Aerial Silk Aerobics

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                                                  ...WORK UP TO WORK OUT!

                                                  Aerial Silk Aerobics
                                                  Cirque du Soleil developed it, Cher showcased it,
                                                  Pink performed it and now YOU can do it without
                                                  having to run away with the Circus.
                                                  Work-Up↑ is the ultimate new way to work out for all ages and
                                                  fitness levels. For those of us who haven’t spent much time

                                                  hanging around on the monkey bars recently, then you will
                                                  discover the benefits of taking the weight off your legs and using
                                                  it to strengthen tone and stabilize your whole body, especially
                                                  your core.

                                                  As one would expect Aerial Acrobatics is not for the faint hearted,
                                                  however using the “Silk” apparatus, it enables us to teach and
                                                  practice skills at a low and safe level.
                                                  Not only is it creative, entertaining and challenging, this 1 hour
TVF presents a NEW FUN way to                     workout is guaranteed to get that heart rate racing and burn
GET THAT KILLER BODY!!                            those unwanted calories, whilst at the same time learning the
                                                  artistic skills of aerial artistry.

class information

                                                  Aerial Acrobatics is an excellent way of including “progressive
                                                  resistance training” to your weekly workout.
Where:         Power House, New Farm
When:          To be advised                                                   your instructor
      •1 hour session per week for 4                                           Leigh-Anne Vizer has finally come
            consecutive weeks.                                                 home to Brisbane after spending
 •You will learn the basics techniques of                                      7 years in an exciting and varied
  climbing to some of the most difficult                                       dance and aerial career in Germany.
   •Also including a warm up and cool                                          She most recently completed a
             down with Renee.                                                  contract in the German Production
     •All 4 classes must be attended.                                          of “Dirty Dancing” in Hamburg.
 •You don’t need to be a member at the               During her time in Germany Leigh-Anne developed a Solo
 gym so friends and family are welcome
                 to attend.                          Static Trapeze Act and more recently an Aerial Silk Act.

        •Class prices: $40 per class.                From Variety theatre to Modern Companies, Gala Events to
 There are limited numbers so if you would like      Musical Theatre and Casino shows throughout Australia and
              to know more about                     Asia, Leigh-Anne’s has had an amazing career.
  “Work-UP↑” times and availability
         please contact me via email:                Finally she’s back in Australian shores and looking forward to                   sharing her experience and skills here at home.

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