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					                The Clarion
                  Newsletter of Christ Episcopal Church
            78 Washington Street - Norwich, Connecticut 06360
                     Telephone: 860-887-4249/Fax: 860-887-3506
                          Web Site:
                 “Holy Ground for People on a Faith Journey”
     April 1, 2010                                           Vol. 11 No. 5

                        Holy Week at Christ Episcopal Church

                             Maundy Thursday, April 1
7 pm    Holy Eucharist with Foot-Washing Ceremony followed
        by the all-night Watch before the Blessed Sacrament

                                 Good Friday, April 2
12 noon Proper Liturgy with Communion
 6 pm   Ecumenical Way of the Cross (starts at Chelsea Parade Bandstand)

                                Holy Saturday, April 3
8 pm    The Great Vigil and the First Eucharist of Easter

                                  Easter Day, April 4
8 am Holy Eucharist with Easter Music and Hymns
10 am Holy Eucharist with Easter Music, Brass, Choir and Hymns
                                  Reflections from (Interim) Rector
                                              April 2010

       A global positioning system (GPS) is a useful device for navigation but is not always fool-
proof. Our youngest daughter and I used the system to guide our way from Boulder to Denver in the
rental car I was driving on our visit to Colorado last month and I really wanted to stop and look at a
map. For some reason, the system had elected to take us back on an alternate route to the highway
which meant we had to drive through a mountainous region, in the driving snow, in the dark. I knew
that there was an easier route to take, but without a map I had to rely on the disembodied voice
directing us from the small box on the dashboard.
       A couple of stress-filled hours later we arrived back in the Denver Technology Center, where
we had begun our trek. But the experience of wanting to look at a map felt like a metaphor for life as
well. In times of stress when we seem to have gotten off course, the assistance of a guidebook or
roadmap can allay panic and instill a clear sense of direction.
       In our religious life together, we will go back to our “guidebook” when we renew our Baptismal
Covenant together at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday. In that liturgy, questions are posed about our
core beliefs and what we pledge to do in response to those beliefs. We respond with the same words
that were used during our baptism and which we have probably said many times since. In a sense,
renewing these promises is like going back to the roadmap that was set for our lives, perhaps when we
were infants. By repeating these words we delineate the direction or right way to go once again.
       As I talked with a new convert to the Christian faith who will be baptized at the Easter Vigil on
Easter Saturday I recalled that, in baptism, we are reborn. We die to the old life of sin, in which we are
without the redemption of Christ, and we are born anew. We have a new identity as the sister or
brother of Christ. Those of us who are renewing our vows, rather than saying them for the first time,
are reminding ourselves of that identity, which may have been obscured, somewhat, by the everyday
stresses and strains of our lives. We get lost in the mountains, we find ourselves on slippery surfaces
and scary dark roads. So we need a clear map to return to. We have this in our Baptismal Covenant.
       As you may know, early Christians were usually baptized at the annual Easter Vigil. There is no
more fitting time to die to the unredeemed life and to be reborn than at the time when we remember
Jesus’ death and resurrection. The stone in front of the empty tomb was rolled back not to allow Jesus
to escape, but to allow the first women on the scene to enter into the scene of death. We are also
invited into this death, symbolically so that we also can be reborn with Christ in an immortal body that
can never perish.
       The events of the Triduum, or the three sacred days of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter
Sunday, provide the roadmap for our own salvation, even as we remember the life and death of our
Savior. I invite you to enter the tomb, spiritually, this year on Holy Saturday at the service of the Great
Vigil. Then emerge from that dark place with your face turned towards the sun and the Son of God--
who is risen and awaits us in glory.

Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!
                                   No Coffee Hour Easter Sunday
     There will be no coffee hour following the second service (10a.m.) on Easter
Sunday. This is so that everyone can be free to spend the time with their families. If you
have questions about this or would like to volunteer to host coffee hour another time,
please call Ruth Sanders at 860-887-6385.

