database - J_L Gardens by mifei


variety                        DTM     fruit color       fruit type        leaf type     height   plant type
1884                      85           red               beefsteak                       6'       IND
Aker's West Virginia           85      red               beefsteak         RL            6'       IND
Amana Orange                   75-90   orange            beefsteak                       6'
Amazon Chocolate               80      brown             beefsteak         PL                     IND
Amy's Sugar Gem                71      red/flecked       salad             RL            8'       IND
Amy's Black cross                      green shoulder    salad             ?             ?
Ananas Noire                   80      green/black       beefsteak         RL            5'       IND
Angora Super Sweet             75-80   red/fuzzy         cherry 1”         RL            3'       comp IND?
Anna Aasa                      65-75   red               cherry            RL            5'       IND
Anna Russian                   69-87   pink w/green      oxheart           finely cut
Arbuznyi                       65-70   red/black         beefsteak         RL            5'       INDc
Aunt Gertie's Gold             75      orange            oblate            RL            4'       INDc
Aunt Ginny's Purple            75-85   pink/purple       Boat-shaped       RL            6'       IND
Aunt Ruby's German Cherry      78-80   green/yellow      cherry                          6'       IND
Baiguoqiangfeng                77      pink              12-20oz globe     RL                     IND
Banded Amazon                  75-80   deep brown        10-16 oz beefsteakRL            6'       IND
Bedouin                        75-80   mahogany          pear/plum         PL            6'
Bellstar                       74      dark red          5oz oval paste                           DET
Big Rainbow                    80-95   chartreuse
Big Raspberry                  75      red/pink        6-10oz scalloped PL                        IND
Black and Brown Boar           75      dark red,green  slicer
Black Cherry                   65-75   purple          cherry            RL              10'      IND
BC (blight resistant)          75      black/pink      large cherry
Black Crimson                  mid     gold and purple beefsteak         RL
Black from Tula                70-85   black/pink      1lb boat shaped                   6'       IND
Black Krim                     75-90   black/maroon                      RL              5'       INDc
Black Master                   mid     black           mid               RL              5'       IND
Black Pear                     80-85                                     PL              5'
Black Plum                     82      mahogany        egg                               5'
Black Zebra, Zebra Noire       75-85   black red green round             RL                       INDc
Black Tiger
Blondkopchen                           yellow            multiflora         RL           4'
Bloody Butcher                 55-60   dark red          salad                           3'       INDc
Boar's Hoof                                              sm heart
Box Car Willie                 80-85   red               oblate                                   semi IND
Brad's Black Heart             75-90   green brown       heart              finely cut
Brandy Boy                     75-78   pink red          14-16oz            PL           6'       IND
Brandywine Pink                80-90   pink              beefsteak          PL           8'       IND
Brandywine Sudduths            80-85   deep pink         beefsteak          PL           8'       IND
Break O Day                    70      8oz red                              RL                    IND-SD
Brown Berry                    70-75   green brown       cherry             RL           8'       IND
Bulgarian #7                   78      red               round                           5'       IND
Bursztyn                       60-70   amber-gold        2-4 oz                          4'       DET
Carbon                         80-90   red black         oblate             RL           5'
Cerise Chocolate                       brown             cherry             RL                    IND
Chapman                        80      red               beefsteak          RL           8'       IND
Cherokee Green                 86      green/yellow      beefsteak                       7'       IND
Cherokee Purple                80-90   purple            beefsteak                       6'       IND
Cherokee Purple PL                                                          PL
Cherry Brandywine              70      bright pink       oblate salad       RL           6'       IND
Chianti Rose                   80      bright pink       Boat-shaped                     8'       IND
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Chinese                    60-65    red            round                    5'     DET
Chinese Purple             80-85    pink/purple/bl 8-16oz
Chiquita                            pink pointed cherry                            semi DET
Chocolate Stripes          69-80    maroon
Coustralee                 82       red            beefsteak          RL    7'     IND
Coyote                     50-60                                      RL    12'    INDsp
Crnkovic Yugoslavian       80-90                      beefsteak       RL    5'     IND
