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					List of potential Indicators
Miles driven by car
How many Kwh electricity used from utility and from own generation
How many btus of natural gas used
How much firewood used (cords, type of wood)
Amount of food bought (weight)
Amount of food grown (weight)
Other products purchased or brought in (by pieces, volume,etc.)
Amount of water used from utility, anount collected and used for what
purposes (washing, cleaning, shower, irrigations,e tc.)
Amount brought to compost pile (weight) and how much composed used
Amount of wood burnt, harvested
Amount of organics materials brought in, like soil, chips, straw, mulch, etc.
Amount of waste leaving the property by weigh the garbage can
Flow of materials, in and out
Flow of energy, in and out
Miles travelled by foot, bike, plain, ship, skate board, etc.
Carbon foot print calculations - see websites and Jennifer's email. Link to
carbon footprint site, enter data, record results and compare them over
period of time
Utilities Chart 2006
            Type                Jan       Feb       Mar        Apr      May       Jun         Jul      Aug
Electricity (in 100 kwh)         4.17        6.14      5.95      4.59      3.55      2.43       1.89      2.12
Gas (in 10 Therms*)                5.1        3.9       4.1       3.2       2.1       1.1        0.7         1
Water (in 1000 gallons)         1.858      3.443     2.627     2.277     3.678     5.387      6.391    10.385
Sewage (in 1000 gallons)        1.858      3.443     2.627     2.277     3.678     5.387      6.391    10.385
Garbage (in US $)                8.09        8.09      8.09      8.09      8.09      8.09       8.09      8.09
Street Light (in US $)             2.8        2.8       2.8       2.8       2.8       2.8        2.8       2.8
Phone (in 100 US $)             1.071     0.8411    1.0175    0.3468    1.0802    0.9185     0.9685    1.0253

                                                                         Utilities 2006


        Gas               9

        Water             7
        Sewage            5
        Garbage           3
        Street Light      1
        Phone            -1
                                 Jan       Feb       Mar       Apr       May        Jun       Jul       Aug

The electricity and gas consumption follow basically the seasonal conditions.
The water and sewage volume are most of the time the same as the city assumes that the sewage is equal to the amount of wa
course not correct. It is unknown why this pattern was not followed in October and November.
The increase in water consumption has to do with watering the garden and the installation of an automated watering timer.
Garbage and street lights are charged a fixed amount by the city - without providing numbers of actual usage/consumption.
I put the phone on this list as it is something from a third party delivered into the house. If we would have cable or satellite TV th
would be interesting to be able to measure it by volume of information - in the age of digitalization this might happen one day!
*1 therm equals the heating capacity of 100,000 BTU's
                Sep        Oct      Nov       Dec Average
                   3.29      3.07      4.19    6.66  4.004
                    1.4         2       2.9      4.7 2.683
                10.634     7.483     3.858    2.733  5.063
                10.634     2.782     2.782    2.733  4.581
                   8.09      8.09      8.09    8.09  8.090
                    2.8       2.8       2.8      2.8 2.800
                1.0267    0.8508    1.0318     1.07  0.937

                 Sep       Oct      Nov       Dec     Average

ewage is equal to the amount of water delivered, which is of
 an automated watering timer.
 of actual usage/consumption.
 would have cable or satellite TV that would be added, too. It
ation this might happen one day!
Behavioural Adaptatoins for sustainabel Living

Fully, partly or occasionally implemented
Using cloth handkerchifs and mapkins instead of paper products
Drying clothes by hanging them up in the house, on the trim of door jams or closet jams
No cloth ironing, with 1 or 2 exceptions per year
Using rechargeable batteris
Recycling of paper (office, newsprint, magazines, books), cardboard, metals, some plastics, kitchen scraps and organic waste,
Disposal of toxic materials at toxic waste station
Folding up cardboard packaging (food, qeuipment, etc.), collect it and bring to recycle
Collecting batteries - bring to toxic waste station
Using environmental friendly cleaners for house and laundry
Reusing one sided printed paper from office paper and printer garbage (slicing them into note pad sice - no sticky notes needed
No TV programs, videos and DVDs instead
Collecting left over wax - make new candles
Collecting old bulbs - dissamble and recycle glass and metal
Collecting packing materials, bring to mailing shops and reuse
Composting kitchen food scraps
Composting all plant and woody materials from yard
Low energy lightbulbs
Use fabric bags for shopping
Buy clothes in thrift store and bring things not needed to thrift stores
Buy at garage sales, do own garage sales
Bring old books to library
Send unused/unusable electronic equipment to recycler
Collect not needed items for gifts as appropriate
Air dry hair

