Whereas_ by decree


									Whereas, NAKA Entertainment was founded by James Weaver in 1999. Mr. Weaver, also
known as Weave, is a very positive role model in the African American community and will do
almost anything for the youth of all communities; and

Whereas, NAKA is a growing entertainment business that specializes in Hip Hop Aerobics,
clothing lines, and dance choreography. Mr. Weaver has opened up shows for various artists
ranging from Shabba Ranks, Faith, Prince and a host of others; and

Whereas, Mr. Weaver has been working in this line of business for the past 12 years. The
definition of NAKA is Nothing Against Kan Achieve. Mr. Weaver wants to show that we can
achieve our dreams with drive and determination. Because of this NAKA was born; and

Whereas, NAKA’s aerobics classes provide different types of music to exercise from. NAKA’s
clothing line is new to the scene and tee shirts can be purchased at the aerobic classes. NAKA’s
dance and choreography is very versatile, ranging from gospel, hip hop, modern and jazz; and

Whereas, Mr. Weaver plans to expand the NAKA into an international market, teaching youth
and taking them on tours across the country to put on shows produced and choreographed by
NAKA. Mr. Weaver also has plans to open his own business which include his own dance studio
and gymnasium. He would like to show the youth of today that there is another side of life
outside of poverty and violence.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh recognizes
and commends Mr. James Weaver for his active participation in encouraging minorities and
others on keeping fit and teaching the importance of exercising and maintaining good health.


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