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Legal Aid Foundation of Santa B


									               Legal Aid
          of Santa Barbara County

Equal Access to Justice
Our Mission
  Our Mission is to ensure that low-
   income people and seniors have
   access to the civil justice system -
  to secure safe shelter,
  adequate income,
  and protection from domestic
   violence and elder abuse.
Primary Services
  Domestic Violence and Elder Abuse
   Restraining Orders
  Housing Discrimination, Habitability
   and Eviction Defense
  Social Security, SSI and Public
   Benefits Eligibility Appeals
Other Services
    Legal Resource Centers
    Telecom Rights Campaign
    Consumer Debt Clinic
    Project Outreach
    Senior Outreach
    Advance Health Care Directives
Protection from Abuse
  One Client’s Story
    Our client was a Santa Barbara mother with 2
     teenage girls, ages 12 and 16.
    Her ex-husband had been convicted and
     imprisoned for sexually molesting his older
    The mother came to Legal Aid after her ex-
     husband attempted to contact the older
     daughter by having his sister forward her a
Protection from Abuse
  How Did Legal Aid Help?
    Our client was frightened because her
     ex-husband had been released from
     prison and the Restraining Order she
     had obtained when the abuse was
     discovered had expired.
    Legal Aid helped the woman renew the
     Restraining Order for another 3 years.
Legal Help for Seniors
  One Client’s Story
    Our client was an elderly Lompoc
     woman whose home was being seized
     by the Sheriff because of a debt her
     deceased husband had neglected to
     pay several years earlier.
    The value of her home was far greater
     than the amount of the debt.
Legal Help for Seniors
  How Did Legal Aid Help?
    Legal Aid negotiated an agreement
     with the creditor’s attorney.
    The creditor agreed to postpone
     collection of the debt during the
     woman’s lifetime.
    Our client can now remain in her home.
Protecting the Disabled
  One Client’s Story
    Our client was an elderly, slightly
     developmentally disabled, monolingual
     Spanish-speaking Santa Maria couple.
    They were being evicted from the
     home they had rented for 20 years
     because they used their rent money to
     pay for a family member’s funeral and
     repair their only vehicle.
Protecting the Disabled
  How Did Legal Aid Help?
    Legal Aid contacted Adult Protective Services
     and secured funds to pay off a portion of the
     past due rent.
    Legal Aid then negotiated an agreement with
     the landlord that allowed the couple to make
     monthly payments over a 1 year period to pay
     off the remainder of the past due rent.
    Legal Aid also worked with APS to set up a
     payee account for future rent payments so the
     couple’s home will not be jeopardized in the
Preventing Homelessness
  One Client’s Story
    Our client was a mildly mentally disabled
     Santa Barbara woman who had been ordered
     to vacate her apartment while plumbing
     repairs were being made.
    Unable to afford a motel and unaware that the
     property manager was violating her rights, the
     woman took her pet cockatiels and started
     sleeping in the park.
Preventing Homelessness
  How Did Legal Aid Help?
    Because the weather was exceptionally hot at
     the time, the woman’s pet birds began to
     suffer; when she sought help for the birds she
     was referred to Legal Aid.
    Legal Aid informed the property manager that
     his actions were illegal.
    Legal Aid called the police and arranged for
     officers to escort our client and her pet birds
     back to her apartment.
Other Help with
   Fair Housing Advocacy
     Rental property testing.

   Health and Safety Code Enforcement
     Working with code enforcement.
Unmet Needs
  Family Law
    Contested divorces
    Custody and property disputes
    Guardianship applications
  Consumer Law
    Auto loan repossessions
    Credit report corrections
    Wage garnishments
Volunteer Opportunities
      Project Outreach
      Senior Outreach
      Legal Resource Centers
      DVRO Clinics
      Consumer Debt Clinic
      Internships
      Fundraising Committees
      Board of Directors
How to Support Legal Aid
      Special Event Sponsorship
      “Justice for All” Fund
      Monthly Pledge
      House Parties
      Cy Pres Awards
      Annual Auction
      Endowment Gift
      Bequest
Revenue                      Amount     Percent
Donations & Special Events   $170,000   23%
Government Grants            $235,750   31%
Foundation Grants            $138,000   19%
Bar Grants                   $146,400   20%
Fees                         $49,400    7%
Total Revenue                $739,175   100%

Labor                        $548,704   75%
Professional Fees            $16,100    2%
Program Costs                $144,790   20%
Fundraising Costs            $23,400    3%
Total Expenses               $732,995   100%

Net                          $6,180     0.8%
                       Revenue Sources

                                         Donations & Special
    Bar Grants

  Foundation Grants
       19%                               Government Grants
                               Expenses by Category

                             Fundraising Costs
             Program Costs

 Professional Fees

Attorneys & Advocates
      Yvonne Cudney, Director of Litigation
      Ellen Goodstein, Program Director
      Alex Lambrous, Santa Barbara
      Robert Test, Lompoc (starts 1/4/06)
      Jane Wierda, Santa Barbara LRC
      Diamond Tran, Santa Maria LRC
      Elizabeth Diaz, DVRO Coordinator
Support Staff
    Claire Magee, Paralegal
    Corine Greensky, Intake Coordinator
    Maribel Aguilera, Intake Coordinator
    Mari Estrada, Office Manager
    Jennifer Ohlmacher, Development
    Audrie Krause, Executive Director
Board of Directors
  Officers
      Philip Sinco, President
      Garry Tetalman, President-Elect
      David Thurber, Vice President
      Molora Vadnais, Secretary
      Barbara Tzur, Treasurer
Board of Directors
  Members
      Tim Allison
      Yvette Andrade
      James Cordes
      Allan Ghitterman
      David Landecker
      Jennifer Raphael
Where to Find Us

    Offices
      Santa Barbara:
         301 E. Canon Perdido St.
      Santa Maria:
         301 S. Miller St., Ste. 116
      Lompoc:
         106 S. “C” St., Ste. A
Where to Find Us

     Legal Resource Centers
       Santa Barbara Courthouse
         McMahon Law Library
         1100 Anapamu St.
       Santa Maria Courthouse
         Santa Maria Law Library
         312-C E. Cook St.
Where to Find Us

    Project Outreach (weekly, drop-in)
      Tuesday: Franklin Community Center, SB
      Wednesday: Goleta Community Center
      Thursday: Westside Community Center, SB
    Senior Outreach (monthly,
      Carpinteria Senior Center
      Goleta Senior Center
      Lompoc Senior Center
Where to Find Us

      Domestic Violence Clinics
        Santa Barbara Office
        Santa Maria Legal Resource Center

      Consumer Debt Clinic
        Santa Barbara Legal Resource Center
Equal Access to Justice
  The Legal Aid Foundation
   of Santa Barbara County

  Thank You!

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