Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective by P-PerseusBooks


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									Medical Anthropology in Ecological Perspective
Author: Ann McElroy
Author: Patricia K. Townsend

Edition: 5

Widespread awareness of emerging infectious diseases and global environmental change makes the
ecological perspective of this premier teaching text for medical anthropology as relevant as ever.
Integrating biocultural, environmental, and evolutionary approaches to the study of human health, this fifth
edition is now thoroughly revised to reflect new developments in the field. Research by human biologists
and paleopathologists illuminates the history and prehistory of disease, while the work of cultural and
applied anthropologists addresses contemporary health issues. The fifth edition features five new profiles
by guest contributors, all leading researchers on health and environment. New topics include community
health and disease prevention in urban America; water-borne disease in Ecuador; iodine deficiency in the
Himalaya; stress and demographic change in northern Siberia; and participatory action research in Costa
Rica. Also included is updated and expanded consideration of refugee health, global aspects of
HIV/AIDS, and careers in applied medical anthropology.

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