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Philip Atherton


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									Philip Atherton                                                         Tel:    020 8441 5524
4 Pensilver Close,                                                      Mobile: 07901 555 235
New Barnet,                                                Email: philipatherton@tiscali.co.uk
Herts EN4 9BE                                                  Web: www.philipatherton.net

About Philip Atherton
Summary              12 years’ experience as information + UX architect, content
                     development following the full web cycle:

                          Strategic planning (stakeholders to end-users), business
                           requirements and process planning, content mapping to business
                           goals and brand guidelines, content creation and maintenance

                          Processes: Stakeholder workshops (discovery), requirements
                           gathering, heuristic and competitive evaluation, user profiling and
                           research, experience mapping, creative and developer briefings
                           and workshops, taxonomies, content navigation, user journeys,
                           wireframes, editorial development, style guides, maintenance
                           plans and post-production documentation.

                          Over the last 18 months most projects have moved towards
                           articulating detailed client-side applications associated with APIs,
                           other widgets, and emerging cloud services. Key to articulating and
                           managing these sophisticated behaviours is working from elements
                           to components to modules (flakes) whilst holding an overall design
                           and branding idea in mind at the same time. Over the next 2 years I
                           expect ‘Content for Profit’ strategies to become a key discipline
                           within User Experience / Information Architecture role because of
                           trading conditions and demands for increased accountability.

                     Prior to starting the partnership, Executive Creative Director, Creative
                     Director, Group Head and copywriter with top London agencies.

Recent work:         Late 2006 – Aug 2009
                     Various London agencies and clients including:

                     Nomura (2008-      Reworking of global website in the light of a new
                     2009)              financial landscape for investment banking.
                                        Main focus has been on the European channel involving
                                        development of new content strategies, interviewing
                                        heads of business and other stakeholders, re-working
                                        site architectures and liaising with various divisions in
                                        Europe and Far East.

                     Albion             IA and UX on giff gaff mobile phone service. Work
                                        involved social mapping and defining:

                                         What tools would be needed to support the business
                                          proposition of a mobile service ostensibly run by the
                                          members (customers). Beyond token gestures of a
                                          social network.
                                         Develop navigation overview, user profiles, widgets
                                          and client side apps to support the proposition.

Philip Atherton                                                        Tel:    020 8441 5524
4 Pensilver Close,                                                     Mobile: 07901 555 235
New Barnet,                                               Email: philipatherton@tiscali.co.uk
Herts EN4 9BE                                                 Web: www.philipatherton.net

                                        Initial construction and advice on member journeys,
                                         flows and activities based on use cases and
                                         documented business requirements for three
                                        Use of client side widgets and social network tools.
                                        Profile testing and usability sessions.

                                       Strict NDA applies at this time (until Dec 2009)

                     The Nag           This second generation development will focus on
                                       increasing visitor traffic and return values using
                                       mobile, text and client-side apps and web services.
                                       The user experience (UX) and IA has been designed to
                                       move the user through three key stages of
                                       engagement: from activist (where they are now), to
                                       campaigner (social networking) to lobbyist (organiser
                                       of campaigns).
                                       The content has been simplified and drawn together,
                                       but it allows campaigners to create and lobby within
                                       an overall brand experience.

                     Duke              Strategic development of new Nissan Fleet
                                       Management services using ‘content for profit’
                                       guidelines. Focuses on client apps and services that
                                       have a clear hard or soft ROI for the client.

                     Agency Republic   2012 Olympics. Lynx. LittleBigPlanet. New business.
                                       Internal UX / IA processes.
                                       Some challenging UX / IA projects involving new ways
                                       of looking at application design and how the UX/IA
                                       process works within the agency’s best practice.

                     Play              TFL community site development (flex development
                                       involving mashes and APIs), Foster’s Scuba (remote
                                       control gaming interface), Foster’s Shadow Napping,
                                       M&C Saatchi Global Site.

                     Iris Digital      Sony Ericsson Replay viral marketing.

                     DLKW              TENA global site, Marie Curie microsite, Moben and
                                       Kitchens Direct differentiating brand experiences

                     Poke              Orange Mobile Safety for Children microsite.

                     Dare Digital      Ericsson web 2.00 feasibility study.

                     The Grand Union   COI condom awareness site.

                     Start Creative    Virgin e-learning (extranet).

                     TwentySix         bmi relaunch. Building a better flight experience and
                                       frequent flyer programme activation and

Philip Atherton                                                          Tel:    020 8441 5524
4 Pensilver Close,                                                       Mobile: 07901 555 235
New Barnet,                                                 Email: philipatherton@tiscali.co.uk
Herts EN4 9BE                                                   Web: www.philipatherton.net

                     Arc Interactive    Alfa Romeo and Cloverleaf dealer locator and
                                        insurance package.

                     Ethelburga         ‘Finding wisdom’. How emerging web tools enable the
                     Centre             Centre to share live sessions and library of workshops
                                        and related materials.