                                Healthy Communication in a Parish
                                         NO TRIANGLES
      Your dedicated vestry spent a Sunday afternoon with the Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev.
Marge Roccoberton, on March 21. One of the topics discussed was healthy communication in a
parish. There were two main teachings from this session.
       The first was about triangulation. A triangle occurs when one of two people seeks to join with a
third party against the other, and the third party finds it necessary to cooperate. For example, A has a
complaint about B, but instead of telling B, A goes to C.
      Jesus tells us in Matthew 18: 15 that direct communication is the appropriate way to deal with a
      ”If your brother sins against you, go to him and show him his fault. But do it privately, just
      between yourselves…”
       As Canon Roccoberton points out, if A comes to C about B, C should tell A to go directly to B.
If he or she refuses, then the matter should be dropped before it becomes gossip, or hearsay or second
hand information. : this is destructive.
       The second point made was about communicating “upstream” where a problem can be resolved.
If a complaint or concern is sent “downstream” and is repeated to anyone who will listen, it’s like
pouring pollution into a stream where it will contaminate the whole village. If you want only to talk
about the problem, or blame someone then you are part of the problem. If you want to resolve the
problem, remember to communicate to the clergy, vestry or staff member who can take care of it. But
please remember also to do so in a respectful manner and at an appropriate time.
       In this time of transition, let us all commit to communicating directly, constructively and always
remembering Jesus’ commandment to love one another as He loved us.

                                   Our Web address has changed
We have a “new look”. If you haven’t had a chance to go online to see the changes please visit our
site at
                                 BISHOP’S CONSECRATION
      Bishop-elect Rev. Dr. Ian Douglas will be consecrated on Saturday, April 17th at 11:00am in
Hartford at The Koeppel Community Sports) Center of Trinity College in Hartford, 175 New Britain
Avenue, Hartford.
      The Diocese strongly recommends that individuals do not drive themselves as parking is
limited. Seabury Deanery is arranging for transportation via school buses. (Coach buses were not
available due to the short deadline). Bus(es) will leave St. David’s parking lot in Gales Ferry at 9a.m.
Reservations need to be made vie email Cost is $18 per person
payable that day. Seating will be on a first come, first paid, basis. Any questions pleasecontact Ann
Cady , 860-608-3835
      Chief consecrator and celebrant; the Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop
of the Episcopal Church. Preacher will be The Most Rev. Desmond Tutu, Archbishop Emeritus
of Cape Town, South Africa.

                                      Update on our Properties
      The floor painting has begun in the sanctuary. We will be doing one section at a time.
      The rectory continues to be worked on. We still need to purchase new toilets, sinks,
      shower stall and bathtub. Any donations would be welcome.
      Cynthia Adams, Properties Warden

                                    Updating the Parish Register
Thank you to all who provided information necessary for our parish register. It is a canonical (legal)
requirement in the Episcopal Church for all voting members to have had their baptism recorded in our
book, or to have been received, or to have transferred their membership from another Episcopal
church, in order to vote at the annual meeting. It is very easy to be received into the parish, you just
need to show that you have been baptized. We want your vote to be counted! If you have not taken
this step, you may provide the information at any time before the next annual meeting.

The following names have now been recorded:
Frederick Reifeiss
Dorothy Lathrop
Christine Murtha
Joan Chevalier Good
Carol Burdick Marks
James Glenn Marks Jr.
Jeanette Maplesden

Many thanks again and as always we are blessed to have you among us!.
                                       YARD SALE – June 5th
We are planning on having our annual Yard Sale to raise money for the J2A and Rite 13 programs.
We will be accepting items sometime in May. We will take clean, resellable items. Appliances
should be in good working condition, craft items, dishes, books, knick knacks, etc. No clothing or
blankets will be accepted or heavy exercise equipment. Contact Karen Stone to volunteer to help or if
you have questions 860-859-2100.

                       Congratulations to those who celebrate
                        Birthdays and Anniversaries in April
        1     Frank Walmsley, Jr.
        2     Janus Luth
        4     Marion Anyzeski
        7     Nick Fontaine
        9     Aimee Reifeiss Sadler
       10     Melissa Allen
               Jeremy Borum
       11      Rose Anderson
               Libby Aichele
        12     Jean Brautigam
                Sarah Jane Cunningham
        13      Emma Fontaine
               Jesse N. Glaude
               Rose Lillpopp
        14     Will Schramm
        17      Matthew Prokop
        18      Mary Babcock
        19      Lucy Salva
        20      Cathy Molocko
                Robert Babcock, Jr.
        23      Stacey Maudsley-Smith
        25      Carol Sepowitz
        26      David Gunnison
                 Kyle Sharpe
        28      Nancy Ziemski

             8    Linda & Al Kyle
             15   Carol & Peter Sepowitz
             15   Linda & Bob Duplessis
             29   Lucille & Frank Allen
                       Ready, Steady, Go!
Walk, run or ride the 5K course to benefit the Bishops Fund for
                      Saturday, May 15, 2010
                  Webster Hill School, West Hartford
                     Check in starts at 8:00a.m.
                      Starting gun at 9:30a.m.