Cuor di Bue                70-80                      heart
Cuore de Toro              89                         heart
Danko                      61                         heart                        DET
Dora                                pink              8-12oz beefsteak
Dot's Delight              90       pink              beefsteak        PL
Druzba                     75-95    bright red
Dutchman                   85-100   pink/purple       boat-shaped                  IND
Earl's Faux                80                                               7'
Earl of Edgecombe                   gold              round to long   RL    4'     INDc
Early Wonder               55       pink                                    4'     DET
Elbe                       89       yellow/gold       beefsteak       PL
Emily's Secret                      red               currant
Eva's Purple Ball          70-75    deep pink
Everglades                 55-68    red               wild currant
Fiaschetto                          red??             plum/paste            3'
Gail's Sweet Plum                   red flecked       plum            RL    4'     semi DET?
Gardener's Delight         65       red               large cherry                 IND
Garden Peach               75-85    yellow            fuzzy salad     RL    7'     IND
Gary Osena                          purple            beefsteak
German Johnson                                        beefsteak             5'     IND
Giant Belgium              85-90    dark pink         beefsteak       RL    7'     IND
Glory                               red               globe           RL    6'     IND
Gold Nugget                55-60    gold              1” cherry             5'     DET
Golden Rave (hyb)                   yellow long       salad           RL    7'     IND
Green Grape                70-82    green             oval cherry     RL    4'     semi DET
Green Zebra                75       green             round                 4'     DET
Hawawian Pineapple         90-95                                      RL           IND
 “Hezhou” (Zhefen Short)   60,68    deep pink         large oval      RL    4'     DET
Hirsutum Cross
Imur Prior Beta                                                       RL           semi DET
Indische Fleisch
Isis Candy                 67       gold,red star     large cherry    RL    7'     IND
Italian Sweet              90                                         PL
Jan's                                                 large cherry    RL    5'     IND
Jaune Flammee              70-90                      2-3 oz          RL    5'     INDc
Japanese Black Trifele     80-90    purple brick-red                        4'
J D's Special C-Tex        mid      purple-black                                   IND
Jet Star                   72       red              round            RL    5'     semi DET
Jetsetter                  64       red              oval             RL    6'     IND
Jolly                      70-85    bright pink      large cherry     RL    7'     IND
Kellogg's Breakfast        80-85    dusky orange      beefsteak       RL    6'     IND
Kimberly                   54-69    red               salad                 3'     DET
Koralik                    65-70                      cherry truss    RL    2.5'   DET
Korney's Cross             late     deep purple-red                   RL           semi DET
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Lee's Pink                            clear pink       salad              RL              IND
Lee Williams                 mid      yellow           cherry             RL       8'     IND
Lillian's Red Kansas Paste            red              8-12oz elongated   wispy RL 8'     IND
Limmonyi                              clear yellow     sm beefsteak       RL       6'     IND
Little Lucky                 80-90    golden bicolor   salad
Lucky Cross                  70-90    bicolor          beefsteak
Lollipop                              clear yellow     cherry             RL              INDc
Marianna's Peace             75-85    pink             beefsteak          PL
Marmande                     67-80    red              ribbed oblate      RL       4-5'   semi DET
Marvel Striped               90-110   yellow red       ruffled            RL              IND
Matt's Wild                  65-70    red              currant                     8'     INDsp
Mexico Midget                60-70    red              currant            RL              INDsp
Mini Orange                  66-85    brght orange     round              RL              IND
Momotaro                     74       bright pink      round              RL              IND
Moonglow                     80
Moskovich                    60       deep red         salad                              INDc
Negro Azteca                 75-80    Mauve-black      cherry/cluster
Nepal                        78-80
Neve's Azorean Red           75
Northern Lights              60-90    bicolor
Nyagous                      80-90    olive red        oval cluster       RL              IND
Oaxacan Jewel                75-85    gold green red   oblate             RL              INDc
Omar's Lebanese              80-85    pink red                                            IND
Opener                       57       red orange       round              RL              IND
Orange Banana                52-85    deep orange      long paste         RL              IND
OSU Blue
Peacevine Cherry                                                          RL              IND
