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					      10 steps to a successful
           Social Media

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   The whole goal of social media from a marketing perspective is to get
subscribers, fans and loyal readers interested in your product, service or
other promotional interest. When you create a profile, article or other
relevant content on a social media platform, other people can view it.
When your content is clicked, viewed or requested, you get traffic that was
“organically” created. Done properly, this can become a major source of

   These links go back to your site giving it importance and ranking in the
search engines. Therefore, the more links…the better. Below are solid ways
to get the most out of social media and effectively generate exposure to your

1. Define Your Goals
Before beginning any social media campaign, you should define your goals.
Are you trying to project a certain image for your site? Are you trying to get
customers? Are you looking for feedback? After determining the social
media platform that will help you to accomplish your goal, you’ll be able to
forge ahead, targeting the sites that provide the most value.

For example, there are an abundance of social networking and social
bookmarking sites. Many of them are geared toward news, ecommerce,
pets and even food. For example, check out this list of social networking
sites for just a small sample of the variety of these sites. But social media
platforms aren’t the only game in town, there are blogs, social
bookmarking, video and Twitter. Your strategy is to find the nuggets within
these platforms and determine which is best for your message.

2) Use blogs to get recognition. Blogs are similar to websites. The big
difference with blogs is that they’re intended to provide updated content on
a regular basis. From a marketing stand point, this is an advantage as the
search engines love fresh content. Therefore blogs help to increase a site’s
visibility. Blogs weave social networks, websites, podcasts and videos into a
framework for people with common passions and interests to share and
communicate. Blogs can be as simple, or as complicated as you want to
make them.

 But for now what you need to know is that blogs are extremely easy to
create and maintain. is an excellent free resource for getting a
blogging campaign going very quickly. There are many good templates

available and the setup is very simple. You can literally get going within 15

3)Submit your site to a variety of social bookmarking sites. It’s
not enough to submit your site to the bigger sites like Digg and Technorati.
For maximum exposure you should submit your content to various types of
social bookmarking sites.

Social bookmaking sites get a lot of targeted traffic because they are
extremely content centric, and millions of people refer to them. Because
of this, they get good ranking in the search engines. When your site is
"tagged" on many social bookmarking sites, it increases the popularity of
your site considerably. And the more your site is exposed, the more
potential customers will see your message.

Don’t choose just any social bookmarking site, go to each one and see
which is best for your business. One way to get more traffic is to be fully
aware of how each site works and especially what type of content does well
for each site. Keep in mind that a big part of drawing traffic from
social media sites is being an active user yourself.

As mentioned, you must submit your site to a variety of social
bookmarking sites. Start off by socially bookmarking your sites at
SocialMarker at SocialMarker has 50 sites
that you can book mark your tags to. Additionally you can submit your
link to the following: /


4)Become active on social networking sites. Note that social
networking sites are not the same as social bookmarking sites. Social
networking sites are communities where you connect, engage, interact and
of course network with others, whereas social bookmarking affords you the
ability to save and categorize a collection of bookmarks and share them
with others. The big difference between the two is that social networking
sites put an emphasis on networking whereas the main function of social
bookmarking sites is to tag or bookmark links to all kinds of content(see
#3). The idea is to bookmark content that links back to your site.

Here are some high ranking popular social networking sites:

StartupNation Not only is Startup nation a great place to get exposure for
your business, or blog….this site also has a ton of resources.

The Go BIG Network helps you find help in specific business areas. Much
of the site is dedicated to finding investors. But if you create a really good
profile, and position yourself as an expert in your area, you can get really
good exposure.

Entrepreneur Connect is part of Entrepreneur magazine. Like most
business/entrepreneur social sites, there is a really good opportunity to
create your own profile, network and meet others.

LinkedIn is good for multiple uses. It offers networking for entrepreneurs,
job seekers and startups alike.

The Cofoundr network’s primary goal is to help those who have a new
venture. It’s a great place for exposure for your site/project as well.

Biznik has a large community of self employed, business builders and
CEOS. Great place to get ideas and network.

5. Use Video Marketing Over 100,000,000 people visit YouTube every
day. This makes it one of the most popular ways that people get
information, learn and are entertained on the web. When you consider that
1 in every 30 people watch video, then you'll understand the huge
marketing power of this platform. That's why video marketing is such
an effective form of marketing. The audience is huge, and the technology
has become very popular. Having said that, Youtube has the most traffic
and the highest amount of users and gets the most unique views per month
when compared to other video sharing sites.