    Fund raising has already begun. Register to participate online at
   Go to Seabury team. We could bring home the big cup! For more
information visit or contact Leslie
                      Pendleton at 860-233-4481.

                  Confirmation May 1, 2010
             The following candidates will be presented to
                     the Rt. Rev. Dr. Laura Ahrens
                            for Confirmation

                      on May 1, 2010 at 10:30am

                   at St. David’s Episcopal Church,
                       Gales Ferry, Connecticut

                       Christian Davis Aichele
                   Cynthia Anna Grace Cunningham
                      Anastasia Louise Lillpopp
                      Lauren Elizabeth Lillpopp
                            The Search Committee

The Search Committee is continuing to meet every Monday.

The revised website is in place and will be continually updated.

We have submitted our Parish Search Request to the Diocese. This notifies
those interested, in out parish, that we will soon be coordinating telephone
interview which lead to actual face to face meetings & interviews.

                         Our Prayer for a new Priest
Ever present God, giver of every good gift, you call us on a journey to a place
we do not know. Look graciously upon us and guide our minds and hearts as
we search for a rector for this parish so that we will receive a faithful pastor
who will care for your people, and equip us for our ministries, through Jesus
Christ our Lord. Amen.

Our Search Committee

Bebe Krug, Chairman                  860-892-4974
Debbie Kimball, Co-Chairman          860-889-3937
Dawn Erardy, Secretary               860-213-3413
Linda Duplessis, Chaplain            860-848-0294
John Andriote                        860-885-4297
Chuck K. Norris                      860-889-8900 / leave voice mail
Dale Ann Beebe                       860-859-2183
Lloyd Schramm                        860-639-9827
Cindy Adams                          860-949-2466 Properties Warden
Sarah Vertefeuille                   860-887-2918
 The committee meets every Monday at 6:00pm in the Pine Room.
Questions or concerns can be addressed to any member of the
The vestry held a short meeting after a most constructive and helpful Vestry
Workshop on March 21.

Pastoral Warden Michael Lillpopp presented a proposed vision/mission
statement which centered on the inclusiveness of Christ Episcopal Church,
and the opportunities for ministry as the “Gateway church of Norwich” The
proposed vision/mission statement was adopted.

[ Vision/Mission statement.]

Several J2A fundraisers are being planned, including a candle sale, tag sale,
and items in the church parking lot during the July 4th fireworks. These
fundraisers will help to finance the J2A Urban Adventure and Pilgrimage.
The fundraisers were approved.

Pastoral Warden Michael Lillpopp urged the vestry to do everything possible
to assure that no youth miss either urban adventure, or pilgrimage due to
financial situation.

A new food locker has been received which will be used for those using food
on an emergency basis. The locker will include food and toiletries. The food
locker will be used in conjunction with the Angel Food Ministry.

 Welcome Signs, and posts have been received. They will be installed soon.
The signs will be installed in strategic entry points to the city of Norwich.
The signs will be a beacon to anyone searching for Holy Ground for their
faith journey.
    christ episcopal church                                                  MONTHLY                              CAL ENDAR -

                                                                          Qu i k Ti me ™a n d a
                                                                                c     re
                                                                             d e o m p s so r
                                                                             e                   i     e
                                                                 a re n e e d d to s e e th i s p c tu r .

                                     April 2010
 SUNDAY          MONDAY        TUESDAY       WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                           FRIDAY     SATURDAY

                                                                         1                                   2          3
                                                                         Maundy                              Good       Holy Saturday
                                                                         Thursday                            Friday
                                                                         9:30am Bible                        12 Noon    10 am
                                                                         Study                               Service    Rehearsal for
                                                                         11am Staff mtg                                 the Easter Vigil
                                                                         11am “All the                       6pm Way
                                                                         Women of the                        of the     8:00pm
                                                                         Bible” class                        Cross      The Great
                                                                         5:30pm Choir                                   Vigil
                                                                              Rehearsal                      Chelsea    Of Easter
                                                                         7pm Foot                            Parade
                                                                               Service                       8pm AA –

