New Directions in Mentoring by P-TaylorFrancis


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									New Directions in Mentoring
Editor: Carol A. Mullen
Editor: Dale W. Lick

Edition: 1

New Directions in Mentoring represents an experiment in a new kind of mentoring. The result of action
research carried out by teachers, administrators, and professors operating a school-university
collaborative, this edited collection offers narrative research accounts that build on theory from the inside
out. Filled with experiences and terms that recognize a new pedagogy for professional growth, the book
include the concepts of synergistic comentoring, partnership support groups, and communities of
The premise of the book is that educational change needs to directly involve school professional in
designing collaborative instructional/comentoring practices. A norm of equality and shared power requires
tat teachers function as integrated team players and research-authors. A new model of learning is
created where guided but flexible structures are used to unleash the creative capacity of the group.
This powerful and compelling book offers insight into the development and reform of mentoring
organizations, and covers areas such as lifelong mentoring, the effectiveness of synergy, and the creation
of collaborative relationships and teams. Broader themes include mentorship of a new culture within the
educational community; creation if different forms of partnership; and the development of new ways of
mentoring current and future leaders.

'The main strength of this book ... is that it is living testimony that participatory research in educational
settings is possible, and can yield rich and insightful narrative data. That ... makes this a good book to

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