                     Confidential       Social Networks.’What the Wikipedia phenomena
                                        teaches us.’ (stakeholder workshop).
                                        Web 2.00 Challenges ‘Keeping your Integrity’ – from
                                        brand fragmentation to brand riches.’ (Stakeholders

                     Nomura             Content compliance and planning. Global website re-
                                        launch. Online debt and equity tools.

                     Further information on these projects is available within the limitations
                     of confidentiality agreements.

Long term            2003 - 2006
                     2003-2006 Reuters (London)

                     ‘Insights’ is an ongoing PDF communications program to Reuters’
                     customers. PDFs used embedded links to software, microsites and
                     services. Based on downloads and click-throughs results range between 28
                     – 54% in a sector where the average is 8% (Gartner guidelines).

Deliverables              Content planning and writing.

                     Reuters BrightSpots virtual road show showcases new applications and
                     financial solutions across Europe. Site used to gauge business interest and
                     assess formal presentations to key corporate decision-makers.

Deliverables              Content for landing, 2nd level and opening ‘territory’ pages. (Deep
                           level content is maintained by local territories.)

                     2009 + 2005 Nomura Bank plc (UK based + teleconferencing Tokyo /
                     Hong Kong)
                     Re-launch of global website (Interwoven CMS)

Deliverables              Create new content aligned to commercial reorganisation and
                           brand ID and experience.
                          Liaise with stakeholders and business heads to establish
                           requirements and new business rules.
                          Provide master ‘Requests for Content’ templates for ongoing use by
                           business units.
                          Provide navigation blueprint for European portal focusing on
                           taxonomy and navigation
                          Develop a content maintenance system with clear ‘take down’
                           indicators to avoid old or misleading information.
                          Compliance to AAA standard and Japanese accessibility standards.

Philip Atherton                                                          Tel:    020 8441 5524
4 Pensilver Close,                                                       Mobile: 07901 555 235
New Barnet,                                                 Email: philipatherton@tiscali.co.uk
Herts EN4 9BE                                                   Web: www.philipatherton.net

                     2005 Brit Insurance (through Egg Design, London)

                     Re-launch of public website and planning for broker Intranet. A project
                     involving the client’s design agency and a dedicated project management
                     The project later involved participating in a review of the 8 leading CMS
                     providers using Forrester Curve and Gartner Magic Quadrant criteria.

Deliverables              Establish business goals and objectives with stakeholders, business
                           heads and intermediaries (broker side)
                          Requirements documentation for creative and developers
                          Target market profiles and user personas
                          Site architecture
                          Navigation for all business zones
                          Taxonomy
                          Detailed wireframes
                          Walkthroughs (user journeys to 16 criteria.)
                          Creative and developer brief

                     2005 National Autistic Society (London)

                     PARIS is a vast internal knowledge base (Microsoft.Net). The challenge
                     was to turn this into a public facing site where browse is as simple as
                     search working to a 3-click principle.
                     Working as interim project director and IA to provide:
                          Requirements for site based on existing assets
                          New taxonomy and navigation involving up to 58 classes and facets
                           within a category.
                          Briefing documents to designers and developers
                          Brand alignment to National Autistic Society but distinctive to
                           ensure service separation
                          ‘save this’ and ‘bookmark’ tracking methodologies for future
                           marketing and development
                          Usability testing scripts for use amongst professionals (GPs, health
                           officers, support services) and private individuals (people with
                           Autism and carers/partners).
                          AAA compliance, See it Right, MAKON standards of accessibility.
                          Wireframes prepared with designers
                          Review of tissues with a MAKON icon library, presenting to Board of
                           Trustees and stakeholders.

Other Clients:       Other case histories can be supplied describing project, challenges, roles
                     and responsibilities for a wide range of clients:
                     USB, Winterthur, Community of the Resurrection, St Peter’s Bourne,
                     Edmonton Area Diocese, Websense, Cisco Partnership, Cap Gemini, NCR
                     Knowledge Lab, Vodafone. These cover the past 10 years and
                     demonstrate an understanding of available technologies and solutions to
                     creating appropriate content. Some also demonstrate how offline
                     communications work with online.

Employment           Prior to working freelance:

                     Executive Creative Director, Rapp Collins Partnership 1990 - 1993

Philip Atherton                                                           Tel:    020 8441 5524
4 Pensilver Close,                                                        Mobile: 07901 555 235
New Barnet,                                                  Email: philipatherton@tiscali.co.uk
Herts EN4 9BE                                                    Web: www.philipatherton.net

                     Creative Director with Planning responsibilities, BMP YCC 1987 – 1990
                     Group Head at the agency now known as Ogilvy One 1983 – 1987

                     Various international awards include: John Caples (US), DMA, DMA

Skills               Applications include:

                     Visio for taxonomies, detailed wireframes, site architecture, database
                     documentation to other applications.
                     Dreamweaver for vanilla (plain) html and other IA work.
                     CMS experience is continually changing depending on projects and as
                     providers release new versions and solutions. Some solutions like
                     Vodafone’s Intranet and Nomura’s Online Capital platform are bespoke.

Other facts          BA (Hons) in Theology (2007).

                     Online communities research. Some research has been sponsored by
                     Microsoft and Xerox Parc plus grant making bodies.

References           Available from clients on request. For case histories visit:


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