4 EASTER         5             6             7                           8                                   9          10
SUNDAY           Priest’s      9am Morning                               9:30am Bible                                   11am
8 am             Sabbath       Prayer        6pm TOPS                    Study                                          Memorial
Holy             All offices                                             11am Staff mtg                                 Service
Eucharist        closed        7pm PFLAG                                 11am “All the                                  Stacey Schmidt
with Music                     mtg                                       Women of the                        8pm AA –
10 am            6pm Search                                              Bible” class                        closed
Festival Holy    Committee                                               7pm Choir                           group
Eucharist                                                                Rehearsal

11               12            13            14                          15                                  16         17
8 & 10am         Priest’s                                                9:30am Bible
Holy Eucharist   Sabbath       9am Morning   Last day to order           Study
11:30am          All offices   Prayer        Angel Food this             11am Staff mtg
Godly Play       closed                      month                       11am “All the
Rite 13 & J2A                                                            Women of the                        8pm AA –
Confirmation     6pm Search                  6pm TOPS                    Bible” class                        closed
Class            Committee                                               7pm Choir                           group

18               19            20            21                          22                                  23         24
8 & 10am         Priest’s                                                9:30am Bible                                   8-10am Angel
Holy Eucharist   Sabbath       9am Morning                               Study                                          Food
11:30am          All offices   Prayer                                    11am Staff mtg
Godly Play       closed                      6pm TOPS                    11am “All the                                  Distribution
 Rite 13 & J2A                 7pm Vestry                                Women of the                        8pm AA –
Confirmation     6pm Search    meeting                                   Bible” class                        closed
Class            Committee                                               7pm Choir                           group

25               26            27            28                          29                                  30
8 & 10am         Priest’s                                                9:30am Bible
Holy Eucharist   Sabbath       9am Morning                               Study
11:30am          All offices   Prayer                                    11am Staff mtg
Godly Play       closed                                                  11am “All the
Rite 13 & J2A                                6pm TOPS                    Women of the                        8pm AA –
Confirmation     6pm Search                                              Bible” class                        closed
Class            Committee                                               7pm Choir                           group
                            Crop Walk
Lee Memorial Church is sponsoring the annual Crop Walk on May
2nd. The Rite 13 and J2A youth will be walking. Anyone who
would like to join our team is welcome. Please call me at 860-889-
8509 for details.

                           J2A News
The J2A youth had a nice dinner party, candle ceremony and a
litany of dedication to officially start their Journey to
Adulthood (J2A) on March 20th. Also in March the youth have
been busy selling refreshments at open mic night and selling candy
to raise funds for their Urban Adventure in 2010 and their
Pilgrimage in 2011.

                          Rite 13 News
The Rite 13 group has been busy learning about prayer and creating
a sacred space in their classroom. They helped set-up, serve and
clean-up for the J2A dinner party. They will be going bowling in

           Godly Play held on most Sundays from 11:30 - 1pm
Godly Play is a Christian formation program, somewhat like the Sunday
School many of us experienced when we were children. We seek to foster
knowledge and experience of the God whom we worship in our young
children, ages 3-11.
During the season of Lent we have been using the programs called "The
Mystery of Easter" and "The Faces of Easter" in preparation for our
celebration of Jesus' death and most glorious resurrection. It is only through
Jesus' resurrection that we are who we are today.
We have not always been able to hold class due to holidays, all-parish
activities after church, and sometimes there are simply no children present.
Please bring your children on a weekly basis so that you lead them to a fuller
knowledge of our Lord's love for them, and their knowledge about the history
of our faith.
                    ALL THE WOMEN OF THE BIBLE
meets Thursdays from 11am-12:30pm. We are presently studying the Psalms
and have found a true integration of all human experience in the depth of the
psalms. In Psalm 48 a woman's travail in labor is held up as the pinnacle of
suffering. This was somewhat surprising since we have been told over and
over about that the Old Testament is a patriarchal document. If this were so, I
would expect to find the suffering of a wounded warrior in this citation.

I began this study as part of the Millenium Development goal #3: to promote
gender equality and empower women. As long as women are seen as inferior
and suffer inferior status in much of the world, this goal must be worked
toward. I believe that the Bible has been seen as chief support for such
thinking. The work we are doing has highlighted problems in the way women
are treated in society, however, this seems to be not a part of God's love or
creation. Women are fully part of the Biblical history, and enjoy equal
esteem and even a superior role at times. Come and find out how!

