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									                               What is a VLE?
ECM - Every Child Matters
TLC - Teach, Learn and Communicate
VLE - Virtual Learning Environment
    - personal online learning space
    - learning platform
    - managed learning environment MLE

By Spring 2008 the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) expects
your learners to have access to a personal online learning space. Your local authority
has been given the responsibility (and the funding) for ensuring that this initial part of
a learning platform is made available to your school.

A personal online learning space forms part of a wider set of technologies called a
learning platform. It supports learning by providing access to:

                tools - for monitoring and assessing, communication and collaboration,
                eg email, forums wikis, blogs, and for creating, developing and
                managing digital content
                an individual area for each learner (and member of staff) where they
                can store their work and personalise its layout to meet their needs
                safe and secure, anytime/anywhere access to learning resources.

By March 2010 all schools are expected to be using a learning platform which
integrates with a management information system. This will simplify the delivery of
your regular data returns with your local authority, as well as enabling seamless
student transition, saving time and effort. Read more about the benefits of a learning

What is a VLE ?

"A VLE is a web-based online environment that integrates tools for content delivery,
communication , assessment , and student management. " - (Littlejohn and Higgison, p.5)

A VLE is the online management of teaching and learning processes (and resources) to support
teachers and learners.

VLEs provide an integrated package of resources and facilities to support the web-based delivery
of courses; including mail, real-time chat rooms, online discussion forums, individual webpages,
image databases, resource banks

VLEs can be used to deliver both assessments and assignments online; or even real-time teaching.
Learners can access online materials and multimedia resources.

Where a VLE is integrated with other systems such as finance, student enrolment or library
management this is called a Managed Learning Environment (MLE).

An MLE carries a broader meaning than VLE and allows data to be integrated and shared across
all systems in a school, college or university.

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For further details of requirements and other general information visit the
BECTA site at:


For further information about the SERCO VLE visit:


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For further examples of school websites visit:


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                               What is a VLE?
It allows teachers to:

       access materials targeted towards individual students or groups
       share resources and planning with colleagues
       refer to and create work for groups and individuals
       support the learning of individual students
       access all learning platform facilities at any time and from any computer
       deliver a meaningful, pre-planned lesson when covering for other teachers'

For Learners

       It extends learning beyond the classroom & school day
       It provides the means to communicate with peers using chat and discussion
       It provides support for both class work and homework
       It helps them to learn at their own pace and in their own style
       It enables them to access their learning during times of absence

It allows parents to:

       play an enhanced role in their children's learning, because they will have
        access to the learning platform from home
       support their children in any learning which takes place outside school
       access their child's personal home page to keep track of their work and the
       communicate effectively with teachers, school administrators and others
        supporting their child's learning
       engage with wider school issues through online communication tools
       and become active partners with the school

For Admin and Support it means

       Communication with other users, on a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-
        many basis
       Inclusion of their work and activities as an integral part of the total learning
        and teaching activities
       The ability to contribute, develop, and adapt learning resources
       The creation and delivery of personalised learning support

It allows leaders to:

       collate summative and formative assessments
       work with colleagues to define structures for learning resource storage
       configure and personalise the 'look and feel' of the learning environment
       communicate with parents quickly and efficiently
       ensure that the curriculum meets learners' needs
       import student, teacher, and class data from management information systems

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