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            “Promising or Best Practices In Physical Activity Programming for Women of Low Socioeconomic Status”

 New Brunswick
    Name of                                                        Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                   Reason you think the program/service is           Program Contact Name
physical activity                                                    evaluation
                               program/service                                                       exemplary                              and Information
program/service                                                     conducted?

                       The aim of the program is to increase
                        the opportunities for daily, quality
                        physical activity for young children and
                                                                                       This program shows families the importance
                        the adults around them.
                                                                                        and enjoyment of physical activity.
                       There is a Toolkit and a training
   Active Kids                                                                         The toolkit provides ideas of activities and     Anna-Marie Hayes, Chair
                        workshop designed specifically to meet
                                                                                        materials to parents in order to encourage
                        the needs of the parents, caregivers
                                                                                        physical activity.                               New-Brunswick Association
  (Provincially         and other adults that want to enhance         Unsure
                                                                                       Sessions are a means of spending quality time    of Family Resource Centers
    funded)             the physical activity experiences for
                                                                                        between parent and child.
                        young children.                                                                                                  110 Richmond St. Unit 1
                       It is currently delivered in most Family                                                                         Woodstock, NB
                        Resource Centers (FRCs) in New-                                                                                  E7M 2N9
                        Brunswick; there are 13 FRCs that have
                        approximately 80 outreaches in NB.                                                                     
                                                                                                                                         P: (506) 325-2299
                       This program consists of a series of
                        educational activities focusing on                             The program promotes healthy eating and          NOTE: FRCs deliver
   Collective           nutrition and budgeting. One learns                             educates parents (mostly mothers) on how to      programs to many
                                                                                                                                         participants such as single
   Kitchens             cooking skills and methods of                                   prepare nutritious economical meals for the
                                                                        Yes                                                              parents - mothers in
                        preparing nutritious and economical                             family.
                        meals.                                                                                                           particular, parents
                       Many FRCs deliver this program.                                                                                  geographically isolated
                                                                                                                                         and/or with low income,
                                                                                                                                         immigrants, etc.
                       Sessions on nutrition are provided by a
                                                                                       Sessions provide valuable information to
                        dietician, nutritionist or public health
                                                                                        parents on nutritional foods, and also offers
   Nutrition            nurse as part of the various programs
                                                                                        practical tips and advice on how to encourage
   sessions             offered by Family Resource Centers;             Yes
                                                                                        healthy eating habits are provided by a
                        many of the programs target mothers
                                                                                        nutrition specialist.
                        with newborns.

                       Baby at the Pool is for parents and                            This program gives the opportunity to parents    Thérèse McLaughlin,
Baby at the Pool        children from 4 months to 2 years old.          Yes             to do physical activity in the pool with their   Executive Director
child while also socializing with other parents.
                                                   Centre de ressources
                                                   familiales de Kent

                                                   21, rue Renaud
                                                   Richibucto, NB
                                                   E4W 4G8

                                                   P: (506) 524-9192
    Nova Scotia
    Name of                                                        Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                   Reason you think the program/service is                Program contact name
physical activity                                                    evaluation
                               program/service                                                       exemplary                                   and information
program/service                                                     conducted?

                                                                                       Although there are many private providers of          Guy Chaham
                                                                                        programs and fitness facilities, ‘cost’ and ‘access   Executive Director
                                                                                        to quality facilities’ are two major contributing
                                                                                        factors to the low participation rates.               GreenGym - Outdoor
                                                                                        Unfortunately private indoor gyms are not for         Fitness Experience
                       It provides an amazing concept of “free
                        fitness membership” for all community
                                                                                       We know that obesity is more prevalent in             10-118 Wyse Road, Suite
                        members.                                        N/A
                                                                                        lower socioeconomic groups and that these             126
   GreenGym            By placing GreenGym facilities in public
                                                                                        groups are not able to afford a paid subscription     Dartmouth, NS
                        areas, everyone can came and use the
                                                                                        for a commercial fitness centre.                      B3A 1N7, Canada
                        outdoor fitness as much as they like.
                                                                                       Outdoor free gyms offer creative solution to
                                                                                        this problem.                                         P: (902) 469-1511
                                                                                       In addition, other programs leaders can use           F: (902) 469-0373
                                                                                        GreenGym facilities as part of their program
                                                                                        development and/or implementation plan.     

