The Egg Lander Project by mifei


									The Egg
Lander Project
You have seen NASA’s ideas on how to slow down their 900 lb robotic
digger and land safely on the surface of Mars. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN!

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to create a landing device
that is capable of protecting an egg during a free fall from the roof of our
school. The fall is approximately a 20ft drop on to the pavement.
The following rules must be followed for your Lander to be accepted.

1. You must be able to take the egg in and out of your Lander in less
then two minutes. (You will receive your egg on the day of the drop.)

2. Your Lander has to be small enough to fit inside Mr. Wright’s
packing box with the lid shut. This simulates NASA’s problem of
making a Lander that can fit inside the rockets used to transport it to
Mars. (The box is simply used as a measuring tool. It will not be used
in any part of the drop!)

3. Along with your Lander, you must create and display finalized blue
prints along with two published paragraphs. One paragraph will
explain how your Lander is going to work and why you made it the way
you did. Paragraph two will describe things that worry you about your
Lander. In other words, what could go wrong?

Parents- Feel free to get involved with your child as he or she works on this project.
This is meant to get your whole family excited about problem solving skills and using
your imagination. Please let your student work out problems and design features all on
their own, but feel free to supervise production and help keep the building process safe.
Be sure to watch for news of the Phoenix Mars Lander this Sunday, May 25th at about
6:53 pm. will have a link to live NASA TV coverage. Also, check out
our blog comments and the NASA scientist who thanked us for our interest.

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