Trevino, Clinical Application Manager, Vidacare)
10:30 AM—SwRI technology applications for military medicine (Keith Bartels, Ph.D., Manager, Biomedical	Engineering	Section,	Medical		 	
	         	        Systems	Organization,	Southwest	Research	Institute)
10:45 AM—Novel detection and identification of infectious agents (Johnathan Kiel, DVM, Ph.D., Civilian	senior	scientist	for	counter		     	
	         	        proliferation,	USAF)
11:00 AM—Monitoring disease trends and advanced diagnostics (Lisa Lott, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, Eagle Research)
11:15 AM—Emerging novel vaccines and prospects (Jean Patterson, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Virology and Immunology at the
	         	        Southwest	Foundation	for	Biomedical	Research)
11:30 AM—Readiness and innovative approaches in manufacturing –devices to vaccines to cell therapies (Mary Pat Moyer, Ph.D., CEO and
                   Chief Science Officer, INCELL	Corporation,	LLC)
12:00 - 1:30 PM—Buffet Lunch and Networking
1:30 - 3:15 PM—Round Table: Expanding and accelerating military medicine contracts to San Antonio institutions and private sector.
Co-Chairs: George Irving, D.V.M, M.S., Vice	President,	S&T	Support	Services	–	Conceptual	MindWorks,	Inc. and Robert Cartledge, Dept.
	         	        Manager,	Warfighter	Concepts	and	Applications	–	Northrop	Grumman
Speakers: Alan Peterson, PhD, ABPP, Professor	and	Chief,	Division	of	Behavioral	Medicine;	Deputy	Chair,	Military	Collaboration;	Department		
	         	        of	Psychiatry,	University	of	Texas	Health	Science	Center	at	San	Antonio, Sharon Smith, Executive	Director	of	the	National		
	         	        Trauma	Institute,	Mark Darrah, Ph.D., Corporate	President	and	CEO,	Athena	ISG/GTXtreme, John Mogford, Ph.D.,
                   Program	Manager,	Defense	Sciences	Office,	DARPA, David Spencer, President,	Texas	Intrepid	Ventures
3:15-3:30 PM Closing Remarks

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