Date:           APR 4              APR 11             APR 18               APR 25
8:00 A.M.
Acolyte:        Ron Crouch         Joan Good          David Anderson       Rose Anderson
Lector:         Ron Crouch         Joan Good          Dorothy Lathrop      Ron Crouch
Minister of     Ron Crouch         Chuck K. Norris    Peter Sepowitz       Ron Crouch

10:00 A.M.
Ushers:         Susan Aldrich      Bob Duplessis      Bud Sanders          Bob Duplessis
                Mary Babcock       Bebe Krug          Rozanne Sobieski     Bebe Krug
                Robert Babcock     David Norman       Susan Aldrich        David Norman
                Kitty Bentley      Dorothy Rhodes     Kitty Bentley        Dorothy Rhodes

Crucifer:       Will Schramm       Linda Duplessis    Stephen Kimball      Rozanne Sobieski

Torchbearers:   Ashley Sebastian   Caity Vittucci     Anastasia Lillpopp   Ashley Sebastian
                Andrew Stone       Anna Vittucci      Rose Lillpopp        Marcus Maulucci

Server:         Rozanne Sobieski   Stephen Kimball    Will Schramm         Linda Duplessis

Ministers of    Linda Duplessis    Will Schramm       Linda Duplessis      Al Kyle
Communion:      Stephen Kimball    Stu Cosby          Sarah Vertefeuille   Stephen Kimball

Lectors:*       Beverly Gregory    Kathleen Hawkins   Louise Lillpopp      David Norman
                Alice Harding      Betty Hinsch       Valerie Matters      Patty Russell

Intercessor:    Al Kyle            Patty Russell      Lisa Aichele         Judy Huntley

Altar Guild     Linda Duplessis    Pam Jaxheimer      Debbie Kimball       Linda Duplessis
                Beverly Gregory    Gail Deming        Judy Huntley         Beverly Gregory

Nursery:                  ?                  ?                   ?               ?
                              ?              ?                   ?               ?
Counters:             Rozanne Sobieski          Dale Anne Beebe            Jay Deming            Cal Edgar
                      Karen Stone               Stu Cosby                  Bob Duplessis         Dale Eichholz

*First lector reads Old Testament, & leads the Psalm; second lector reads the New Testament

Date:              MAY 2                      MAY 9                     MAY 16                MAY 23
8:00 A.M.
Acolyte:           Ron Crouch                 Joan Good                 David Anderson        Rose Anderson
Lector:            Joan Good                  Dorothy Lathrop           Ron Crouch            Joan Good
Minister of        Chuck K. Norris            Peter Sepowitz            Ron Crouch            Chuck K. Norris

10:00 A.M.
Ushers:            Bud Sanders                Susan Aldrich             Jan Maulucci          Rozanne Sobieski
                   Rozanne Sobieski           Kitty Bentley             Bebe Krug             Susan Aldrich
                   Mary Babcock               Bob Duplessis             Dorothy Rhodes        Mary Babcock
                   Robert Babcock             David Norman              Bud Sanders           Robert Babcock

Crucifer:          Will Schramm               Stephen Kimball           Rozanne Sobieski      Linda Duplessis

Torchbearers:      Lizzie Exley               Ana Vittucci              Christian Aichele     John Carr
                   Rose Lillpopp              Caity Vittucci            Libby Aichele         George Carr

Server:            Stephen Kimball            Rozanne Sobieski          Rozanne Sobieski      Will Schramm

Ministers of       Stu Cosby                  Linda Duplessis           Stephen Kimball       Stu Cosby
Communion:         Sarah Vertefeuille         Will Schramm              Al Kyle               Sarah Vertefeuille

Lectors:*          Lisa Aichele               Christian Aichele         Stu Cosby             Alice Harding
                   Elaine Coletti             Caity Vittucci            Linda Duplessis       Beverly Gregory

Intercessor:       Al Kyle                    Patty Russell             Lisa Aichele          Judy Huntley

Altar Guild        Elaine Coletti             Linda Duplessis           Pam Jaxheimer         Linda Duplessis
                   Carol Sepowitz             Beverly Gregory           Gail Deming           Beverly Gregory

Nursery:                     ?                          ?                         ?                      ?
                             ?                          ?                         ?                      ?

Counters:          Rozanne Sobieski           Stu Cosby                 Cal Edgar             Judy Huntley
                   Karen Stone                Bob Duplessis             Alice Harding         Bebe Krug

*First lector reads Old Testament, & leads the Psalm; second lector reads the New Testament

Christ Episcopal Church      U S POSTAGE PAID
 78 Washington Street
    Norwich CT              NORWICH, CONN
                               PERMIT NO 34
   (860) 887 – 4249
 Fax (860) 887 – 3506
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