Pearly Pink Cherry           75
Peron                        68       red              round              RL              IND
Petit Chocolate                       purple           currant                            IND
Pierce's Pride               80-90    purple           beefsteak                          IND
Pineapple                    75-95    yellow bicolor   beefsteak                          IND
Pink Oxheart                 75-85
Pink Ping Pong               70-75                     round to oval                      IND
Pink Potato Leaf
Pink Ruffled                                           heavily ruffled                    INDc
Pittsburg Potato Top         75                                                           IND
Plum Lemon                   75-95                     lemon shaped                       semi DET
Polfast                                                                                   DET
Polish Egg                            red              2-4 oz
Ponderosa Red                80
Potato Leaf                                                               PL
Pruden's Purple              75                        beefsteak          PL              IND
Pruden's Black (cross)                                 beefsteak                          IND
Purple Calabash              75                        irregular                          IND
Purple Plum                                                                               IND
Purple Russian               75-80                     pointed oval                       IND
Purple Smudge                80-90
Red Cherry                   75                        cherry
Red Lightening               82                        round
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Red Zebra                   85-95    red w/yellow      round                                    INDc
Reisentomate                                           cluster cherry                           INDsp
(cross) to red?
Reisentrabe                 75-85    red               cherry truss
Rosalita                    60-90                      oval cherry                              INDc
Rose de Berne               70-80    dark pink         round                                    IND
Rose Quartz                 75       pink              cherry
Rouge Flammee
Royesta                     70       red               ruffled
Russian Black
Russian Dagger
Rutgers                     60-100   blood red         round                                    DET
Sara Galapagos                                         cherry                                   IND
Sasha Altai                 55-60
Shah Mikado
Siletz                      52-75                      oblate                                   dwarf DET
Silvery Fir Tree DET        58                         flattened globe        fernlike   2'     dwarf DET
Slava                       65       red                                      PL
Snow White                  74                         slightly oval cherry
Sophie's Choice             60                         6oz                               2'     dwarf DET
Sophies Freckles
Sprite                                                                                          dwarf DET
Striped Cavern
St. Pierre
Stump of the World          80-81    pink              round
Stupice                     50-52    red               salad
Sugary                      60-75                      pointed oval                             semi DET
Sungold                     55-58                      round cherry                             IND
Sungold growout SGSx
Sun Sugar                   62       golden            currant
Super Snow White            75                         oblate cherry                            IND
Supersonic                  79                         globe                                    comp IND
Sweet Baby Girl             65       red               cherry truss                             comp IND
Sweetie                     70-75    red               cherry
Sweet Chelsea               64-67    red               cherry                            6-7'
Tangerine                                              oval globe
Tappy's Heritage            78-85                      globe
Thessaloniki                60-80    red               globe                  RL         4-5'
Tiffen Mennonite            75-90    pink              beefsteak              PL         7'     IND
Tigerella                   55-75    red w/ orange
Tigereye                    65-70    bicolor           large cherry           RL         7'     IND
Tomatoberry                 70-75    bright red        large cherry           RL         8'     IND
Tommy Toe                   70       deep red          cherry
Tormande                    68
Trip-L-Crop                          red
Truffaut Precoce            57       red
Turkish Striped Monastery   80-85
Ultimate Opener             57
Violaceum Krypni Rozo       75-85    pink red          deeply ruffled
Virginia Sweets             80
Wagon Wheel                 85
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Wapsipinicon Peach   80-81   cream yellow   fuzzy salad
White Beauty
White Currant        70-75   cream          currant
White Tomesol        80-85   white          oblate
Woodle Orange        75-80
Yellow Pear          78      yellow         pear
Yellow Submarine     78      deep yelllow   pear
Zapotec              75-90   dark pink      lobed pear