                       Developed in a rural Hants county, the
                        program is a partnership between a
                        CAPC/CPNP project, Public Health and
                                                                                                                                              Debbie Reimer, Executive
                        Sun Root Farm.
                       Upon receiving funding from Public
                        Health, the project bought 5 full shares
                                                                                                                                              Annapolis-Valley Hants
                        in community shared agriculture,
                                                                                       This program has created a unique partnership         Community Action Program
                        enabling extremely high need families
Making Healthy                                                                          between Public Health, CAPC/CPNP participants         for Children
                        to receive fresh, locally grown produce
   Choices                                                            Unsure            and a local farm.
                        during the growing season.
                                                                                       It is also making a difference in the dietary         P.O. Box 893
                       Seven families were able to participate
                                                                                        practices of the participating families.              Kentville, NS
                        this year.
                                                                                                                                              B4N 4H8
                       CAPC/CPNP project was responsible
                        for delivery.
                       Sun Root Farm also delivered
                                                                                                                                              P: 902-582-1375
                        workshops on preparing and
                        preserving the produce.
    Nova Scotia – Halifax
   Name of                  Brief description of the               Was a program       Reason you think the program/service is                Program contact name
physical activity              program/service                      evaluation                       exemplary                                   and information
program/service                                               conducted?

                     This is a program where children and                    Parents and children are given an opportunity       Deborah Rawding
                      parents prepare nutritious foods                         to discuss and prepare a healthy, nutritious
 Family Kitchen       together to promote healthy,                             meal, in a cost effective manner.                   Parent ‘n Tot Meeting Place
   Program,           economical eating practices.                            Families are introduced to foods they
                     This CAPC project also has developed                     traditionally may not have known how to             3524 Dutch Village Road,
   Bowling,           community partnerships that allow         Unsure         prepare and utilize in their diets.                 Halifax, NS
swimming and          them to offer bowling and swimming                      Participants are able to attend physical activity   B3N 2S1
yoga programs         offsite once a week as well as onsite                    programs in their community at no cost on a
                      yoga twice a month for participants.                     regular basis.                                      deborahrawding@hfx.eastlink.
                                                                                                                                   P: 902-443-9569

    Name of                                                       Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                  Reason you think the program/service is           Program contact name
physical activity                                                   evaluation
                               program/service                                                      exemplary                              and information
program/service                                                    conducted?
                                                                                                                                        Jill Brewer, Director

                                                                                                                                        City of St.John’s
                                                                                                                                        Department of Recreation
                                                                                      Fees are waived for women who cannot afford
                                                                                       the program registration.
                       We are pleased to offer this new ladies                                                                         P.O. Box 908
 Just for Kicks                                                                       The program is located next to a playground so
                        program as a recreational fun soccer           N/A                                                              St.John’s, NL
Soccer Program                                                                         women can bring their kids.
                        program for women 25 years and                                                                                  A1C 5M2
                                                                                      The program runs on Sundays to avoid and/or
                        older. Come out and join the fun!!
                                                                                       reducing conflict with kids programming.
                                                                                                                                        P: 709-576-8405

    Name of                                                   Was a program
                           Brief description of the                               Reason you think the program/service is               Program contact name
physical activity                                               evaluation
                              program/service                                                   exemplary                                  and information
program/service                                                conducted?

