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                                 Program Information
                   Welcome to the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
                            Connections Home School Program

              Curricular Support  Resources  Parent’s Responsibilities  Regulations
                  Communications Technical Support  Withdrawal Information

Curricular Support
   Connections provides each student with an educational allotment. (K-5 $1600; 6-8 $1900; 9-12 $2100) The
    allocation may be used for resources deemed appropriate that fill the curricular requirements of the Kenai
    Peninsula Borough School District. These include the traditional core subject areas of math, social studies,
    science/health, language arts, reading, world language, and technology. Connections will also contract with
    and reimburse for local pre-approved vendors to provide fine arts and P.E. Fine Arts and P.E. forms must be
    completed by vendor.
   One half of the Fine Arts/P.E. allotment may be used the first semester. The remaining half may be utlilized
    during the second semester provided the first semester grade report is submitted to your advisor.
   Staff is available to help with curricular development.
   Connections provides transcripts for high school students.

   Workshops and seminars are offered to parents on a regular basis to help develop their skills in educating
    their children.
   Connections’ students have access to District provided services for special needs students.
   Certified teachers are available for consultation should you desire advice in a specific area of education.
   Connections offers access to the District Media Center/Connections Resource Center, which includes a
    wonderful collection of teaching kits, videos, books and professional materials. The catalog of materials is
    available via the Internet.
   Classes are available to Connections students through the local school of their attendance area. Full time
    Connections students may take up to two classes per semester, or (a maximum of 1 credit per semester).
    All attendance, school rules and school district policies are in effect for students attending school.
    Immunizations need to be current and on-file with the school the student is attending. Qualified high school
    students are eligible to participate in college courses and in some cases can receive dual credit.

Parent’s Responsibilities
There are some very minimal conditions that must be met in order for the KPBSD to offer this
outstanding program and be supported by the State for funding:

   Teaching and learning at home is an enormous commitment. One or both of the parents must be in the
    home during the day taking an active role in teaching the enrolled Connections student. Health and safety
    supervision must be a priority in any engaged teaching/learning context.
   Parents and advisors will collaboratively construct an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for each student enrolled
    in the program. You will need to report your students' progress at the end of each semester, with a total of
    two semesters. Connections Advisors will be available to assist you in writing these plans. ILP forms are
    available on the website to assist you in your planning.
   The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District CANNOT reimburse for sales tax. Purchases without pre-
    approval run the risk of non-reimbursement; requests must be aligned instructionally with the ILP or
    correspondence and include the original receipt documenting payment. Final date for reimbursement
    is April 30. The district accounting department processes all district checks weekly. Given the day
    reimbursements are received in Connections, a period of three to four weeks may, in extreme cases, elapse
    prior to your receipt.
   Final date to place orders through Connections is March 30.
  All instructional materials and equipment purchased for your use by Kenai Peninsula Borough School District
   are the property of Kenai Peninsula Borough and will be expected to be returned to us at the end of the
   year, or within 10 days of withdrawal from the program. As long as families are enrolled and using these
   materials for the Connections program, they need not be returned. Computers will be exchanged during the
   month of May.
  In accordance with Alaska state law, children enrolled with Connections in grades 3-10 are required to take
   the standardized tests (currently the Standard Based Assessments/Terra Nova/HSGQE) at the same time as
   other students in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District.

  We facilitate communication between Connections and families via e-mail, electronic conferences,
   newsletters and calendars for upcoming notifications or events on our website.
  Information, forms and reports are available on Connections website and on your computer (please see
   computer packet) or they can be picked up in the office.
  As a borough-wide service, we frequently use announcements at our website and/or e-mail to ensure timely
   communication. We encourage parents/students to check the website and email daily.

Technical Support Ken Carrico 714-8911
   Connections provides students with a windows based computer. A non-refundable $25.00 insurance
    premium fee for desktops will be due upon receiving equipment. We also provide one e-mail address for
    each family enrolled. Connections will provide Internet access (We cannot pay for phone access, or
    alternate internet services of any kind, nor for installation charges or a second phone line). Computers and
    components are to be returned in the condition in which they were provided (according to the terms set
    forth in the Computer & Insurance Use Agreement). In the case of loss or damage the user is responsible
    for the $100.00 deductible insurance fee.
   Internet and e-mail accounts are terminated upon withdrawal from the program.
   Technical support is available to help with computer hardware and software problems.

Withdrawal Information
   Students withdrawing from Connections may continue to work on their correspondence until August 15 of
    the current school year or correspondence deadline date, whichever comes first. At this time all students
    will be withdrawn from those courses and a "No Grade" entered on to their transcript. Students enrolled in
    on-line classes must provide their own computer access should the course require it.
   Students withdrawing from Connections prior to November 1 of the current school year are
    responsible to reimburse Connections for the portion of the educational allotment they have

          We look forward to working with your family, and thank you for your
                               interest in Connections!

                 Connections – A World of Educational Opportunity
       143 E. Park Avenue, Soldotna, Alaska 99669 ~ 714-8880 ~ 262-2859 fax
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