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source/origin                    cultivation/notes
trade/TF/2007                 10 not grown
TGS/2008                      20 root problems 2008
trade/TF                      ?  not grown
TW/2009                          blight 2009, but set some nice fruit
                              30, 25
trade/TF/2007,ss2008          12,2008, 2009, excellent production, very sweet at end of season
Ss/2008                       10 did not breed true
Terr/2006                     15 2006/decent production, late, mushy
TF/2009, ss2009                  not fuzzy, but loaded with late cherry-sized fruit, decent flavor
                              20, ++
ss                               late, excellent flavor, may be Gardener's Delight
sase NY MC              5        no germination
                        2,20,100 beautiful markings, good early production
Sol/2008, Sol 2009, ss2008
TGS/2008, ss2008        20,50    2008 late and only one ripe fruit
TGS/2008                17        very productive 2009, less so 2009, great flavor
ss2007                  ?        2007/ tons of yellow-green fruit can be mealy when overripe
sase TX GU R 08         25       not grown
new, ss2009             50       cross of Arbuznyi and Amazon Chocolate
TW/2009, ss2009         15, ++   new for 2009 – great production & very complex flavor
TGS/2008                30       not grown
Trade/2007              10       not grown
TGS/2009                25       not grown
                                 not grown
TGS/2008, ss            5, 50    2008, 2009 huge plants, plumlike flavor, market favorite
ss2009                  24       2009 completely unafffected, even went though several frosts
SHP2009                 30       not grown
TGS/2008,SSE/2008       25, 20   3 or 4 a week, great flavor, but must be used quickly
RHS2007,WAB2005,TGS2007 20,20,15 and TF2009, concentric cracking, great one year, 2006
GSC2009                 20       no striking qualities, blight 2009
TGS/2007                15       not grown
?                                grown 2007, late and prolific, poor texture and flavor
TGS/2008, Sol2008       6,12     2008 weak seedlings, disease, only a dozen ripened
SFFM                    25       trial 2010
Seedman2008             10       watery flavor, huge numbers on vine
SSE/2008                8        very early, dwarf plant stops production in summer heat
Sol/2009                         trial 2010
exchange12/2008                  new
Trade12/2008                     trial 2010
WAB/2006,2007           12, 20   probably just a strain of Brandywine, Burpee is not a breeder
LM2008                  30       2008 healthy, good production of large, sweet fruits
TGS/2008 + ss           30       2008 strong plant, very good production, some cracking
                                 not grown, good reviews
TT/2005, trade2008      20, 10   grown a number of years, flavor varies, replaced with BC
trade/SHP               8        2008, these got the blight and never really produced
exchange12/2008                  2009, deep orange fruit, not early, mushy, poor flavor
trade/BCS/2007          5        disappointing, struck by disease 2008
Sol/2008                10       not grown
TGS/2008 + ss           20, 100 huge plant, huge production, excellent 2008, blight 2009
Mari/2008               15       not grown
                                 grown in 2003-04, cracks easily, limited producer
                                 grew out for seed 2009
Sol/2008 + ss?          2,?      2008 not in a good place in garden, should retry
Sol/2008 + ss           5, 100   2008 giant, boat-shaped fruits, great production and flavor
                                                 Page 6
Sol/2009, ss2009           100      planted 2009, steady, unspectacular, not a paste
TW/2009                             not grown
Seedman2008                10       decent production, very small plants were not vigorous
BCS/2009                   25       not grown – sounds like Arbuznyi
TGS/2008                   15       2008 few fruit
Mari/2008 +ss              15 ++    tons of tiny currants have very odd flavor
TGS/2008                   15       decent production, some cracking
SM                                  poor year
SM                                  2007 did not do well
CM sase                             seed damaged
trade?                              CP x BW
trade LenaNZ               15       not grown
SHP2008                    40       not grown
SM                                  very late, few, but large
Trade12/2008                        lots of very soft pink tomatoes tend to drop from vine 2009
Mari/2008, ss              20, 75   planted late, but steady production of firm orange globes
TF/2009                             2009 beautiful clear pink globes, good flavor at 65 days
Sol/2009                            new
ET2009                              saved seed, very sharp little cherry
Mari/2008                  20       not grown, may drop when ripe
exchange12/2008                     not grown
Sol/2009                            dwarf plants set fruit all at once and died – bitter
SHP2008                    40       large numbers of fruit ripened all at once, plant sprawled
TGS/2008                   20       can be great, but got weak seedlings the last two years
TT/2006                    20       problem with hollow, large cores, 2008
Gourmet2009                25       CP x BW
Mari/2008                  25       ok, nothing special, problems with disease 2008
Mari/2008                  15       no giant, but not bad – similar to Brandywine, some cracking
TGS/2008                   10       one of two plants did well, 2008 – might try again
EH2009                              2009 greenhouse, poor flavor and definitely not early
Park2009                            easy to grow, keeps well, huge numbers of mild fruit
SHP2008                    30       produced well, average flavor
Trade/2007                 10       susceptible to blight – poor production, average flavor
TGS/2008                   25
trade/melissaohio/2007     ss 50+   nice early pink like Early Wonder, but globe-shaped
                                    remarkable production of flawless, strongly flavored tomtoes
SHP2008                    25       not a keeper
Mari/2008                  20, 10   same here
Terr2005,TT2007,SSE2008    12,12,40 also TGS2008-20 - consistantly the best cherry I have grown
Trade/2007                 5        not grown
Ss 2008                             excellent cross of Isis with Snow White
                           out!     good production, good to excellent flavor
SM/2007, exchange2008               will not grow again 2008
SHP2009                             trial 2010, reportedly similar to CP
TGS/2008                   20       not a strong performer in 2008
TGS/2008                   25       very early, steady producer of firm red fruit
TGS/2008                   25       thick-skinned fruit develops sweetness late

