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					                                                                   Raymond Elementary School
      Food Service Director:                                          January Lunch Menu
         262-878-2434                                                                                                                                                 PRICES:

          MONDAY                              TUESDAY                          WEDNESDAY                     THURSDAY                        FRIDAY
             Mini Day                             Patty Day                         Cluck Cluck                 Na Na Nachos                   Grill 'Em Up
Mini Corn Dogs w/Ketchup          Chicken Patty on Bun w/Mayo            Baked Chicken               Beefy Nachos w/Cheese Sauce   Grilled Cheese Sandwich
OR Smuckers PB & Jelly Sandwich   OR Breakfast Sandwich (egg & Cheese)   OR Salisbury Stead          OR Chicken Pot Pie            OR Hot Ham & Cheese Sub
Peas                              Seasoned Carrots                       Mashed Potatoes & Gravy     Lettuce Salad                 Tomato Soup                ELEMENTARY:                   $2.00
Baby Carrots                      Broccoli w/Dip                         Salad Bar                   Seasoned Rice                 Assorted Veggies           SECONDARY:                    $2.00
Orange Wedges                     Sliced Pears                           Milk                        Applesauce                    Fresh Fruit                ADULT:                        $2.50
Milk                              Fresh Fruit                                                        Milk                          Milk                         Adult Milk:                 $0.35
                                              Rice Krispie Treat                                                  Brownie                                     (Choice of 1% white
3                                 4                                      5                           6                             7                          or 1% Chocolate)
          Golden Nuggets                         Tasty Tacos                      Hot Diggity Dog                Home Cooking                     Pizza
Chicken Nuggets w/Sauce           Soft Shell Tacos w/Fixins              Hot Dog on a Bun            Chicken & Gravy over Rice     Tony's Cheese Pizza          Fresh Choices from
OR Bacon Cheddar Burger           OR BBQ Pork Rib Patty on Bun           OR Chicken Quesadilla       OR Nutra Meal                 OR Meatball Bomber Sub
Buttered Noodles                  Refried Beans                          Corn                        Dinner Roll                   Baby Carrots                 the Food Bar are
Seasoned Peas                     Celery Sticks                          Salad Bar                   Mandarin Oranges              Sliced Pears                   Offered Daily
Apple Wedges                      Pineapple Tidbits                      Milk                        Fresh Fruit                   Slice of Bread
Mixed Fruit                       Milk                                                               Milk                          Milk
                                                Cookie Treat                                                   Pudding Cup
10                                11                                     12                          13                            14
           Chicken Little                        Think Italian                     Brunch Lunch                   A Favorite
Chicken Strips w/sauce            Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce                 Pancakes w/Scrambled Eggs   Chicken Patty on Bun w/mayo
OR Chef Salad w/Meat & Cheese     OR Grilled Chicken Deluxe              OR Turkey & Cheese Wrap     OR Toasted Pizza Sandwich
Potato Wedges                     Lettuce Salad                          Potato Rounds               Buttered Noodles
Mixed Fruit                       Slice of Bread                         Salad Bar                   Candied Carrots                          Half Day
Apple Wedges                      Sliced Peaches                         Milk                        Sliced Peaches                           No Lunch
Milk                              Milk                                                               Milk                                                     Nutra Meal Includes:
                                                                                                                                                                    Yogurt &
                                              Animal Crackers                                                   Jello Treat                                   Peanut Butter Bagel
17                                18                                     19                          20                            21
            Burger Time                          MMM Good                        Wednesday Special               Dunker Day
Hamburger/Cheeseburger            Chicken Nuggets w/sauce                Tony's Cheese Pizza         Cheesebread Dunkers w sauce                              Free & Reduced meal
OR Crispy Chicken Salad           OR Corn Dog on Stick                   OR Meatball Bomber Sub      OR Nutra Meal
Shoestring Fries                  Mashed Potatoes with Gravy             Carrots                     Seasoned Peas                                            forms can be obtained
Celery Sticks                     Slice of Bread                         Salad Bar                   Diced Pears                              Half Day        from each of the building
Apple Wedges                      Peaches                                Milk                        Fresh Fruit                              No Lunch        offices at any time
Milk                              Milk                                                               Milk                                                     throughout the school year.

                                             Cinnamon Churro                                              "Happy Birthday Cake"
24                                25                                     26                          27                            28

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                                                                                                                                                                     an (*) may
                                                                                                                                                                     contain pork


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