    P.A.C.E                                                                                                                             Leanne Worr,
                                                                                  We get a discounted price for the hall rental
                                                                                                                                        Recreation & Events
                       We meet each Thursday at the local                         and run the program with only a toonie charge.
 Penhold Adult                                                                                                                          Coordinator
                        town hall and exercise. We leave it                       The women love it, and it is affordable!
   Class (for)          open to both men and women but we          No             After saving our toonies, we have had
                                                                                                                                        The Town of Penhold
    Exercise            have not seen one man yet!                                 professional belly dancers, yoga instructors etc.,
                                                                                   come in as a treat for our group!
                                                                                                                                        P: (403) 886-5464
    New Brunswick & Ontario
    Name of                                                         Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                    Reason you think the program/service is               Program contact name
physical activity                                                     evaluation
                               program/service                                                        exemplary                                  and information
program/service                                                      conducted?
                       Program that provides you with
                        support, fun, helpful information about
                        nutritious cooking and eating, and the
                                                                                        The program received long-term funding from
                        chance to get to know other young
                                                                                         the Public Health Agency of Canada.
                        women who are having babies.
                                                                                        It is a free drop-in program that attempts to
                       You begin the program while you are
                                                                                         eliminate or minimize the conditions of risk
                        pregnant and continue until your baby
                                                                                         pregnant women and young children and their
                        is six months old.
                       When you meet with the other young
Buns in the oven                                                                        Comprehensive program where many services
                        women, you cook a nutritious meal                Yes
                                                                                         are provided: food supplementation, nutritional
                        and eat together.
                                                                                         counseling, support, education, referral and
                       Other activities include guest speakers,                                                                              Buns in the oven
                                                                                         counseling on health and lifestyle issues.
                        games, collecting recipes and time to
                                                                                        Programs are located in the community where
                        chat. Dietitians are available during the                                                                             Coordinator at St-Mary’s
                                                                                         it is accessible for mothers. i.e. St-Mary’s Home,
                        program to answer your questions and                                                                                  Home
                                                                                         Sandy Hill Community Health Centre in Ottawa.
                        provide parenting and health tips.
                       Milk coupons, food to take home and                                                                                   P: (613) 725-5152
                        bus tickets are available weekly.
                                                                                        Programs are free of charge.
                       For Children of Young Single Parents
                                                                                        Open and welcoming to all participants ideas.
                        provides programs and services for
                                                                                        Bus tickets, snacks and childcare are included.
                        pregnant teens and young/single
                                                                                        Non-judgmental environment,
                        parent families with children age 0-5
Brighter Futures                                                                        Opportunity to meet other young parents in
                        years old.                                       Yes
                                                                                         similar circumstances.
                       Offers counseling, support and referral
                                                                                        Support and referral today, tomorrow and later.
                        on child development and parenting
                                                                                        Open invitation to return whenever you want.
                                                                                        Flexible program to meet specific needs.
    British Columbia - Victoria
    Name of                                                        Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                       Reason you think the program/service is             Program contact name
physical activity                                                    evaluation
                               program/service                                                           exemplary                                and information
program/service                                                     conducted?
                       We run a series of sessions for new
                        mothers and their infants up to 6
                        months of age.
                       In each series, we walk with the
                        participants and their infants, as well
  Recreation            as partners and/or support people,
    Centre              over to the Recreation Centre where
                                                                                           We have found that most clients do not know
Orientation for         the staff conducts an orientation on       No, however there
                                                                                            about the Recreation Centre -even if they live 2
                        programs and services available and         has always been
New Mothers                                                                                 blocks away, have never used it, and did not
                        their subsidy program – L.I.F.E (Leisure      very positive
                                                                                            know what it had to offer.                         Diana Bosworth
                        Involvement for Everyone).                  feedback to the
                                                                                           Most clients also did know about the LIFE
                       L.I.F.E is an income-based subsidy            orientation.
                                                                                            program and reduced rates.                         Esquimalt Neighbourhood
                        program wherein individuals and
                        families get a coupon and/or or punch
                        cards for free or reduced cost
                                                                                                                                               Victoria BC
                       We also orient the participants to the
                                                                                                                                               A CPNP and CAPC site
                        Mom & Baby Programs and the
                        Fitness/wellness Centre.
                       As part of our drop in programs for
                        parents/caregivers with children up to
 Orientation to         5 yrs age, we conduct an orientation                               We have found that most clients do not know
 L.I.F.E Program        and referral to the L.I.F.E. Program at                             about the Recreation Centre -even if they live 2
       for all          the Recreation Centre.                                              blocks away, have never used it, and did not
participants with      We also review the Recreation                                       know what it had to offer.
children up to 5        Centre’s seasonal program guidebook,                               Most clients also did know about the LIFE
     yrs of age         particularly the adult wellness                                     program and reduced rates.
                        activities, and the preschoolers and
                        family programs.
    British Columbia – Burn Lake/Aboriginal
    Name of                                                     Was a program
                           Brief description of the                                 Reason you think the program/service is              Program contact name
physical activity                                                 evaluation
                              program/service                                                     exemplary                                 and information
program/service                                                  conducted?
                                                                                    Increased physical participation by young
                                                                                     women in the community.
                                                                                    Increased team building and friendships are
                                                                                     evident.                                           Spirits of Burns Lake™ Girls
                       We are an aspiring team of young and                                                                            Hockey
                                                                                    Increased fitness levels and deceased obesity
                        girls. We like to play hockey and we
                                                                                     rating in young women.
                        want to encourage this as a healthy                                                                             P.O. Box 41
                                                                                    Decreased drug and alcohol abuse in the
                        pursuit in others.                                                                                              Burns lake, BC
                       Our mandate and goal is to encourage                                                                            V0E 1E0
 Spirits of Burn                                                                    The young women are featured in the local
                        and empower young women to make              Yes
      Lake                                                                           community newspaper.
                        healthy choices, to become healthy                                                                              P: 250 -692 -3172
                                                                                    More parents are engaged was mentors to the
                        and influential role models for other                                                                           P: 250 -692 -3962
                        young women in the community, and                                                                               P: 250 -692 -9111
                                                                                    We form lasting relationships with others in the
                        to form lifelong healthy friendships
                        through the game of hockey.                                                                           
                                                                                    Young women are playing hockey regularly and
                                                                                     having fun.
                                                                                    The girls come back next year and bring a
