Fourth Grade Curriculum Guide

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					Fourth Grade Curriculum Guide             W orld Book - Typical Course of Study/Curriculum Standards          <>

Social Studies                           Language Arts                              M athematics                            Science
G Types of community life                G Silent and oral reading                  G Reading and writing numbers           G Structure of plants
G History and development of the         G Choral reading                           G Roman numerals to C                   G Environment of the local region
    local state                          G Listening skills                         G Prime numbers less than 100           G Biological organization
G Relation of the state to its region,   G Telephone skills                         G Prime factoring                       G Classification systems
    nation, and the world                G Making and accepting simple              G Numeration systems                    G The insect world
G W orld cultures                           social introductions                    G Subsets                               G The reptilian world
G Reasons for our laws                   G Summarizing simple information           G Decimal and fraction equivalents      G Plants and animals of the past
G Regions of the world                   G Listening to literature                  G Addition and subtraction facts to 7   G Structure of plants
G Continents                             G Critical reading                             places                              G Seeds
G Time zones                             G Short stories, chapter books,            G Multiplication and division facts     G Ecosystems
G Earth's resources                         poetry, plays                               to 144                              G Balance of nature
G Climatic regions of the world          G Spelling                                 G 1-, 2-, and 3-digit multiplication    G Human body
G Map skills: longitude, latitude,       G Increasing dictionary skills                 problems                            G W eather's influences
    scale                                G Cursive handwriting                      G 2- and 3-digit dividend, 1-digit      G W eather instruments
G Using a globe                          G Simple outlining                             divisor problems                    G Climate
                                         G W riting letters and informal notes      G Meaning of mixed numbers              G Cause of seasons
Health and Safety                        G W ritten and oral book reports           G Finding simple averages               G Earth and its history
G Personal and mental hygiene            G Creative writing                         G Geometric concepts                    G Oceans and the hydrosphere
G Dental health                          G Developing skills in locating            G Customary and metric                  G Air and water pollution
G The body and its functions                information                                 measurement                         G Magnets and electricity
G Skeletal and muscular systems          G Increasing indexing skills               G Time to the second                    G Light and color
G Care and proper use of the body        G Developing encyclopedia skills           G Problem-solving methods               G Solar system and the universe
G Principles of digestion                G Utilizing parts of a newspaper           G Charts and graphs                     G Living in space
G Basic food groups                                                                                                         G Scientific method and scientific
G Good nutrition habits                                                                                                         inquiry
G Diseases
G Safety
G Substance abuse

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