April 2009

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					           Airman & Family Readiness Center
                                            April 2009
    Monday               Tuesday            Wednesday                   Thursday                      Friday
                                            1                      2                          3     Operation
                                                Pre-Separation    VA Benefits Seminar           Homefront Quilts
                                                 (Retirement)      0800 – 0830 MEB                  1000 – 1100
                                                 0900 – 1030       0830 – 1100 SMR 21-526
                                                                                              4+Coming Together
                                                                                                  For Deployment
                                                April Fool's Day                                    1400 - 1600

6                    7                      8    Right Start      9                          10
                      First Duty Station        0830 - 1100
                      Financial Briefing        Pre-Separation
                         0800 – 1200             (Retirement)                                 11    Saturday
                      Pre-Separation            0900 – 1030                                       +Hearts Apart
                         (Separation)            Pre-Remote                                      Easter Egg Hunt
                         0900 – 1030             1400 - 1500                                        1000 - 1100

13                   14                     15                     16                         17
Sponsor Training                                                          DTAP
  1400 – 1430                                                             0830 -1200          18    Saturday
Pre-Deployment                                                                                Give Parents a Break
  1500 - 1600                                                                                      1700 – 2300
                                                                                               Child Development
                           Transition Assistance Program Seminar – 0800 - 1630                       Center

20                   21 First Duty         22    Right Start     23                         24
+Spring Gardening     Station Financial          0830 - 1100           Bundles for Babies
   0900 - 1130             Briefing             Pre-Separation           0830 - 1100
                        0800 – 1200              (Retirement)
+ Thriving Through    Pre-Separation            0900 – 1030
    Transition          (Separation)             Pre-Remote
   1400 - 1600          0900 – 1030              1400 - 1500
                     Officers First Duty
                      Station Financial
                        0900 – 1000                                                                  Arbor Day

27                   28                     29                     30
Pre-Deployment        Pre-Separation          Pre-Separation     All programs are free of charge and open to
  1500 - 1600           (Separation)             (Retirement)       active duty and retired military, their family
                        0900 – 1030              0900 - 1030        members and federal employees.
                       Smooth Move
                      Overseas/Stateside                                 Please call 784-4228 to reserve a seat
                        0830 - 1100                                         Workshops & Seminar Locations:

 NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK                                                       A&FRC, 200 W. Terminal Ave
                                                                            A&FRC Annex, 403 A Olympic Blvd
                                                                             The Landing, 211 W. Octagon Ave
                  April 19 –25 2009                                     First Term Airman’s Center, 108 W. Arcadia
                                   Airman & Family Readiness Center (A&FRC)
                                                           Description of Courses

                                              Personal Financial Management (PFMP)
Emergency financial assistance is available through the Air Force Aid Society. Thriving Through Transition – Change is
inevitable! During the PCS season, transition affects everyone (those leaving, those arriving, and those who stay). This
workshop suggests creative ways to adapt and thrive as things around us change! Workshop is schedule for 20 April from
1400- 1600. Officer’s First Duty Station Financial Briefing will meet 21 April from 0900 to 1000; this class is mandatory
for officers arriving at their first duty station, focusing on money management for self and those you supervise.

                                                    Transition Assistance
 Pre-Separation counseling is mandatory for all personnel separating or retiring, please see calendar for specific pre-separation
 dates, this briefing is highly recommended prior to attending the Transition Assistance Program Seminar (TAPS). The April
TAP seminar is 14, 15 & 16 from 0800-1630, spouses are welcome to attend. DTAP workshop is scheduled for 16 April from
0830-1200, bring your medical file with you, and receive advice on reviewing your service medical records, what to claim, and
  assistance in completing the VA disability claim Form 21-526. Details on VA benefits will be presented at the VA Benefits
      Seminar scheduled for 2 April, MEB will meet from 0800-0830 and the benefits briefing will be from 0830-1100.

                                            Getting Ready to PCS or Just Arrived?
Smooth Move Overseas/Stateside will be held on 28 April from 0830-1100. Make your move as stress-free as possible with
this helpful class. Our loan locker has various household items & toys available for check out while you are waiting for your
household goods to arrive or prior to departing Cannon. Loan locker hours are 1000-1500 Mon-Fri. Families PCSing in/out
may be entitled to 20 hours of FREE childcare. Sponsor Training will be on 13 April from 1400-1430 in the classroom.
The online training is located in Portal on the Cannon Home Page. Upon completion of the training, you must submit training
completion by clicking on the e-mail link. An e-mail message will be submitted to the A&FRC and MPF, where your name
will be entered into a database of trained sponsors. Print a copy of the certificate for your records. Sponsor Packages are
available at the A&FRC. Members must bring a copy of their training certificate to pick up sponsor packages. Right Start for
all newcomers will be 8 or 22 April from 0830-1100 at The Landing.

                                               Personal and Family Readiness
NEW! Coming Together for Deployment: Saturday, 4 April, from 1400 – 1600 at the A&FRC Annex. Come join us and
learn about ways to support your children during deployments. Activities will include making a family memory book and a
puppet show. Contact the A&FRC at 784-4228 if you are interested in attending. Pre-Remote briefings will be held on 8 and
22 April from 1400-1500. This briefing is mandatory for anyone going on a remote tour. Pre-Deployment briefings will be
13 and 27 April from 1500-1600. Information on preparation for a deployment and programs for family members are
discussed. Please call to reserve a seat. Give Parents a Break Program for families of deployed or remote members is
scheduled for 18 April from 1700-2300 at the Child Development Center (CDC) on base. The CDC must have eight (8)
children signed up by COB 15 April before the program can be offered.

                                                        Hearts Apart
Spouses and family members of deployed or remote personnel are invited to attend the A&FRC 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt on
11 April from 1000 – 1100 at the A&FRC Annex. There will be over 200 eggs hidden; each egg will contain a small prize or a
candy. Please call 784-4228 by 10 April to sign up for this event. Sponsored by the Friends of Family Support.

                                                      Bundles for Babies
Bundles for Babies on 23 April from 0830-1100 provides info on preparing for a new baby physically & financially, and care
of the newborn. Best of all; receive a bundle of baby items valued at approximately $75 for attending! Please arrange for
childcare for any children other than newborns.

                               Operation Homefront Quilts—Volunteer Opportunity
Operation Homefront Quilts, a group of local quilters who make quilts for families who have lost loved ones in the war, will
meet 3 April from 1000-1100. No experience is necessary and all materials are provided.

                                      Spring Lawn and Gardening Tips Workshop
Presented by Guthal’s Nursery & Landscaping, this workshop will focus on how to grow an exceptional garden in New
Mexico’s climate. Whether it’s flowers or a nice lawn you’re interested in growing, let our experts tell you how to do it best.
Workshop is scheduled for 20 April, from 0900 – 1130. Call 784-4228 to sign up for this workshop.

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