    Ontario - Hamilton
    Name of                                                         Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                        Reason you think the program/service is                Program contact name
physical activity                                                     evaluation
                               program/service                                                            exemplary                                   and information
program/service                                                      conducted?
                       Woman Alive! is a no cost barrier free     Yes.
                        (child minding, bus tickets, running                              The strength, commitment, and contributions of the
                        shoes, prizes, pedometer loans, privacy    In 2006, pre, post     community partnerships, as well as the extensive
                        blinds, snacks, health discussions,        and 3 month            involvement of the Women Health Educators has
                        language support) physical                 follow-up              meant:
                        activity/health information program        questionnaires            Rapid expansion into the community;
                        for low income and culturally diverse      were completed            Increased accessibility for low income and
                        women age 18 years + residing in the       with 2 program             culturally diverse women throughout the
                        city of Hamilton.                          series at one              community, dramatically increasing demand for
                       3 series/year at 5 locations. 2 physical   location;                  the program;
                        activity sessions/week (aqua fit,          Evaluation Report         Greater commitment to the program from
                        aerobics, circuit training, yoga,          available.                 participants, increasingly diverse participant
                                                                                                                                                   Ann Stanziani,
                        kickboxing-dependent on location).                                    makeup.
                                                                                                                                                   Public Health Nurse
                       The program started in Hamilton 6          Questionnaires            Our ability to extensively support, the
                        years ago (based on program of same        look at physical           involvement of the Women Health Educators in
                                                                                                                                                   City of Hamilton, Public
                        name in Ottawa) at one location            activity, self             being part of the Woman Alive program (as
                                                                                                                                                   Health Services, Healthy
                        (YWCA Hamilton). In last 2 years has       esteem, health             participants, as fitness leader trainees), means
                                                                                                                                                   Living Division
                        expanded dramatically with growing         behaviour                  that we are able to engage culturally diverse
                        community partnerships, in-kind            outcomes for the           women that we would never otherwise be able
 Woman Alive!                                                                                                                                      71 Main St. W (Upper
                        contributions and external funding. 5      participants.              to.
                                                                                                                                                   Ottawa office). Hamilton,
                        current series (1 for Chinese women                                  It is a unique and successful peer/professional
                        with language support, 1 geared            Currently, 2               model, which is successfully engaging the hard
                                                                                                                                                   L8P 4Y5
                        towards South Asian women, also with       culturally specific        to reach.
                        language support). 100+ women              (Chinese and South        We continually work to ensure that the
                                                                                                                                                   P: 905 546 2424 ext.2778
                        registered/series.                         Asian) series run in       program is barrier free (i.e. even eliminating the
                                                                                                                                                   Fax: 905 546 3658
                       Extensive involvement of Women             the Fall of 2007 are       requirement for income verification).
                        Health Educators from the Chinese,         being evaluated in        The program is making a difference in women’s
                        Arabic, Vietnamese and South Asian         the same way, with         lives: skill development, improvements in
                        communities. One program instructor        translated                 health and well being, stress management, self
                        is a former Woman Alive! participant.      evaluation tools           esteem, confidence, mental and emotional
                       Up to 20 program participants will         (for the CIAF grant        health, and the adoption of healthy lifestyle
                        begin training in February, 2008 to        -report due                behaviours.
                        become certified in group and aqua         June/08).                 The benefits of being a program participant also
                        fitness leadership through the YWCA.                                  has a positive impact on their children and
                       Linked with PPADEC project                 The PPADEC                 families.
                        (Promoting Physical Activity Among         project will do an        The environment is supportive and non-
                        Diverse Ethnocultural Communities)         in-depth                   judgmental. All participants are welcomed and
                        (McMaster University).                     evaluation of the          encouraged to meet and maintain their goals.
                       Development of walking groups to be        Chinese series
                       implemented by Spring, 2009 at each       beginning in
                       of the locations. Community partners:     February, 2008. All
                       the City of Hamilton (Public Health       series participants
                       Services, Recreation Department),         also complete a
                       YWCA Hamilton, Ontario Early Years        process evaluation
                       Centres, Hamilton East Kiwanis Boys’ &    at the end of each
                       Girls’ Club.                              series.
                      Funding through: Healthy Living
                       Hamilton, Ontario Trillium Foundation,
                       Ministry of Health Promotion
                       (Communities in Action Fund), United
                       Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton,
                       Zonta Club of Hamilton 1, Public Health
                       Services. Other partnerships: Around
                       the Bay Road Race, Chatelaine
                       Magazine, McMaster Women’s Health
                                                                 An outcome
                                                                                                                                              Louanne McClemont
Feel the Power                                                   evaluation (focus        The free program makes a difference in the
                      Group based support program                                                                                            Main Hess Recreation
Feel Fit Club at                                                 group) was                physical activity levels of the women.
                       targeting women to increase their                                                                                      Centre, City of Hamilton,
  Main Hess                                                      conducted on the         The program motivates and encourages
                       physical activity levels.                                                                                              Community Services
  Recreation                                                     parent Club in            participation in a supportive manner via
                      The parent Club was developed in                                                                                       P: 905-546-2424 x 2012
                                                                 2006.                     monthly meetings and daily encounters.
    Centre             2003 and continues to run in the                                                                             
                                                                 An informal              Women are also supported by their peers.
 (Sister Club)         community.
                                                                 brainstorming            By expanding the program to the Main Hess
                      The Club was expanded to Main Hess                                                                                     Gail Dowling
                                                                 meeting took place        community, barriers to participating in physical
                       in June 2007.                                                                                                          City of Hamilton, Public
                                                                 in August 2007 to         activity have decreased such as access,
                      Please visit our website for additional                                                                                Health Services
                                                                 assess the needs of       transportation, and cost.
                       information:                                                                                           P: 905-546-2424 x. 7174
                                                                 participants at
                                                                 Main Hess
    Name of                                                      Was a program
                           Brief description of the                              Reason you think the program/service is   Program contact name
physical activity                                                  evaluation
                              program/service                                                  exemplary                      and information
program/service                                                   conducted?
                       A recreational boxing program for                                                                  Cathy van Ingen,PhD
                        women and trans people who are self-                                                               Assistant Professor
                        identifying survivors of violence.                                                                 Department of Physical
                       The program began in the fall of 2007                                                              Education and Kinesiology
                        and is a partnership between The
                        Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club,                                                                     Brock University
                        Opportunity for Advancement, Jessie’s                                                              500 Glenridge Ave., St.
                        Centre for Teenagers and Brock                N/A                         N/A                      Catharines, ON
Shape Your Life
                        University.                                                                                        L2S 3A1
                       Shape Your Life is a one-year project
                        funded by the Ministry of the Attorney                                                             P: (905) 688-5550
                        General.                                                                                             ext. 4981
                                                                                                                           Fax: (905) 688-8364
     Ontario - Windsor
    Name of                                                         Was a program
                             Brief description of the                                   Reason you think the program/service is              Program contact name
physical activity                                                     evaluation
                                program/service                                                       exemplary                                 and information
program/service                                                      conducted?

