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Modified Car Online Auctions

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Modified Car Auctions is a growing market and has tons of fans.

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When it comes to modified cars there has been a growing interest from
people who since seeing films like the fast and the furious love the idea
of modifying their car to suit there taste. With the modified car market
growth it has made lots of new firm's rich. From the customisers to the
tv companies the prosperity of modifying rides has been spread amongst
lots of areas of business.

Its this modified car business which propelled westwood and other famous
stars to becoming tv presentors, something which further expands the
While a lot of the money to be made out of modified auto mobiles has been
made, there is still substantial positive movement making it a fairly
safe investment to start a modified related business.

So if you want a modern day business concept you cant go wrong with
joining the ranks of mechanics within the market.

We have been monitoring the 'big bang' of modified cars from our website
ModAuctions - where we not only provide a ton of modified cars for sale
listings but behind all that we watch the growing audience and what they
search for. The most popular phrase used to find modified cars in april
2008 for example was 'Modified Wheel' followed closely by 'best
modification'. In watching the metrics of customers, viewers and search
numbers we are able to project estimates on where the modified car market
is going, how its growing and how its swallowing similar markets.

You can view full statistics and detailed graphs on the changing face of
modified cars as a business market on the site. Our most exciting figures
show how paint jobs are growing at a very fast rate, the specialism of
'air art' has stood out for the last quarter as one of the most popular
submarkets under modified motors.

The time is now - lets get modifying our cars!!

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