Aerobic Programme by decree


									                      Downham Market Leisure Centre
                                  Aerobic Programme
             MON                     TUES               WEDS                  THURS              FRI

9.30am        ~          Spinning              ~       Spinning          ~            ~       Spinning

10:00am       ~              ~                 ~           ~        50+ Aerobics      ~           ~

10.30am       ~            Yoga                ~        Tai Chi          ~            ~           ~

2.00pm        ~              ~                 ~           ~             ~         Aqua Fit       ~

6.00pm     Aerobics     Combat Rush            ~       Spinning       Spinning        ~       Body Blitz

                           Circuit                                     Circuit
6:30pm        ~                                ~           ~                          ~           ~
                          Training                                    Training

7.00pm     Spinning        Yoga             Aqua Fit   Aerobics       Spinning        ~           ~

7:30pm        ~              ~                 ~           ~             ~         Aerobics       ~

8.00pm    Combat Rush        ~                 ~       Body Blitz    Body Trim        ~           ~

                                              Location Key
            Aerobic                     Swimming
                                                                     Sports Hall              Town Hall
            Studio                        Pool

                           All Classes Are 55 Minutes Long Except:
                                  Spin               45 Minutes
                                 Yoga                90 Minutes
          Circuit Training                                                                                                         Yoga
Circuit Training is led by a fully qualified                                                                    Yoga is a discipline that focuses on physical
instructor who will develop exercises to                                                                       postures, breathing exercises and meditation.
 increase speed, stamina, flexibility and                               PRICES                                  The benefits will include improved physical
  strength, as well as also incorporating                                                                           fitness, mental clarity, greater self-
   some major fat burning activities. A                     Non-Leisure Card: £4.35                              understanding, better stress control and
great work out for all muscle groups; if                      Leisure Card: £3.85                                           improved well being.
  you’re looking for a nice hard workout                 Concession Leisure Card: £2.75
   then you’ve come to the right class!
                                                            YOGA (90 Minute Class):                                              Aqua Fit
                                                            Non-Leisure Card: £5.65                            Water aerobics classes are held in the pool and
               Aerobics                                       Leisure Card: £5.15                                 provide low impact aerobic exercise in the
   Aerobic classes are a group based
exercise and light weights training class                Concession Leisure Card: £4.10                        settings of a fun social atmosphere. All classes
                                                                                                                 are taken by a fully qualified instructor and
  undertaken in a fun and motivating
                                                                                                                   performed to the settings of an upbeat
 environment. The workouts consist of
                                                                                                                soundtrack. Also recommended for expectant
    routines to strengthen and tone                                      Tai Chi                                                   mothers.
 muscles in the body. It combines both
hi and low impact moves performed to            Tai Chi originated in China as a gentle form of exercise to
  an upbeat and uplifting soundtrack.           improve the relaxation and concentration of the body and
                                               mind. Movements are practiced slowly and fluidly to benefit
                                               the cardiovascular system, flexibility, balance, mobility and            Body Trim/Body Blitz
                                                                    muscular strength.                            Group based exercise and weight training
           Combat Rush
                                                                                                                 Classes undertaken in a fun and motivating
  Combat Rush combines stances and
                                                                                                               environment. The workouts consist of routines
moves developed from defensive forms
                                                                                                               to strengthen, tone and define nearly all of the
  of martial arts such as Tai-Kwondo,                               50+ Aerobics
                                                                                                                            muscles in the body.
Karate and Kick Boxing. It is an all over        50+ Aerobic classes are a group based exercise and light
 body workout specialising in the arms,          weights training class undertaken in a fun and motivating
legs and stomach. It not only improves          environment. The classes are only open to those of a more
 muscle tone and strength, but greatly          mature persona and consist of routines to strengthen, tone
    increases cardiovascular fitness.                  and define most of the muscles in the body.
                                                                                                                Spinning is performed on indoor stationary
                                                                                                                   cycles and creates an interesting and
                                                                                                               exciting way to workout. Classes are led by
                Tai Chi
                                                                         Ballet                                       a qualified instructor and can be
 Tai Chi originated in China as a gentle       A mixed ability class suitable for all dancers ranging from           appreciated by anybody! Spinning
     form of exercise to improve the           beginners to experienced participants. The first class is       incorporates low intensity aerobic exercises
   relaxation and concentration of the         suitable for 12 years and over through to adults, followed by      with progressive sets and repetitions of
     body and mind. Movements are              the second class for 6 to 12 year olds.                               cycles, all performed to an upbeat
 practiced slowly and fluidly to benefit                                                                          soundtrack. All you require is a bottle of
  the cardiovascular system, flexibility,                                                                      water and a towel to enjoy one of the most
     balance, mobility and muscular                                                                              intense and enjoyable workouts on offer!

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