                        The church provides ice skates at no                           Last year we had 350 pair of skates, loaned out     Lorna Firh
                         charge to anyone who asks.                                      for the season to 400 people.
                        The church is situated in downtown                             Many low-income children and their parents          Connection (CPAC) Lanark
                         Windsor across the street from a free                           use them.                                           County
                         open air, artificial ice rink.                                 Number of women 25-45 years old using the
                        The ice rink is walking distance for one                        skates is probably less than 10%. We believe        613-256-1031 ext. 30
                         hundred people living in city housing.                          getting girls active in winter is a step forwards
   Ice Skating -         The church is on a bus terminal and                             your goal of promoting active living among          lorna@connectionsprogram
All Saint Anglican       low rent housing area.                          No              women.                                              .ca
      Church            The church is known for its outreach                           Most parents who attend the organized weekly
                         activities. All volunteers staffed.                             family programs are obese. They have
                                                                                         requested to do organized physical activities.
                                                                                        We are in need of ideas and suggestions for
                                                                                         LSES, what is being done and what works for a
                                                                                         rural population in terms of no transportation
                                                                                         and childcare opportunities.
    Ontario – Ottawa
    Name of                                                         Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                        Reason you think the program/service is             Program contact name
physical activity                                                     evaluation
                               program/service                                                            exemplary                                and information
program/service                                                      conducted?
                                                                                            Mothers know that they can be active, while
                                                                                             their children are also active and fun in a safe
                       This program is for children (ages 4-12)                             environment.                                       Kanata Leisure Centre
 Break a Wave
                        of mothers who are participating in the     N/A                     The children are supervised by a certified
                        Wednesday Evening aerobic class.                                     lifeguard.                                         P: 613-580-6744
                                                                                            The children participate in the public swim for
                       Designed to provide affordable
                        physical activity programs to women
                        with limited income in order to
                        increase their capacity to care for their
                                                                                            Ottawa Public Health works in partnership with     Nathalie McKenna
                        own health and the health of their
                                                                                             Parks and Recreation to deliver this affordable    Public Health
                                                                                             program to recreation facilities where             Nurse/Infirmière en santé
                       The program promotes, coordinates
                                                                                             transportation is accessible and daycare           publique
                        and implements heart/other health
                                                                                             provided for free to program participants.
                        topics (diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis,
                                                                                            The program has a huge impact on these             City of Ottawa/Ville
                        personal safety, CPR, First-Aid) for low
                                                                                             women's overall health.                            d'Ottawa
                        income women offered in partnership
                                                                                            No income proof needed to register, only on        Community and Protective
                        with community agencies to provide          Yes.
                                                                                             the self reported Low income Status.               Services/
                        opportunities for affordable physical
                                                                                             Participants pay what they can afford (i.e. 1      Services communautaires et
Woman Alive /           activity, healthy lifestyle information     Initial, mid-term
                                                                                             loony) and when they can afford.                   de protection
Femme active            and socialization for women to              and final
                                                                                            Instructors are often a bit older and have the
                        network amongst each other.                 evaluations have
                                                                                             “real” people look. Some have also been            100 Constellation Cres., 7th
                       The program is offered at 4 Parks and       been conducted.
                                                                                             participants of the program and received some      floor
                        Recreation sites: Jack Purcell, Plant,
                                                                                             the YMCA training and support to become            Ottawa,ON
                        Kanata, Foster Farm and one French
                                                                                             fitness leaders.                                   K2G 6J8
                        site at Overbrooke Forbes.
                                                                                            Promotes conditions of equality on the basis of
                       Furthermore, some participants have
                                                                                             race, ethnicity, income, gender, official          P: 613-580-6744 x23451
                        been trained through the years to
                                                                                             language and ability.
                        become fitness leaders themselves and
                                                                                            Promotes safe behaviors and injury prevention.     Nathalie.McKenna@ottawa.
                        lead Woman Alive /Femme active
                       Their training and equipment was
                        funded by Women Alive programs.
                       Increase physical activity of LSES                                  To reduce the financial barrier in accessing       Abebe Engdasaw
                        women throughout various modes of                                    physical activity and providing access to a        Multicultural Health
Woman Alive for
                        organized aerobics and/or aqua-fitness                               recreation facility for the women and their        Manager
 Multicultural                                                              Yes
                        and/or fitness classes.                                              family.                                            City of Ottawa/Ville
   Women               Classes offered in immigrant mother                                 This is an example of program working with         d'Ottawa
