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					Template Letter for Layoff with Bumping Rights for Staff Covered Under the Civil Service

Purpose of a Layoff Letter

To inform the affected Civil Service employee in writing of involuntary reduction of time from
above 75% time to below 75% time or from above 50% time to below 50% time of layoff, and
bumping rights.

Instructions for using this Template

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When complete, print this letter on letterhead. Include all required enclosures.
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[Click here and type Name]
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Dear [Click here and type Name]:

This letter is to confirm our conversation on [Click here and type date] that your current appointment will
be involuntarily reduced to [Click here and type percent time], effective [Click here and type date] from
[Click here and type percent time]. Under governing language in Civil Service Rules, this reduction
qualifies as a layoff and this letter serves as such notice. I’ve prepared an additional document describing
the responsibilities of your reduced-time appointment. This may help as you consider your options.
(Optional: This layoff is not a reflection on the quality of your work).

Employees who have passed probation are eligible per the Civil Service Rule 12 to:
    Choose transfer to open vacancies in our seniority unit within current classification;
    Choose demotion to open vacancies in our seniority unit in a lower classification;
    Exercise bumping rights;
    Have your name placed on the University layoff list; or
    Participate in the Layoff Severance Program, if applicable.

According to our records, you may have bumping rights to [Click here and type position title] position in
our seniority unit. I have arranged a meeting with
[Click here and type name of appropriate HR representative or supervisor] on
[Click here and type date and time] at [Click here and type place] to receive information regarding these
rights. You will have to let [Click here and type HR person] know seven days from the date of this letter
if you decide to exercise your option to bump.

If you do not exercise your option to bump, you may have your name placed on the University layoff list
by writing to:
        Layoff List Coordinator
        Office of Human Resources
        University of Minnesota
        200 Donhowe Building
        319-15th Avenue SE
        Minneapolis, MN 55455

To have your name placed on the layoff list, you will need to provide:

       A copy of this letter to the Layoff List Coordinator;
       A new or updated application online at;
       A written request to the Layoff List Coordinator to have your name placed on the list. You may
        complete the attached form and fax it to (612) 624-6037, mail it to the above address, or send an
        e-mail request to

The total time your name remains on the layoff list will not exceed two years (24 consecutive months)
from the date of your layoff.

You should be aware of some guidelines during your notice period and layoff:
         Once you have provided all of the relevant documentation, you may apply for vacancies to which
          you have layoff list rights.

         You may also look for vacancies posted on the U of M Job Center website at
 for which you do not have rights, but for which you might be
          qualified and in which you may have an interest. Consider applying for these vacant positions.

Further information about layoff can be found in the Civil Service Rules, Rule 12. You also may call
[Click here and type HR Director, HR Specialist name or HR Consultant name] at
[Click here and type phone number] if you have questions about the layoff process and bumping rights.

The University also has a Layoff Severance Program for Civil Service and Union-Represented Employees
that applies to employees who meet specified eligibility requirements. Information describing the
eligibility criteria, benefits, and conditions of the program are available online at should the program be applicable
and of interest to you. Contact the Employee Benefits Service Center at 612-624-9090 or 800-756-2363
(Option 2). For more information regarding this program you may also schedule an appointment to meet
with a Benefit Counselor to review your individual situation.

Please note, if you are eligible for this program, you have a limited period of time for election. You
must complete the agreement form and submit it to your supervisor by your last day of

Any questions that you may have regarding medical, dental, life and disability insurance and the
retirement plan, if applicable, should be directed to the Employee Benefits Service Center 612-624-9090
or 800-756-2363 (Option 2). For information regarding unemployment insurance benefits, if applicable,
contact your local Minnesota WorkForce Center (see attached Important Resource Information for

Optional: I wish to thank you for your contributions to [Click here and type department name] over the
past [Click here and type # of years] years and I wish you success in your future endeavors.


[Click here and type Your Name]
[Click here and type Your Title]

cc:       Employee Benefits
          [Click here and type Human Resources Consultant]
          Layoff List Coordinator
          Personnel File [Click here and type Empl. ID#]
                                       Important Information

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

EAP provides cost-free professional consultation and referral services for University employees who need
help assessing financial matters, career change strategies and emotional or stress-related difficulties.
Spouses/partners and immediate family members are also eligible for EAP services.

Civil Service & Bargaining Unit Employees

Twin Cities:
EAP services are provided by
The Sand Creek Group, Ltd.

Crookston: Northwestern Mental Health Center, 218-281-3940

Duluth: St. Luke's Employee Assistance Program, 218-249-7077

Morris: Stevens Community Medical Center, 320-589-7625

Rochester: Contact the Twin Cities EAP services

University employees in Greater Minnesota may also use the Twin Cities EAP.

Employee Benefits

To discuss continuation of your health benefits and the Layoff Severance Program:

        (612) 624-9090 Option 2
        1-800-756-2363 Option 2

To schedule an appointment with a Benefit Counselor:

        (612) 624-9090 Option 1
        1-800-756-2363 Option 1

Human Resources – Director or Specialist

[Click here and type HR Director or Specialist’s Name] [Click here and type HR Director or Specialist’s
phone number]

Human Resources Consultant

[Click here and type HR Consultant's Name] [Click here and type HR Consultant's phone number]
Dislocated Worker Program

Available at Minnesota Work Force Centers at 1.888.GET JOBS (1.888.438.5627) or for a complete list
of offices visit:

Services include job seeking skills workshops, job referrals and placement, retraining including the cost
of tuition, on the job training, and assessment to enable you to enter into self-employment.

University of Minnesota Layoff List

To be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List, complete a staff application online at and submit a written request to be placed on the layoff list to or:

                Layoff List Coordinator
                Office of Human Resources
                200 Donhowe Bldg
                319 15th Ave. SE
                Minneapolis, MN 55455-0106

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Apply for benefits using TELECLAIM (651) 296-3644 or outstate 1-877-898-9090. You can also visit
this website:
                  Request to be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List

In order to be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List, you must have received a written notice of layoff
(stating your layoff rights and last day of work), have an updated staff application online at, and request in writing to be placed on the layoff list.

Completion of this form shall be considered a request to be placed on the University of Minnesota Layoff List. SEND the
completed form to: Layoff List Coordinator, Office of Human Resources, 200 Donhowe Building, 319 15th Ave SE,
Minneapolis 55455-0106, OR you may fax the completed form to 612-624-6037. ALTERNATIVELY, you may use e-
mail to request placement on the Layoff List (

Name (please print):

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Layoff Date:

Please check which of the following required items have been completed:

   Updated staff application including current position on-line at

   Layoff Notice attached


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Today’s Date: