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BBS Gymkhana Class List Egg n Spoon Egg n Spoon Pony Express


									                    BBS Gymkhana Class List

Egg n’ Spoon

Pony Express

Barrel Racing

Flag Race

Skills Barrels


Pole Bending

All Classes will be divided into:

     1. Green Horse & Rider
       Young horse/ rider, team who has not yet
       competitively shown
     2. Amateur
       Horse or rider who has not yet competitively shown,
       but practices at home or schooling shows
     3. Professional
       Horse or rider who has competitively shown

All Classes/Rounds** are $10 each

**Multiple rounds are allowed for schooling purposes, at
cost. The first round will count in determining the placings
                              BBS GYMKHANA RULES
           1. Gymkhana classes will be run regardless of weather conditions, as long as
              conditions are the same for all contestants of that event; and conditions are safe
              for both horse and rider.
           2. Contestants will be disqualified if the event is not started 30 seconds after
              entering the arena.
           3. Rider must dismount his/her horse prior to leaving the arena after their run is
           4. Any contestant striking his/her horse in front of the cinch with anything other than
              his/her open hand shall be disqualified.
           5. The show manager or any officers of BBS may prohibit the use of bits or
              equipment considered being severe in nature or unsafe to horse, rider, or others.
           6. If there are less than three (3) entries in an event, the class may be combined. The
              contestants will be notified.

           Class descriptions and rules:
Breaking the pattern or knocking over any equipment results in a 5 second penalty. Barrels may be
righted as you turn them but not held up. This applies to all events. All games may be demonstrated, if

Multiple rounds are allowed for schooling purposes, at cost. The first round will count in determining
the placings

EGG n’ SPOON- Riders will balance egg on spoon, without touching egg, ride to end of arena, around
barrel, and back to finish. Placings will be determined by fastest time of riders who did not drop egg.

PONY EXPRESS - Follow course to saddle bag, grab paper from bag and ride to finish line. Must have
paper in hand at finish line.

BARREL RACING - 3 barrels set up in triangle shape. Rider must ride from starting area to left side of
barrel #1, around barrel #2, up to and around barrel #3, and down between barrels #1 and #2 to finish.

FLAG RACE - Two barrels set up in center of the ring. Rider must ride in, remove a flag from a bucket
on the first barrel, ride to the second barrel and place the flag into another bucket and remove a flag
from that same bucket. Ride back to the first barrel and place the second flag into that bucket then cross
the finish line.

SKILL BARRELS - Three barrels set in a row across the back of the ring. Rider rides to the RIGHT of
the middle barrel, weaves the barrel on the left then proceeds to weave the middle and right barrels
ending up on the right side of the middle barrel than rides back to the finish line.

KEYHOLE - Riders ride down the field through ground poles into a "keyhole" turns the horse or
rounds a pole and rides back to the finish line. Poles may not be touched.

POLE BENDING - Pattern being run along either side of the poles, reverse, weave in and out of poles,
reverse, weave in and out of poles, reverse, return to finish line on opposite side of poles from start.
Each pole knocked over is a five (5) second penalty.
               BBS Gymkhana Entry Form_______________________Entry #_______
         Show Date: ____________

Rider: _______________________________________                           Age:_________________________

Horse: _______________________________________                           Age: ________________________

Address: ____________________________________                            Phone: _______________________

City: ________________________ Zip: _________                            Coach: _______________________

Phone: ______________________________________                            Stable: _______________________

Email: _______________________                         Emergency Contact: _________________________

         Class Name                                    Rounds                     Division________________


         # Classes/ Rounds x $10=__________________

               ***Negative Coggins (within one year of event) is required with entry form***
                               Please make checks payable to Boulder Brook Stables
                                             Please Send Pre-Entries to:
                                                 Boulder Brook Stables
                                                 596 Calef Hwy Rt. 125
                                                 Lee, NH 03824
   Under NH law a participant in equine activities assumes the risk of any injury, harm, damage, or death
and any legal responsibility that may occur to participant from the inherent risks associated with equine
activities. Pursuant to R.S.A. 508:19 Equine professionals are not liable for damages resulting from the
inherent risks of equine activities.
I/We hold harmless Boulder Brook Stables LLC., its managers, members, volunteers, and agents from and against all claims,
demands, actions, and causes of action for damages that may be sustained by those indicated on the entry form or anyone
else, including any and all claims arising from or its agents’ own negligence. This includes personal injury, death, or property

                             Printed Name of Rider or Parent/Guardian
                                    (if rider is under the age of 18)

                      _____________________________________ _________
                           Signature of Rider or Parent/Guardian Date

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