tongue and offered by community         multiple partners in providing services to low   613-580-6744
members that have been trained to       socioeconomic status women. i.e. Partnership
become fitness leaders.                 with Recreation Centre, Ottawa Public Health,
                                        Regional Heart Beat (Trillium Funding) and
                                        Multicultural Health Coalition and their
                                        Associations in Ottawa.
                                       Programs are delivered in a cultural sensitive
                                        way by community members that the
                                        participants can associate themselves with.
                                                                    Since swimming is an excellent way to get
                                                                     active, the women can start to become
                                                                     physically active in a safe, non-threatening
                                                                    This is the most popular swim for this pool. It
                                                                     consistently has approximately 60 in the pool
                                                                     each Friday night.
                                                                    Those who are uncomfortable in the water can
                                                                     wear a lifejacket and register for women only
                                                                     swimming lessons that run just before the
                 An unstructured swim designed for                  Leisure Swim.
                  females only and their children - boys            Challenges for the Pool that have been
                  over the age of six are not permitted.             overcome:
                                                                                                                        Caroline McGarrity,
                 Adult females do not have to bring a                 Curtains/blinds have been purchased and
                                                                                                                        Area Recreation Supervisor
                  child to these swims.                                 installed to keep the pool restricted to
                 The sessions offer an opportunity for                 women only.
                                                                                                                        Sawmill Creek Community
Female Only       the women to get active, possibly with               The change rooms for men and families are
                                                           Yes                                                          Centre and Pool
   Swim           their daughters (since the program                    locked during the whole swim.
                  allows girls to participate as well).                All staff are female only and have been
                                                                                                                        P: 613-521-4092
                 This program allows the mothers to be                 trained to deal with many low swimming
                  active role models for their daughters                abilities. They also ask hesitant swimmers to
                  in a non-traditional way.                             complete a swim test to see if they should
                                                                        require a lifejacket or not. They also
                                                                        patiently enforce the safety rules and
                                                                        precautions of the pool.
                                                                       Swimsuits are enforced by the lifeguards but
                                                                        since some women are more comfortable
                                                                        coming in long shirts and/or shorts, they are
                                                                        allowed to wear them over top of their
                                                                       Larger lifejackets have been purchased to
                                                                        accommodate the amount of women who
                                                                        need them.
                                                                                       The community pool is located is in one of
                  Level 101: This introduction to the water is perfect for
                                                                                        the lower income communities. It is a very
                   those with little or no water experience. Participants
                                                                                        multicultural community with Muslim
                   will work towards 15m swims on their front and back
                                                                                        women who would not normally have a
                   and will become comfortable entering and exiting the                                                                Caroline McGarrity,
                                                                                        chance to swim because of their religion’s
                   water as well as supporting themselves at the surface.                                                              Area Recreation
                   Participants will learn the skills needed for stroke                                                                Supervisor
Women Only                                                                             Since swimming is an excellent way to get
                                                                                        active (all muscles groups are used while in
 Swimming         Level 102: This intermediate level will teach swimmers                                                              Sawmill Creek
                                                                                        the water), the women can start to become
   Lessons         the three fundamental swimming strokes: Front Crawl,       Yes                                                      Community Centre and
                                                                                        physically active in a safe, non-threatening
 (Level 101,       Back Crawl and Breaststroke. Participants will develop                                                              Pool
  201, 301)        swimming endurance and learn useful entries
                                                                                       The sessions offer an opportunity for the
                   including dives and rolls.                                                                                          P: 613-521-4092
                                                                                        women to get active, possibly with their
                  Level 103: this level is perfect for those interested in                                                            caroline.mcgarrity@ott
                                                                                        daughters (since the program always runs
                   more than just the basics. Participants will fine tune                                                    
                                                                                        at the same time as Girls Only swimming
                   their swimming strokes and improve their endurance
                                                                                        lessons). This program allows the mothers
                   and efficiency in the water. Participants will learn the
                                                                                        to be active role models for their daughters
                   ins and outs of swimming for fitness, and swimming
                                                                                        in a non-traditional way.
                   for life.
    Ontario – Ottawa/Multicultural
    Name of                                                        Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                          Reason you think the program/service is               Program contact name
physical activity                                                    evaluation
                               program/service                                                              exemplary                                  and information
program/service                                                     conducted?

