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SALIENT FEATURES - MDEC _India_ International - Poultry Software


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“A Unique Flock Economics & Performance Management” Software

                           SALIENT FEATURES
1)    User-friendly:
      Poult-Soft Breeder Version is user-friendly Window X desktop GUI
      software. Anyone with basic working knowledge of computers can use
      this software. The software is Breed wise Flock and shed based.
2)    Economics and Performance
      Poult-Soft is “Flock Economics & Performance Management
      Software” which generates „n’-number of reports to help you improve
      the Farm Economy, Bird Performance and Hatching Efficiency.
3)    Different Section
      The software has four sections, interrelated to each other (in the complete
      A) Breeding Farm, B) Feed C) Hatchery & D) Inventory

4)    Data inputs
      Although the data inputs in each section are independent, yet the utility &
      projections are inter- related The data inputs, are one time, occasional, daily &
      on weekly basis. Relevant data like purchases and final products is transferred to
      the respective sections by default.


1)    Four to Five entries and „n‟ number of Reports
      The data required for generating a number of reports are the same 4-5 entries, as
      currently maintained in the registers manually viz: Total Eggs, Breakage,
      Mortality, Feed , Egg wt., Medication & Vaccination etc per day.
2)    Vaccinations, Deworming, Preventive Medication, & Debeaking –
      Schedules & Alerts
      Software has a provision to calculates the due dates in accordance to the
      schedules for the respective parameters and shows alerts two days before the v
      due dates and keeps reminding till done.
3)    Flock Allocation
      The flocks are allocated as per purchase details by allotting a No. and shed at
       different growing stages.
4)    Flock Status
      S/w presents the overall status of Flock with its cum. figures on daily basis
5)    Cost vs. Return per Bird
      At any time, Poult-Soft calculates the cost and the return per bird in few seconds
      and that too with zero error. Thus helps the farmer in important “Decision
      Making and plannings” (especially when the market is low).
6)     Standard vs. Actual Performance

       The software prepares the comparison reports like Actual flock performance
       with the standard data of the breed. The Reports are generated separately for the
       Growing & Layers Phase.

7)     Records & Reports
       Poult-Soft generates Daily, Weekly, and Periodic reports for single and multiple
       flocks giving almost every parameter required by the farmer. Viz:: HD%, H.H.
       prod. (with breakage), Cumm. Depletion, Egg Breakage, Feed/Bird, Feed/Egg,
8)     Body Wt. And Uniformity
       S/W calculates the avg. body wt. records of males and females and generates the
       uniformity reports as on the body wt. dates

9)     Sale Purchase Reports
       The Software calculates and maintains the sale records of chicks sold per
       consignment per flock, Non-Hatching eggs, Culls, Manure and other misc. items
       & that too with purchaser details. Also generates similar reports for purchase
       with supplier details, stock positions. In the Inventory Module .
10)    Farm At a glance.
       It generates the summary report of major performance parameters like HD%.
       .Depl.%, Breakage%, T. Feed, etc of one or all the flocks at the farm on any
       given date.

11)    Bird Transfer
       Poult-Soft facilitates the bird transfer at any time from one shed to another,
       within the same flocks identity.
12)*   Graphic Reports
       S/w has a provision to generate the performance parameters in graphic forms
13)     Blood Testing
       S/w has a provision to record and report on the above parameters besides
       reminding the user of de-worming and de-beaking dates as scheduled.

14 )   Separate Sex Data Input
       Poult-Soft has a provision to record and report all the performance parameters
       separately for males and females.

15)    Hot Keys
       To save time there is a provision of Hot Keys for repeat daily entries for Feed &
       Medicines etc.

16)    Temperature ,Humidity & Remarks
       S/W also has a provision to record Min.& Max. Temperature ,humidity and
       special remarks for any un-usual happenings at the farm, flock and shed wise.

17)    Master Information
       Has the provision to maintain the master information about shed capacities and
       standard parameters of different breed as per user‟s choice.
18)    Egg Weight
       There is a provision to record average Egg Weight of the H.D Production in the
       daily record which is reflected in the hatchery.
19)     Feed Inputs
        Feed issued per flock per shed can be entered on daily basis or every other
        day.. The balance stock & type of feed is shown by default in accordance to the
        growing phase of the flock (separately for M & F). Software also maintains and
        shows the cumulative feed record for M & F as on date & wkly.


20)     Formulation, Costing & Analysis
        Poult-soft not only assists the farmer in preparing the feed formulas in
        accordance to the ingredients available and chosen for the particular flock but
        also calculates and generates the analysis report with cost / formula with
        vitamin pre-mix, medication , over heads & maintains the feed Production
        records .

21)     Ingredient & Nutrient Master
        Software has a provision to store the information on basic nutrients required and
        available in different ingredients in accordance with the purchase information.
        The feed costing is done by default as per the average purchase rates of the
        ingredients for that period.
22)     Process Loss and Stock Alerts
        This unique feature assists the user in not only highlighting the insufficient
        ingredient stocks before feed production bust also informs the process loss
        between weighing and packing.
23)     Overheads Expenses.
        The overheads and administrative expenses are calculated on flock cum shed
        basis for cost related reports.
24)     Misc. Expenses & Income *
        There is a provision to record all misc. expenses and income parameters which
        can not be calculated on per bird basis. E.g. old manure, used mobile oil,old egg
        trays etc.
25)     Separate Sex Feed Formulation & Production
        There is a provision to make the feed formulation and formulated feed
        separately for male & females.

                     * This provision is given in all the sections.