SSE/2008, TGS/2008         25, 25   healthy plants, huge production of big orange monsters
TGS/2008                   20       small plant, good production to start – flavor was bland
ss2009 (Roswell Mystery)            small oblong cherries, excellent flavor, difficult to pick 2009
SHP2009                    50       Trial 2010, reportably some variability
                                               Page 7
saved seed                              2009 developed heart-shaped fruit, sometimes 6 to 8 at a time

SHP2009, ss                   30, ++    not a paste, juicy, fantastic flavor, very productive
trade/TGS/200?, ss 2009       25, ++    wonderful yellow, vigorous vines, citrus overtones
Trade/2009                              trial the heart-shaped version 2010
Trade/2009                              enormous plants put on huge fruit 2009
Rachel's 2007                           bland 2007
trade/TGS/2007                13        not planted
                                        2006, 2007, good producer of dark red, ribbed fruit
SOC/2006                      7         nicely ruffled, beautiful colored tomatoes on strong plant
TomatoBob/2007                          2006, good flavor, lapsed in heat
                                        2009 small vines, huge production, flavor ok
TT2006                        10        long vines, great flavor, a bitch to pick
Mari/2008                     20        went down midseason – possible replant
TGS/2008, Terr2008, 2009      12,4,15   great on 2008, less so in 2009 but a keeper
trade/Mari/2008               12,
TomatoBob/2007                          Planted 2009 – grew this 3 years ago along south fence
TW/12/2008                    new       poor flavor 2009
Trade/2008, exchange/2008               looks like a good one, but 2009 was not a good trial
TF/2009                                 Not 60 days, Gary! Probably a strain of Pineapple
TT/2006                       10        Grown 2006, died early, poor flavor
Sol/2008, ss/2009             7, 75     great little plant with gorgeous tomatoes
TT2005                        13        big plant, not a heavy bearer, but the ones I got were 1+lb
                                        very early, produces by the bushel,
TT2007                        18        can be great, but got weak seedlings the last two years
Trade 2009,ss2009             1, ++     good to great flavor but slightly mealy, great production
TomatoBob/2007                          moderate production, moderate flavor that year
BCS/2009                                this is an oval salad type – flavor is average, good producer
Terr/2007                     20        excellent the one year I grew it
ss                            +         monster vines, great flavor and a keeper – some mb
TT/2005,2006                  20, 35    great one year, not so great the next