                       Originally piloted among 58                Evaluation of this         This program was chosen as one of six
                        multicultural women participants in        program will                successful regional projects in a request for
                        2006, this project consist of a 6-week     occur prior to              proposal processed implemented by Cancer
                        program which introduces sports and        March 31, 2008.             Care Ontario (CCO). CCO chose the successful
                        fitness as a means of physical activity    Support from the            regional projects based on their ability to
                        for immigrant women (i.e. Lebanese,        Public Health               demonstrate a “best practices' or evidence-
                        Arabic, Somali, Vietnamese, South          Research,                   informed approach. This project mirrors such
                                                                                                                                                    Hilda Chow,
                        Asian, Chinese, Hispanic, African and      Education and               an approach by using an intervention model
                        Caribbean), and focuses on fun, fitness,   Development                 which includes such strategies as: involvement
                                                                                                                                                    Manager (& Family Health
                        and skill building.                        (PHRED) program             of immigrant women in program consultation
                       It targets those who have difficulties     through it's                and decision making; training lay physical
                        accessing mainstream physical activity     partnership with            activity leaders; and partnering with key
                                                                                                                                                    City of Ottawa Public
                        programs and services, and will            Cancer Care                 stakeholders.
                        provide culturally sensitive physical      Ontario will guide         The model also seeks to eliminate or reduce the
Never to late for       activity initiatives via the training of   the evaluation              barriers to physical activity which are common
                                                                                                                                                    100 Constellation Cr.
                        multicultural lay physical activity        process.                    among the target group, including: providing
physical activity                                                                                                                                   7th Floor East,
                        leaders.                                   Evaluation will             the program in the appropriate language and
 and fitness for                                                   include pre- and            context, conducting sessions at an easily
                                                                                                                                                    Ottawa ON
    Women                                                                                                                                           K2G 6J8
                                                                   post                        accessible location and for a minimum cost, and
                                                                   questionnaires to           reducing social isolation through integration of
                                                                                                                                                    P: (613) 580-6744
                                                                   assess                      lay leaders.
                                                                   whether there              This project is unique in that it involves
                                                                   have been any               collaboration between the City of Ottawa Public
                                                                   changes in the              Health and City of Ottawa Parks and Recreation.
                                                                   personal                    As a result, the project includes a sound plan for
                                                                   behaviour of                sustainability since the trained multicultural
                                                                   participants                physical activity leaders will be incorporated as
                                                                   related                     staff by the Parks and Recreation branch to
                                                                   to physical activity        continue with physical activity initiatives after
                                                                   and healthy                 funding ceases.
                                                                   eating.                    Lessons learned from this project will also be
                                                                                               shared and potentially utilized by other health
                                                                                               units, agencies and organizations through the
                                                                                               development of a tool-kit.
    Ontario – Ottawa/Aboriginal
    Name of                                                        Was a program
                            Brief description of the                                         Reason you think the program/service is               Program contact name
physical activity                                                    evaluation
                               program/service                                                             exemplary                                  and information
program/service                                                     conducted?
                       The purpose of “Pump and Stretch” is                                 Past yoga and healthy lifestyle sessions that
                        to increase levels of physical activity                               were held regularly at Wabano from July-Dec
                        and promote healthier lifestyles in                                   2007 demonstrated extremely promising
                        urban Aboriginals in Ottawa and                                       feedback and enthusiasm in repeating a similar
                        surrounding areas.                                                    program in 2008.
                       Participants of all levels of physical
                        fitness abilities will engage in 2 hours                             Yoga: Therapeutic and Preventative - The
                        of weekly yoga, low-impact aerobic                                    various physiological, psychological and
                        activities including “the ball” and free                              biochemical benefits of Yoga have been well
                        weights.                                                              established, but Wabano added an additional
                       The inspiration for this program comes                                component by incorporating traditional
                        from Wabano’s former yoga program                                     Aboriginal teachings in a helpful and relevant
                        known as “Yoga at Wabano:                                             way (e.g. Respect; respect your body, respect
                        Connecting the mind, body and spirit”.     A general                  your limits, respect the people around you).
    Wabano             This program drew high levels of           evaluation of              Participants that attended classes regularly         Pamela Naymark, Health
Aboriginal Health       participation and new clients from the     Wabano’s yoga              noticed a huge difference in their confidence,       Promoter
     Centre             community on a weekly basis. It            program was                body image and attitudes towards fitness. All
                        allowed a weekly consideration of          conducted by               reported “changes” in their bodies whether           Wabano Aboriginal Health
