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									JULY 2008 --------------------------From: Bob Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 04:48:51 EDT (09:48 BST) Subject: Team Helen - MARRIED 25 YEARS. Hello Folks, As promised a few words and pictures. On our actual anniversary, the 18th, we went out, just the two of us, for a very nice meal at a smart restaurant. Helen looked so beautiful. Her weight has now stabilised at an impressive size 10 (ish) and I am sure that no finer lady has ever dined in the "Revolver" before. Whilst in hospital Helen had suffered several changes of size due to the drugs, during one of which her original wedding ring had had to be cut off. Aunt Bea heard about this and on our anniversary I was able to replace that original ring with an old family wedding ring worn by several generations of the Chase family. Friday saw the arrival of the "bridesmaid of honour" and husband - I had better not let on the affectionate term Helen addresses the grumpy old bugger by - and we had a very pleasant afternoon and evening. Whilst a lot of preparation did occur it was more social catching up than toiling..... On the day, after an early visit to the restaurant to take balloons, name cards, flowers seating plan and generally to check up there was little to do except relax (actually, that last sentence/word was definitely a joke...) We arrived at the "Do" in style in a white Rolls Royce.

Lots of people were there to welcome us

We had a very nice meal (this is me with bridesmaid of honour)

Friends from the past and friends from here and now came to celebrate with us

Back home the bride needed carrying over the threshold - we are old fashioned traditionalists I know

After a wind-down mini party we did get a hour or so sleep before flying off to Malta that evening for a honeymoon in the sun.


Sun, and a barcardi and coke for the grumpy old bugger

And more Restaurants,

And then we flew back.

All in all a special time. No-one, ever, has such a special, and enjoyable, 25th as Helen an myself. Thank you one and all. Bob.

From: Bob Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 15:01:11 EDT (20:01 BST) Subject: Team Helen Hi Folks Sorry this is not a personal email, but too many people to write to and hopefully this is better than none! Bob is working very hard, both with his job and on the house. He really is a star in my eyes. Hopefully things will calm down, but we can't change the work hours. We want to put a garage in the garden, and need planning permission, but the planners are being less than cooperative. Bob spent ages drawing plans and following all their guide lines, however, when he took alll the bumpff to the planners, it was rejected as he hadn't done a string of things, none of which were in their guidelines. so back to the drawing board. He doesn't need this ****. I am doing well. My hair is growing, and for the time being I am going to keep it short. I have had many favourable comments and that it suits me, also Bob likes it this way and that's good enough for me. However, it isn't blonde so I am investing natural highlights as I cannot have the ones I used to due to reactions as a result of the chemo. I have to be blonde! I still get tired and very achy, but try to keep going. I can get round the house, but if I go out I use a stick. In town I get a motabilty scooter which gives me complete freedom ( I drive in on my own) or Bob often takes me places in the wheelchair as I cannot walk long distances. I am trying to improve as I want a dog! but have to get round the field first. I really want a puppy (golden retriever) but could not manage one for some time, so when we get back from France, we will start to loook for a rescue dog and then get a puppy in a couple of years. I go to a support group for 'young' (is 47 young) people with heart failure (as it is so charmingly called) which I have found very useful. I though many of my ongoing problems were as a result of the chemo and being bedridden for so long, however it would appear that many of my symptoms are as a result of my heart problems. It's good to talk to people who really understand, infact someone who lives round the corner went and he came in for a coffee and chat the other day. His wife will not talk about his condition or help with his medication, as far as she is concerned it is his problem. I am soooo lucky with the support Bob gives me, he really is my hero and I love him to bits. We had a wonderful 25th anniversary lunch, I felt like a princess! (Last outing for the wig) and then spent a glorious, relaxing week in Malta. We are off to France at the end of August and will spend nearly a week in the house with Rich and gang, I hope we have good weather. Fiona and I have lots of lovely summer clothes which we dream of wearing! I am still sorting things in the house, getting rid of things we don't need, painting walls,and just trying to get organised. Still boxes to unpack and things in store, we'll get there one day. I haven't had the chance to do much quilting yet, there are still lots of curtains to be made! I was looking at photos today which Bob took when I was in hospital. It made me feel quite sad. However, every day is a bonus and I want to enjoy every moment. Thank you again for all your support whilst I was ill, it really meant so much and still does. Love to you all Helen xxx

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