Additional possible options
Reducing number of showers
Recycling of magentic and video tapes, CDs, floppy disks, electronic equipment
Turning off lights when not needed
Automatic turning off blind electrical loads
Collecting rests of soap and collecting new ones
Use bike more, walk more
Let go of car
Use public transportation
Form ride and share groups
Set up local share ride internet site
craps and organic waste, office paper, glass

e - no sticky notes needed)
Similar projects, past and present
Path to Freedom

Farallones Institute
Alchemy Institue

Find useful information from
Urban homesteading
Urban farming
Biosphere Projects
Urban Permaculture
Community gardens
Projects of friends and neighbors
Treehuggers website

Member of
Land Institute
Rock Creek Alliance
Doctors without borders
Northwest EcoBulding Guild

Public Forum on Sustainability

Farmers Market

Magazine Subscriptions
Last Straw Journal
Acres USA
Permaculture Activist
Permaculture Magazine
Natural Home

Sovereign Society
Livingston Newsletter
Second Opinion
A residential property in Pasadena that have developed urban sustainabel livin further than any
other I have seen

Ed, Rosemary, house on corner of 6th and cedar in Sandpoint

Wes Jackson's institute developing sustinable agriculture based on perennial grain crops
This organisation works to prevent a silver and copper mine upstream from Lake Pendoreille

Association of builders, designers, homeowners, tradespeople, manufacturers, suppliers and
others interested in ecologically sustainable building.
PFOS works to bring together members of the local community along with experts in various
fields to explore the best of current thinking in sustainability.

The premier natural building magazine in the US
The best farming and agricultural magazine including political stuff I know off.
Premier PC magazine in the US
Premier PC magaze in Europe
A glossy and informative green building and green living magazine
One of the best magazines I know of.

A pretty good traditional financial news letter
A pretty good contrarian and traditional financial newsletter
A contrarian investment and health newsletter
Health Newsletter, complementary medicine
What is local:
Within 100 - 200 miles?

Resources in neighborhood:
Local professionals, trades people and crafters
Buckets (Joel's)

In area
Stones (permit)
Firewood (permit)
Wood from burn piles
Chips from landscapers
Plants from plant trades and forest
Coffee grounds and other organics from stores, restaurants

Wild foods
Musrhooms (morrels)

Master gardening class

Discarded thigns
Free pile
Tear downs
Construction sites

Local green business
Green crafts people
Contractors with understanding of sustainability
Unsorted Project list

Sidewalk replacement - permeable, alternative material, waiver form city?, if concrete - design so
run off gets caught for plants, reuse old concrete pieces or trail to bikestand
Sidewalk -special piece than can be lifted out without damaging the sidewalk if access to
water/sewage pipe needed under sidewalk. Rubber materials, permeable material, tree roots issue,
solar sidewalk. Snow shoveling considerations
Driveway - snow shoveling considerations
Footpath to house door for clients and visitors
Sewage pipe repair
House siding renovation
Window and door trim renovation
Roof trim renovation - Considerations: rain water catchment, roof sliding onto East deck, solar
Roof extensions
Replacement of roofing
Rainwater catchment
Lean to green house
Solar PV panels - awning, eyebrow
Solar Hot water
Garden beds - food, flowers, herbs spices and medicinals. Integrated hoops houses
Sitting space - front deck
Herb bed, spiral
Flowers, bushes and berries
Cob bench / stand
Removal old plum tree
Removal arborvitae and other bushes
Replanting with climbing edibles, bee attracting, not damaging siding
Automatic watering system
Renewal steps up to deck
Fixing dripping gutter at Southeast corner
Large mailing box
Rolling landscaping
Trimming Clair's plum tree
Moveable cold frames
Planting strip use