C) INVENTORY : Purchases, Sales & Stocks
1) a. Masters
       Maintains the Master parameters of Suppliers, Customers, Sales, Purchases
       items, Store and Misc. expenses / Income etc
    b. Reports & Stock Movement
       Generates various inventory reports required by the accounts    section     e.g.
       purchases & sale reports, stock movement & balance stocks.
    c. Purchases Sales ;
       Maintains supplier wise and customer wise records of purchases and sales of
       different items under respective categories.
    d. Balance Stocks
       Prepares the reports to show the balance in stock of Feed ingredients,
       Formulated feed, Medicines vaccines etc. at any given time.
    e. Reports
       Generates Periodic & As on date, Reports of stock movements from Main
        store to different sections & vise-versa.
f.    Miscellaneous
         Has a provision to record data of Misc. expenses & Income items. Which can
         not be calculated on per bird basis.
      g. Print Privilege **
         Each operational form has a provision to print the report.

**       This provision exists in all the modules


1)       Current Status
          The main screen of the hatchery section show on the onset the “Current
         Hatchery Status” thus assists in planning of the egg setting, candling&
         Transfer and the Hatch schedules etc on that day in accordance to the alerts and
         information on the screen.
2)       Space Availability
         The screen also shows the total egg status in cold room , the incubators &
         hatchers along with their capacity & space availability. in different machines as
         on that day.
3)       Summary Details
         The main screen always shows The summary details of T. eggs in cold store,
         setters, hatchers and the space available in different machines, hence assists in
         hatch planning.

4)       Date & Time Alerts
         Generates on the main screen the Time and Date alerts of Candling, Transfer
         & Hatch days.
5)       Reports
         Generates reports of : egg receipts, Hatching Process summary, Hatchability on
         T. Eggs set & Fertile Eggs, infertility %., Rejected % & rejection reports at
         different levels, Costing of Hatching eggs Vs DOC, A&B grade chicks, H.egg
         wt . on setting and many more.
6)       Hatch Summary
         Shows Hatch summary at any time by breed and flock / source with date &
         time details.
7)       Egg Reciepts
         Has a provision to receive daily egg production of hatching eggs per breed by
         default from farm and as per the purchase of eggs from other farms or any
         other source.
8)       H. Egg Costing
         Calculates the cost per hatching egg on purchase / flock cum shed basis as
         received from the farm before & after the rejection on receipt & on setting day.
9)       DOC Costing
         The cost of day old chick after the hatch. Also calculates cost of d.o.c. before &
         the recovery of per chick sold by customer and by hatch after sale.
10)      Other Items
         Maintains records and generates reports of sale of Non- Hatching eggs, & B-
         grd chicks besides the sale of d.o.c‟s with supplier details.
11)      Hatch ID
         Above all , s/w takes all entries from setting to hatch by respective breed and
         flock/shed under a specific Hatch Lot No. & color identification.
12)     Summary Reports
        Generates summary and rejection reports to help you increase the hatching
13)     Comparisons
        Has a provision to generate comparison reports with Breed standards in Print
        as well as in graphical format.
14)     Advanced Booking V/s Supply Schedule
        There is a provision to record advanced booking against a particular hatch and to
        show this data in supply schedule.
15)     Recovery per Chick sold
        Software assists the management in calculating the recovery per chick sold
        according to the supply destination by customer and by hatch.
16)     Customer Transactions
        Poult-Soft maintains & stores the data of all the transactions (supplies &
        payment receipts) as per the customers.

      The reports generated in all sections are on Management Information System
      (MIS) as regard the Flock performance & economics of each breed on per bird
      basis. All reports are generated on individual or all flocks as on date & periodic.

1)      Farm Section
        - Performance & Records : Daily / Weekly / Periodic etc.
        - Bird Weight : Average Wt., Uniformity % etc.
        - Blood Test : +ve / -ve % etc.
        - Vaccine & Medicine : Costings, Schedules etc.
        - Economics & Evaluation : Cost Vs Return/Bird, FCR etc.
        - Comparisons : Actual Vs Standards

2)      Feed
        - Formulations
        - Analysis
        - Costings
        - Production & Stock s

3)      Hatchery
        - Summary Reports
        - Egg receipts, Setting details, Hatch Summary.
        - Fertility Vs Hatchability, Settings details.
        - Total Eggs in store, Setting Available, Hatching Available.
        - Total Eggs in Setters & Hatchers.
        - Rejections Reports
          Egg receipts, Settings, Candling 1 & 2, Hatch Day.
          Rejection Summary.
        - Costings
          Cost per d.o.c.
          Cost of Hatching Eggs : On receipt, After selection & rejection.
        - Due Dates & Alerts
          Date & Time : Candling 1 & 2, Transfer, Hatch.

4)      Inventory : Section & Item wise - Periodic & as on date.
        - Stock in Stores
        - Sales
        - Purchases
        - Stock Movement
        - Miscellaneous Income Vs Expenses
          Monthly & Periodic.

Additional Module Available , if desired


        This section of the software is independent in its functioning and caters to
        almost all the administrative needs vis-à-vis the staff & other workers employed
        at different levels in different sections. Data from this section is not integrated
        with any other section or module.
        Some of the significant functions of this section are:

1)      Staff Profile – Regular, Temporary & Contractual / Daily Wages.
2)      Worker Profile – Skilled / Non skilled.
3)      Salary Profile
4)      Leave Account
5)      Over Time
6)      Part Time
7)      Attendance
8)      Weekly Report
9)      Monthly Salary Sheets etc.

1)    Data Back up : there is a provision in the software to take data back up as &
      when required on hard disk or on CD.
2)    Log-in Security : S/W has a provision for administrative and user log-in
      privilege under password.

Note:   Any other requirement not available in the soft Ware can be customized with
        additional cost.

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