    Pump and            fitness and the impact certain             regular                    their flexibility, endurance or strength increased   Centre
   Stretch: 10          behaviors and lifestyle choices have in    participants. Their        or back and neck pain had reduced
 weeks of yoga,         our daily lives but also the next          comments and               considerably. A sense of pride and                   P: 613-748-0657 x. 223
   low impact           generation of Aboriginal children.         suggestions have           accomplishment was seen throughout as many
                       The program is expected to take place      been integral in           participants were able to develop a new    
  aerobics and
                        in the basement of Wabano in the           instilling this new        understanding of their bodies and fitness
                        evenings with a trial run of 8 weeks       program.                   aspirations.
                        from 6:30-8:30 starting onFebruary                                   Benefits of low impact aerobics and weight -
                        5th.                                                                  Owing to poor health conditions, most
                       This program will work in conjunction                                 Aboriginal people are not able to afford, are
                        with other health promotion activities                                comfortable pursuing and/or physically ready
                        and health awareness campaigns                                        for a generalized program at a local gym.
                        around nutrition and decreasing risky                                 Providing easy to remember low impact,
                        behaviors (e.g. smoking cessation).                                   adaptable and fun stretches, cardio sessions
                       I am hoping to hire two women from                                    and strength training is crucial in increasing and
                        the community to support this                                         sustaining the health and well-being of this
                        program. An Algonquin yoga teacher                                    community.
                        will co-facilitate one week of yoga for                              Internal community integration - The former
                        all levels while an energetic fitness                                 yoga program encouraged people to seek out
                        trainer of Mohawk origin, is expected                                 services in the non-Aboriginal community (e.g.
    to co-facilitate every other week.              field trips to gyms and yoga studios in Ottawa)
    Although an additional cost, this will          and instilled confidence to attend independent
    add a much needed level of skill and            fitness efforts outside of Wabano.
    efficiency to the program. In addition,        Internal community integration - Weekly
    it is crucial that participants have role       sessions have allowed Aboriginal people
    models and facilitators from the                unfamiliar with eachother to meet in a manner
    community.                                      previously non-existent at Wabano. When
   The impact of this program is expected          practicing yoga they have developed networks
    to be dramatic. With the support of             of support and feel comforted talking to other
    our mental health teams, we are                 people in the community confronting similar
    focusing on the health and well-being           health risks
    of every participant as a ‘whole’ and          Recognition in the community - Through
    intend to explore behavioral,                   continued dedication to improving this
    environmental and psychological                 program, promotion and ability to adapt yoga
    factors that influence unhealthy                and healthy lifestyles presentations to all body
    lifestyles and in turn develop effective        types and expectations, this program has
    strategies to be used by the whole              started to develop a favorable reputation
    family.                                         among the Aboriginal community in Ottawa. A
                                                    consistent fitness program that is open to
                                                    everyone in the community encourages
                                                    participation and disseminates an awareness of
                                                    the importance of increasing fitness levels and
                                                    healthier lifestyles.
                                                                                        There are plenty of high impact Aboriginal
                                                                                        games, sports and activities, while there are
                                                                                        many traditional foods and recipes that offer
                                                                                        healthy and balanced diets.
                       All ages are expected to attend, but                           Snowshoeing tones the entire body while
                                                                                                                                          Pamela Naymark, Health
                        priority will be given to young women,                          providing an excellent cardiovascular workout.
                        mothers and their children.                                     It strengthens leg and heart muscles and
                       This particular event is set for February                       improves delivery of oxygen to muscles.
                          th                                                                                                              Wabano Aboriginal Health
                        9 in the Gatineau Hills, but we would     Evaluations will be  Snowshoeing also allows Aboriginal people to
   “The great                                                                                                                             Centre
                        like to make this a regular excursion.    completed after       connect to the land and the way of their
snowshoeing and        We will be serving a healthy lunch that the excursions.         ancestors.
 chili ‘eventure’                                                                                                                         P: 613-748-0657 x. 223
                        is easy, affordable and offers a good                          In the same way, part of canoeing is
                        balance of all food groups.                                     overcoming and working with nature and the
                       Canoeing is expected to take place in                           environment, but it also allows for an intense
“Just around the        May 2008.                                                       session of high impact cardio activity.
   riverbend” :                                                                        Kayaking and Canoeing has never been
   Canoeing for                                                                         attempted at Wabano by adult women, but
    beginners                                                                           there is a real interest and need for these
 (to be planned)
                    The 2008 census reported an unprecedented number of Aboriginals living in Ottawa; more than 50,000 habitants self identified as Aboriginal in
                    Ottawa and more than a million throughout Canada. This number does not even include the Aboriginal groups that chose not to participate in this

                    Aboriginal people claim the highest rates of obesity, diabetes (in some instances 3 times the average rate) and many chronic health issues in Canada. In
                    addition, they have a high incidence of mental illness and significantly lower life expectancies than that of their non-Aboriginal counterparts. It is crucial
                    that we target the source of these chronic health conditions and consequences by encouraging a healthier livelihood and behaviors/habits that are
                    passed down through the generations. Health promotion efforts at Wabano encourage Aboriginal families to remain active, fit and healthy in their
                    minds, bodies and spirits.