Furthermore you can use Screen Toaster or Jing to create a professional
looking video very easily.

If you’d prefer to have a professional video created for you and submitted
to 15 video sharing sites including Youtube, you can have it done here.

There's nothing else that comes close to the effectiveness and persuasive
power of a well designed video message. Keep in mind that video
marketing has a huge advantage over text. Because it’s visual, it actually
engages the user and encourages interaction.

6) Give free teleseminars or webinars that are focused around a
challenging aspect of your market. Invite people to your event by posting it
on your blog, in your email or wherever you contact your customers and
future customers. The topic of the teleseminar or webinar should be fresh
and on topic and above all useful. Keep in mind that useful “meaty”
content is at a premium these days. Promise everyone a free gift at the end
and you’ll reel in even more prospects.

The key is to over deliver. For those who don’t know… a teleseminar is a
conference via the telephone, and a webinar is a meeting via the computer.
With a webinar, people can hear the conference and see it as well. Of
course seeing and hearing doubles the impact of your message, and in some
cases it is the best alternative depending on your situation.
Freeteleconference is one teleconference resource. GoToMeeting and
DimDim are good webinar resources.

7.Article marketing is a website promotional tool that entails creating
keyword focused articles, that are ultimately posted or syndicated to
article sites that have high viewership. Ideally the article should be useful
content that refers to your site, blog or other valuable content. Done well
your article will be republished on other blogs and websites resulting in the
“viral” spreading of your content and sent far and wide from one
syndicated article. Here are high circulation sites for you to submit your
articles to:
Article Alley
Article Dashboard
Article Garden
Isnare Free Articles

8. Use Twitter effectively. Twitter is a social media platform that helps
you build and establish your personal brand. Because of it's popularity,
Twitter embellishes your image, and connects with an ever increasing world
of Twitter users….many of whom are potential customers, partners and
subscribers. By using keywords related to your product or service, you can
track and follow users.

Here are very useful tools to help you with your Twitter goals:

--HootSuite is an online application that helps you easily manage multiple
accounts. Additionally, you can schedule your tweets ahead of time. You
can also easily organize your tweets with this tool.

--Twitter Search is another useful tool. Type in anything and you can
see what the trend is on that topic. Find out exactly how popular any term
is in Twitter world. This tool is execellent for helping you to determine
what is being said about any particular term. Experience it by putting in
your industry or service.

TwellowHood is a local directory of Twitter users from the site Twellow is
a sort of yellow pages directory for Twitter, allowing you to search for
Twitter users by topic or name. The TwellowHood enables you to search in
your town or city for local Twitter users.

TwitterLocal actually finds and tracks tweets based on specific locations

JustTweetIt helps you find those with the same interests as your own.
Very useful for staying up on trends.

9. Press Releases, when they are well written, are one way to get traffic
quickly. The caveat is that the press release must not only be well written,
but they should also be keyword focused and newsworthy. Press Releases
can be submitted to different press release sites, using a similar angle, and
different headers. The rest of the body should be somewhat different as
well. PRweb is one of the most reputable paid press release sites, but don’t
forget that you don’t have to use paid releases sites only. Below are high
quality free press releases sites.

         o -

         o .

If you want maximum exposure, then you might want to get a power
press release. It includes video marketing, article marketing and social
bookmarking(refer to #3, #5 and #7 ) Plus your press release is written
for you, and then it is distributed to newspapers, magazines, periodicals,
publications, broadcasters and trade journals. This multi-distribution
strategy combines the power of press releases with popular social
media platforms for the ultimate exposure to your site.

10. Pay people to blog about you. Here are sites where you can
actually pay people to blog about your site, whether it’s a website, blog
article, video or other content. Obviously this will provide you with you
with much greater visibility and buzz.


As people in general continue to use social media tools for their everyday
needs, it will become even more important for marketers to include these
tools in their marketing strategy. The good news is that these social
platforms have not been saturated yet, in fact more are being created
weekly. By implementing these strategies now, you’ll get a decided
advantage well in to the future. Get used to them and start using them now,
and start reaping the benefits almost immediately.

Ann Jade


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