West side yard
Gate flush with front of house
Fence to west neighbor - preventing dogs to get into backyard
Trail to future bike stand
Covered bike stand and storage area
Continuation of trail from sidewalk past bike stand to the back east corner of the house leading into
path under apple tree
Some shaded garden beds
Rainwater catchment
Renovation of siding

East side yard
Deck - consider to check out ant problem before finishing deck as maybe access only form outside.
Create temporary steps for clients
Detail entrance so no further water damage
Integrated deck planters
Hanging planters
Covered porch? How?
Storage underneath - food crops, water tanks?
Renovation siding and trims of window
Fence east side where shed was

Backyard - south part
Back Porch: Along the major part, north side for summer eating and cooking, trellis style with
removal cover for weather protection -rain protection for fire, composting toilet space, hangout out
eating space under cover an in the sun
Door out of Berta's room onto deck for fires

Door out of east bedroom rooms onto deck for composting toilet/ transportable saw dust toilet
Trimming fruit trees
Storage for fire wood - maybe along East fencing next to apple tree
Apple tree removal?
Fix up tree house - support corner where branch broke off, remove tire swing, build full stair case
up to eat - convert to bee house?
Install bird houses and bat houses
Fix garden table and benches
Cash crops

Backyard - North part
Growing food
Outdoor solar shower
Composting bins
Hand water pump from groundwater
Ethanol distillery
Fence - Multifunctional. View screening, keeping animals out (dogs), growing space - vines, trellis,
espalier, etc.
Chickens (recommended form friend that has chickens in the country: Buff Orpington-golden (egg
layers), Leghorns-white (egg and meat)
Other animals: bees, duck, dwarf goat
Solar cooking
Solar dryer
Cloth line
Wind generator
Material storage
Growing for selling - certified organic
Potting bench
Integrated hoops houses
Solar hot water
Airreated pond
Grey water system
Space for mulch, bark, wood chips, dirt, etc.
Increase gardening area
Add raised beds, integrate hoop frame
Cold frames
Food dryer

Water cistern - buried underground? Under deck?
Composting toilet - where?
Solar lawn mower
Biofuels production
Replacement of refrigerator: Low Noise (reduced after replacing fan), more freezing storage for
garden produce, energy efficient
Space heater: Gas, gets old and replacement parts are supposedly hard to get according to our
service man, gas operated, might be out of compliance with city code as the pipe to the exterior is
too long. Also noticed when under the house that the incoming pipe is rusty on several spots where
the clamps have been used to attach it to the floor beam - other wise fine?? Back up heat - wood
Gas water heater: Also getting old, keeps water heated using extra energy, maybe a on demand
gas one work. Back up hot water would be Woodstove

Solar electricity with grid tie in, future battery and generator back up (biodiesel/ethanol capable)
Vent from bathroom
Fix Ant problem
Put back insulation under house
Clean up under house
French doors out of treatment room (and office room)
Replace flooring in kitchen hallway, office and treatment room
Replace bathroom sink
Install low flush toilet
Install low flow faucet for bathroom thin and shower
Install second shower head
Install central water purification system
Fix kitchen faucet and turn offs
Install worm composting bin
Install recycling center
Install sprouting center
Install automatic dead load turn off power strips
Air tighten doors and windows - renew weather stripping
Finish kitchen stove integration in counter top
Renew wall paper
Finish trimming around stairs and hallway
Fix screen in west living room window
Install operable window south side upstairs for air flow and ventilation
Fix fan light
Install outlet in office room in storage under stair
Install computer network access to upstairs
Fix popping nails form drywall
Solar hot water
Natural cooling
Gutter renewal - tie into rain water catchment, renew drip edges
Space heater replacement
Water heater replacement
Front door, refinish or replace
Floor tiles replacement because of cracks in entry room
New woodstove
Possible contacts that cold be mentors or advisors
Delan Kennedy
Dan Hemenway
Bruce Millard
Kelly Lerner
Ed Bryant
Richard Register
Someone from the Path to Freedom project
Anyone skilled and practiced in ecological design and PC
Authors of some of the books, maybe