TT/2007 TGS2008               15, 30    fantastic tomato

SHP2008                       50        2008 disease shortened season

SHP2008                       50        or is this Potato Leaf? Need to check
exchange12/2008                         not a keeper
PT/2009                                 very early and lots of them
Sol/2008                      13        think this was a mistake on my order – might try though
                                        see note above

Ss 2008                                 excellent in 2008, problems in 2009, but will try again
Terr/2006 and exchange/2008             been a while since I grew this

Trade/2007                              stray seed in 2009, wispy foliage, handsome fruit
BCS/2009                      10        med pink on two plants, large orange on another, mushy
WAB/2006                      9         same as Red Zebra despite what Geo. Ball says
                                                  Page 8
TT/2005, 2007             20, 17
Sol + ss                  2, ++       unusual shape – need to develop flavor
Ss 2008
PT/2008 and exchange      10
TGS/2008                  30       numerous fruits, firm, but little flavor-2008
TGS/2007, Mari2008 + ss             great tomato, sweet and
                          20,30,100thin skinned and sweet spicy
TF/2009                            late in the season, these little beaties are wonderful, 2009
TGS/2008                              disappointment in 2008
Ss 2008
new, ss2009
seed exchange 2008                    old commercial variety - not grown
SHP2008                   50          late, did not produce much, used to develop Petit Chocolate
TF/2009                               2009 steady production through the year, a good one
EHS 2008                  40          good early production fell off when weather warmed
                                      surprise in 2008 – produced a dense flush of early tomatoes
TF/2009                               good early production fell off when weather warmed
TGS/2008, Terr2007        25,3        one of the best yellow cherries - hugely productive
                                      2009, grown in containers, very sweet, dense
new, ss2009                           mutation 2009
Trade/2008                            not planted

Trade/12/2008                      to trial
TT/2007,TGS2008,SSE2008   23,35,30 2006,2007, excellent though sharp flavored, 2008 plants were stunted
                                   grown 2007,2008 slow to ripen, sweet late, but off -flavor
                                   this is one hybrid worth growing – scented foliage
                                   replaces Sungold
                          new      sweet, but little else going for it – can get huge inside
                          20       major disappointment 2008 – bland and watery
Harris 2008, TGS2008      30,25    crop failure due to disease
                                   Ok – nothing special
                                      great numbers of not particularly flavorful fruit
Trade/2007                10          not planted recently
BCS/2008,ss               40100       great numbers of deep red, strongly-flavored tomatoes
Mari/2008, ss             20, 100's   steady supplier of blocky tomatoes with an earthy flavor
Terr/2006                 30          sparse production of big fine Brandywine type 2006, 2007
                          87          this is saved green seed – have to test germination
Sol2008                               weak plants succumbed to disease
new, ss2009                           beautiful fruit, somatic mutation on hirsutum cross
                                      crunchy,good keeper, flavor good late
                                      grown in 2007, great production, but tended to rot on vine
TT/2006, 2007             18,10       does not stack up to Marmande grown in past years
Burg/2006                             big plant, just of couple of fruits matured in 2007
Sol2008                   5           IPB type not adapted well to this climate
                          new         2009, small, sharp, some problems wth disease
RHS 2006 PT2009                       bushels of firm, market type tomatoes early in season
TGS/2008                  20          great yield, decent flavor and a big seller at market
                          new         2009, did well at first, then faded – very striking tomato
Mari/2007                 15          not grown
                                                Page 9
SSE/2008                 15       seedlings did not survive, replaced, got deformed fruit
Burgess2006              30       grown in 2007, did quite well until late in season
Terr/2006                40       loved the flavor, a pain to pick

Baker/trade Baker/2008   5,40     seedlings were weak, did not produce fruit
TF2009 seed exchange              these are popular, but renowned for a flat and mealy flavor
Trade 2006, 2007, ss     2,5, 150 a vast improvement
SOC/2006, ss 2008        15       beautiful fruit, very mild, good production through midseason
                                  not grown

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plants were stunted

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